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Sunday Open Thread || February 2, 2014

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    1. Christie slams David Wildstein in email to supporters:
      Five things you need to know about the bombshell that is not a Bombshell.

      #4 is interesting b/c Christie admitted the two met in HS. Although he vehemently denied at his 2 hr. presser that they were close ‘friends’ in HS, why would he hire this ‘deceptive’ guy for such a high-level position? Was there no vetting process?
      Can’t imagine a former Federal Prosecutor would flat-out lie, but the lane closures dragged on for 4 days! Really, he had no clue? Why didn’t he order the lanes opened after the first day? Wildstein stated he will ‘tell all’ if he is granted immunity.

      4. In David Wildstein’s past, people and newspaper accounts have described him as “tumultuous” and someone who “made moves that were not productive.”
      •As a 16-year-old kid, he sued over a local school board election.
      •He was publicly accused by his high school social studies teacher of deceptive behavior.
      •He had a controversial tenure as Mayor of Livingston
      •He was an anonymous blogger known as Wally Edge
      •He had a strange habit of registering web addresses for other people’s names without telling them.

  1. I just read an article on Fox that the Christian College in Wisconsin will be changing the name: Crusaders they have had for years…
    The definition of Crusaders: Christian powers in the 11,12, & 13th centuries to win the holy land from the muslims.
    College now states the world has changed since 9/11, we have become a more global society with the internet.
    I was raised in New Orleans. Proud of our team The Saints. What are people going to do next. Get rid of the name because of this so called world change? I wish people would stay out of everyones backyard.
    Why is everyone forgetting our Freedom here in America?

      1. It would be funny if it wasn’t so racist as it tries to not be racist.

        A police alert that says:
        “The authorities are seeking information on a person who allegedly mugged two other persons somewhere in our community. The person is of the human race, was wearing clothing and shoes, and was last seen getting into a vehicle”.
        isn’t going to help anyone.

      2. Will be interested in seeing how the police respond. I don’t know if they’ve changed their tune, but for a couple of years the Chicago Tribune would not identify supposed culprits by race even to the point of not showing photos of them. It’s all part and parcel of having a double tiered justice system based on race. If you’re one color, justice must be done away with or at least mollified because somewhere in your ancestral past you were fortunate to have black progenitor.

      3. Just read your Manifesto. Tough Stuff. Needs to be said.

        I saw that comment by the cowardly Republican southern lawmaker elsewhere and have to figure out who he is. Any idea? He should be called out. IMHO.

    1. Because it’s never my freedom, or your freedom, that “they” want to protect.

      “They” want to protect their own freedoms, and nobody else’s. “They” want to be free to meddle in others’ lives as they please, while you and I suffer their whims in acquiescent silence.

      “They” are the power-mad elitists of centuries gone by, the ones who wanted to be kings or queens when they grew up, and who never quite outgrew their royal fantasies.

      “They” are the tyrants of good intentions, whose “I just want to help” inevitably does more unintended harm than it does intended good.

      “Our” freedom is not their concern. “They” would be quite happy, in fact, if we could not oppose them.

      What will ultimately bring America to its knees, will not be foreign invasion from without, by enemies screaming hatred. Nay, what will end the work of Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Hamilton, and all the rest, will be the born-and-bred Americans who beam benevolently while banishing the birthright of America, and who have silently surrendered to the soft susurations of the siren song of statism.

      “They” want to be our masters, not our co-equal citizens, and they will do whatever it takes over the next three years to see to it that they and theirs become the new rulers of the new nation that they intend to make of the ruins of the United States of America.

      (I see I’m in one of THOSE moods this morning. Think I’d better sign off for a few hours…)

      1. I appreciate your well stated comment. What worries me is, how long are we going to have the freedom of discussing our issues, and debate the issues?

        1. That depends on the tenacity we have to fight the ones that want to take it away from US.
          I see some very tenacious people on this thread.

  2. Does anyone plan on watching the O’Reily interview? If everything is going to be addressed it would have to be a long… interview.
    I will attempt to watch it. However the first time O talks in circles, and O’Reily does not go back to the Question, I may turn it off. I do not want anyone stating O’Reily was rude, to tough, etc. That is his job. There are thousands of people that would love to ask the Long List of questions, or bring up a long list of things that is being brushed under a rug.

