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Keystone May Still Be Headed for Rejection

Sure, the State Department put out a report Friday asserting that building the Keystone pipeline would have no significant impact on global warming. The State Department’s view is supposed to be determinative. But not for this White House.

“The Friday report is an important input,” White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said Sunday, going on to detail the horrors of climate change. “We have one department with a study, now we have other expert agencies – the EPA and many others . . . ”

Here’s McDonough’s testy little exchange with David Gregory on Meet the Press.

Uhh boy. It’s never been clear to me what Obama gets at this point from approving the Keystone pipeline. His perceived claim to history is as the liberal messiah. He’s not going to get there by walking on oil.

I love McDonough’s assertion, which really drew a tear to my eye, that Obama wants to “insulate this process” from politics. “Washington loves the politics,” he said.

Yeah, Washington indeed loves the politics. But no one in Washington loves the politics more so than Obama.

Remember, the Keystone pipeline had already been given the go ahead by State, and Obama delayed the decision further in late 2011 after the enviros he’d need in 2012 – and their very rich backers in Hollywood and elsewhere – erupted in paroxysms of bereavement, despondent that more cheap oil might be coming to the United States.

According to Reuters, it’s the leftist EPA that could be calling the shots here, not State:

Friday’s State Department report contained the EPA’s evaluation that crude produced from Canada’s oil sands, which the pipeline would carry, are 17 percent more greenhouse gas intensive than average oil used in the United States.

“The EPA has been very consistently critical. If the report does not make significant changes from the draft version released last March, the EPA would be in a position to be critical in its review,” said Danielle Droitsch, Director of the Canada Project with the Natural Resources Defense Council, a green group.

“I don’t think Obama would ignore the EPA being critical,” she said.

I don’t either.

20 Responses to Keystone May Still Be Headed for Rejection

  1. If there’s any truth to the amnesty issue being a deal between the US and Mexico, i.e., we accept their refugees for cheaper Mexican oil prices, Obama may not see the need for Keystone or Mexico may have stipulated no Keystone oil. Just being hypothetical.

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  2. The anti-fossil fuel crowd that objects to the Keystone pipeline are assuming that all of America lives in communities that resemble theirs; a crowded, metropolitan setting where public transportation such as busses, trains, and subways are available for the masses to move from place to place.
    In the majority of American towns and cities, there is no reliable mass transport available or even feasible, and that makes the private vehicle the only sensible means of travel.
    One of the SuperBowl stories was the confusion as tens of thousands of people tried to get on the “trains” to get back to their homes or cars after the game…..there are no commuter trains in Arizona, Kansas, Mississippi, or anywhere outside the great metro areas. There’s no local bus service in central rural Kansas to allow workers a cheap transport, nor is there a subway in South Carolina.
    We need our own vehicles to get from place to place, and until Detroit or Italy can invent a solar powered vehicle, we must have fossil fuels to keep American running.

    • best example of how poorly the gov’t does things…did you see the catastrophe of the public transit system after the Super Bowl last night?
      Public Transit is conducted by the gov’t. *sigh*

      • I saw pictures of that early this morning. I was raised in N.O. with Mardi Gras, Festivals, Bowl Games. Every one leaves after the game for the next stop to party, or go home. They do not sit in a big crowd like that forever. Now the car traffic is a little tied up getting home. However everyone is moving in that traffic.

    • “The anti-fossil fuel crowd that objects to the Keystone pipeline are assuming that all of America lives in communities that resemble theirs; a crowded, metropolitan setting where public transportation such as busses, trains, and subways are available for the masses to move from place to place.”

      I can’t find the link, but Holdren hates the ‘burbs and countryside. If he and his ilk had their way, we’d be moved to the cities where we’d be “persuaded” to give up our vechicles and live in cramped quarters.

    • I have stayed on a weekly DC list all these yrs and they are trying to almost phase cars out of DC–there is a strong movement… Why would Obama want to create even a limited number of jobs by approving the pipeline–and as hollow-eyed McD said, Aunt Mildred has not yet weighed in. Must get her input.

  3. OT Apparently the WH can’t let us enjoy the SuperBowl without Himself. It tweeted this pix. And it’s not even true. One commenter doubted that the grass was that green yesterday in WDC . And for me, Bo looks suspiciously like puppy Bo rather than dog Bo. Oh my, could it be? Bo has stand ins? Or should we fear for the life of the adult Bo? Whatever could have happened? Dinner? Just sayin’

    Anyway, here’s the man — apparently with a football somewhere some time somehow. And a dog, somewhere, sometime, somehow.

    • Yep, Canadians have bent over backward trying to accommodate all the rules and regs, and have done everything asked of us. We should tell Barry to stuff it and sell all our lovely crude to China.

  4. Just to remind people, the Keystone pipeline has already been constructed (over 2000 miles) and is delivering Sycrude, diluted bitumen, synthetic oil and light crude to various refinery customers from Alberta to the Gulf Coast of Texas. The MSM continually implies that the pipeline has not been constructed and that’s it’s only an idea on paper, in the design stage. What has NOT been constructed is the Keystone XL–which is really a branch of the total Keystone pipeline which would deliver product from Alberta to Steele City Nebraska. Link below. I know, I know, it’s the Wikipedia, but it’s a good writeup on Keystone.