    1. Two questions:
      1. Mr. President, public records show you were informed of the Benghazi attack within minutes of it’s start. Said records also show you were informed at that time that Ambassador Chris Stevens was missing and condition unknown. Sir, with millions watching, would you please fill in the remaining hours of where you were from that time until “wheels up” on AF1 to your Nevada fund raiser the next day?
      2. You declared in your SOTU that “climate change is a fact” yet there are actually respected scientists that seriously doubt the amount man has to do with it and change it? Are you truly prepared to continue to inflate energy prices and depress the economy for the sake of chasing this ideological agenda?

      1. May I add a third question? Mr. President, why did you and Hillary pay $70,000 for an apology ad to run in Pakistan, blaming Benghazi on that video, when you knew within minutes that it was a terrorist attack?

          1. Oh that answer’s easy for Obama.
            “Bill, do you not know my history? I grew up completely outside the traditional American experience, I was raised by declared communist, went to college as a foreign student, and for the past 30 years have been surrounded by some of the most radical ideologues the country has ever known. While I’ve heard of this “American citizen” of which you seem so worried about I have never related to them and I see nothing of value for me personally in them so why do you and so many others continue to ask about my “caring” for them”? The only “threat” I’m EVER concerned about is a threat to my power.”

          2. I think that the only reason Obama submits himself to an interview with O’Reilly is because he (Obama can manipulate the conversation and big Bill will not pin him down.
            I want to see an interview with the president where the interviewer stops his circular rhetoric and makes him answer the damn question.
            Of course,…by the time the interview was over, the IRS would be on their way.

          3. The one part was live. the one on Sun. He taped a longer one to be shown I think on The Factor. Bill tried–but the president just cannot help evading, lying and blaming. I honestly think he cannot stop himself. Even the Dem commentators said he was :disingenuous.

      2. Follow the money!

        Dec. 2009
        Obama, Maurice Strong, Al Gore Key Players cashing in on Chicago Climate Exchange:

        Nov. 2010
        Collapse of Chicago Climate Exchange Means a Strategy Shift on Global Warming Curbs

        The closing this week of the Chicago Climate Exchange, which was envisioned to be the key player in the trillion-dollar “cap and trade” market, was the final nail in the coffin of the Obama administration’s effort to pass the controversial program meant to combat global warming.

        Read more:

    2. Bill–surprise–has been going on and on about it…I think it’s 10 mins. He says he must be “respectful”–meaning not tell the pres to shut up or please ans the question. He also has a taped session after that he will show on The Factor on Mon. Honestly I don’t know how anything newsworthy will come of it–Bill is already predicting he will be “hammered” by both sides. To me, this is more of the same… What does Bill expect–a Perry Mason blubber session–“I admit it, Bill, I watch Fox all the time, I can’t get enough, I don’t really want to redistribute income which could mean my income! Can the American people ever forgive me for screwing up their insurance? I knew those guys in Benghazi were in trouble but for the life of me I couldn’t decide what to do. Bill, save me from myself, I am powerless over my own ego and ambition.” Nah.

        1. Star, I got on your site as anon.
          It still says that I don’t own my identity.
          It appears that I must have an active blog at WordPress in order to post a comment.

          1. Pardon the french but I don’t Google anymore than I have to. No Google ID.
            Any company that can shut down 50% of the internet just by flipping a switch is too big.

          1. Bill is expecting a ton of negatives–he seems pretty gleeful about it. You know those bloviators. I don’t see how 10 mins can produce much–Obama will uh-uh-uh one topic sentence in an answer, then slide sideways to some off the subject remarks to waste time, then…Your turn, Bill. Let’s see what you’ve got.

          2. Well, it’s over. First, they both had a “bite me” look on their faces. Bill interrupted and tried to drag him back to the point several times. The pres look pretty peeved about it, too. He made at least two anti-Fox jabs–to the effect that people only believe whatever Bill had said because “you” (meaning Bill) tell them to. That was pretty demeaning to the “folks.” No real news. Benghazi was sooo confusing, but since anytime someone attacks us, it’s “terror,” he had said it was terror. Laughable. The health care site is now working well–Bill said no it’s not. Cross look from the pres. H said they are a month behind. Six million signed up–incl kids on parents plans and Medicaid. Bill asked was saying you could keep your plan the worst mistake in your presidency. Flashbulb grin. I have made so many mistakes–but you know he was “joking.” Bill said but is that the worst? And he went sideways into what was grandfathered, what wasn’t, zzzzzzz. The “pen” did not come up. And no one got stabbed with it.

          3. Oh–Bill asked a question from a viewer of his. Something like why do you want to fundamentally change a country that has worked so well for you? He looked a trifle surprised. Saved by the talking pts, tho! The gist was it had only worked for them (Bill, too–his bud) because schools were better then, deserving people could get scholarships, etc. Now he needs to give everyone a fair shot like “they” had….you know the rest.

          4. I know some of you luuuv to hate O’Reilly, but he did try to nail Jell-O to the wall and it’s pretty entertaining for us “professionals.” At least I enjoyed it.

    3. One day, one damn day. POTUS just HAS to be on TV today. He certainly can’t be upstaged by a stupid Super Bowl, can he? He IS the center of everyone’s attention after all.

    4. Obama should be hooked up to a lie detector machine every time he’s interviewed or makes a speech. Otherwise, I assume everything he says is a lie.

  3. OK, just heard Chief of Stooge Denis McDonough tell Chief Stenographer David Gregory on MTP put the blame for the California drought squarely on Climate Change.
    I’m not a “head in the sand” complete denier. I agree something’s happening but I’m with the scientists that have actually gone deeper into the science than just taking government money for their labs. AND from what I’ve seen, there are still valid questions as to
    1. Just how much man is actually contributing
    2. Just how little man can actually do about it (One volcanic eruption can in 4 days wipe out 5 YEARS of “carbon reduction”.
    3. Whether the economic cost to “combat” climate change does more harm than good
    I just can’t get my head around the fact that using less than 200 years of actual recorded records in some instances, they plug some numbers into highly complex models and come up with “the sky is falling and unless you upend your entire economic model we’re all going to die”.

    My theory is that the only real reason for the push on ‘action’ is that Al Gore, George Soros, Jeff Imelt and the rest of the left wing ‘capitalists’ are shut out of the current mature energy markets, the only way they have to become the multi billionaires they want to be is to create a “new” energy market. Considering solar, wind etc is not yet ready for prime time economically the only way they can achieve their preferred status while they are still above terra firma is to force the new market via government mandates.

    This planet has seen far, far worse climate change over the eons yet now all of a sudden a few government sponsored stenographers claim to know all as to it’s cause? I grew up working the fields of what used to be a great inland sea in Kansas, I hear that that little sand box known as the Sahara wasn’t always that way, and rumor has it they were actually making wine in northern Great Britain just a few hundred years ago.

    But what I fear, far, far more than “climate change” is the emergence of the combative and dismissive tone from the White House and supporters. I see an inquisition coming. That those who dare still question the dogma are heretics that belong in the dungeon getting tortured into confession.

    And the hypocrisy of it all, is that this new climate religion is going to economically crush the poorest of the poor that the new church claims it has so much compassion for.

    Apology in advance for the length but there’s so much at stake and I know this crown as a lot of brains in it and really curious as to what others think of the coming purge.

    1. I would rather Gore use his time to cure the common cold.
      Address why we have not had a cure since polio.
      Have Gore address the people who make all this feel better medicine if they have the cure under a rock. That is a lot of money lost if the cure came about.

    2. Weather cycles; warm, cold or rainy, dry.
      30 years ago, AZ (and other western states) were deluged with rainy weather, summer storms and winter snows in the high country. For traditional desert areas, this was a big honking deal and caused lots of damage from flooding to a blooming of dormant desert flora.
      We don’t have storm sewers here in the desert, the resulting floods in populated areas were called “100 year flooding”, and after the desert flora died in the summer heat, we had massive wildfires.
      The temperate climate and fertile soil in California that enticed millions to move there and farmers to till millions of acres are the real reason they’re running out of “water”.
      It still rains there, but not enough to grow the fruits and veggies that require massive water tables. Unlike Nevada and Arizona residents who live with rocks and cacti as lawns, the front yards in California are lush with water-sucking grass and plants.

      1. I think you’re spot on with the agriculture issue in CA and so too Julie with the Dust Bowl.
        THAT is what needs to get out there somehow.
        My family farm homestead still has three layers of “wind breaks” planted to protect the house and the buildings from the unforgiving Kansas wind and the inevitable dust clouds of the day. My grandmother grew up in the house I later did and she’d tell the stories of scooping out the dust in the dining room. It was so fine and dry it would come right through the windows.
        The evidence today as that the uncontrolled tillage and over use of the 20’s was large factor in the Dust Bowl of the 30’s. California has been on borrowed time since only because of technology. Many of those areas were never meant for agriculture but irrigation made it possible. But possible only at the expense of the natural order. I feel for the farmers out there but if you’re going to grow crops in an area not meant to grow crops, eventually Mother Nature is going to put you back in your place no matter how smart you think you are.

    3. So, was the Dust Bowl of the 1930s evidence of climate change? It seems to me that that event and other historical droughts prove your point that the California drought is cyclical rather than a one time event foreboding the end of the world. I’d just like to comment, Geoff, that a “fact” is anything which has been put down into writing, or, in our day, into hard copy. At least that is a legal definition. The word “fact” has been turned into a propaganda device. Obama can call anything he wants a fact as long as it has been written down. That doesn’t make it empirically true.

    4. Just watched McDonough on DVR at lunch. What a total smugbag! He didn’t ans one question–even lickspittle Dave repeated and tried again a few times. I can’t believe people like this have control over anything in my life. He is so cranked up about some companies “connecting” kids in schools to constant use of laptops and tablets. So that’s it for research (Wikipedia anyone?), for handwriting, for analytical thinking, for debating, right? Those dopey skills of the last century? Some people still get those, the man on the street stuff notwithstanding. To make the world safe for the Obamas and McDonoughs of this world, we can’t have that. Don’t most schools have computers? He said this will be so different than going to computer lab everyday. You mean–like texting all day? His idea of a joke? The Republicans introduced something called the Stop Act–perfect for THEM, he cracked. Yes, quite the comedian, this guy.

  4. I saw a little bit of CSPAN this morning with someone from the Cato Institute debating executive powers with Simon Lazarus from the Constitutional Accountability Center in DC. I had never heard of the center and looked it up.

    Here is what I found on their website:

    “Through Constitutional Progressives, a coalition of leaders, organizations and individuals, we seek to wrest the Constitution from tea partiers’ control and restore our Nation’s Charter as a document that unifies and inspires all Americans, rather than divides us across ideological lines.”

    1. Holy crap! No one, and I do mean no one, has ‘divided this nation along ideological lines” more than one Barack Hussein Obama!

      And we can’t forget his “the problem with the Constitution is that it’s a collection of negative liberties” b.s.

      All the Tea Party is trying to do is SAVE the constitution from the progressives shredding party.

    2. I am exhausted keeping up with everything. I take more notes down. ( I just jotted down the information you gave us).
      What about the group that stood outside of a voting place with battons/ bats intimidating FREE Americans who were entering to vote?

  5. Meanwhile, for what it’s worth, up in Pennsylvania, Phil saw his shadow, so it’s six more weeks of winter, or something.

    Shoot that blasted groundhog. This winter sucks.

    1. When that story first broke I think it was pointed out that the Gibson owner was a Christian Conservative who donated to Republicans. And a competitor, who used the same wood, was an Obama donor and was left alone.

      I’m seeing a pattern how Obama fundraises now…..give me lots of money and I’ll destroy your competitor because I can ! Am I close?

          1. Everything, but everything, seems to be predicated on whether you support Obama or not. If you do, you’re ok. If you don’t, you’ll be persecuted and prosecuted. I am thinking of Dinesh D’Souza and IRS target Tea Party groups as well.

    2. When the federal leviathan gives you lemons, make lemonade. Bravo, Gibson Guitars. Hopefully, they’ll make a great profit from the sales of their Government Series Guitars, and recoup all the phony fines and penalties the federales imposed on them.

      1. This is a story typically boycotted by the MSM, but I hope it spreads like wildfire through the conservative grapevine. Gibson Guitars have paid a price for being politically incorrect, and I hope all guitar players on the right (listen up, country and western) join them in the fight.

  6. Anyone up for a little gossip?

    The Brits at the DailyMail have never been Obama-ites so we need to take this in context.
    MrsO lost 10lbs because she is now a vegetarian! ? really?
    The O’s have split the WhiteHouse sleeping quarters into two separate bedrooms……….
    The mean looks, the strange extra vacation in Hawaii, the over-the-top birthday party, and the kissing and missing photos.

    The story writer claims all the discord came to a head last summer and mentions the ‘selfie’ at Mandela’s memorial as one of the final straws.
    Of course, a lot of things happened last year that would have caused the O’s some problems, from his falling poll numbers, the Syrian thing, the IRS scandals, the red-line fiasco, but the biggie might have been the “lie of the year” that ruined his hope for a place in history and whatever plans the Missus had for her future.

    1. I don’t have details–but I think their sleeping quarters has multiple bedrooms–it’s not ye olde bunkhouse… No more burgers? Wah! I don’t believe that one–Wagyu beef producers in Japan are falling on their swords as we write this. I love gossip…it’s part of the hive mentality of humans… My sister has it down pat–if something “could” be true–OK, it is.

    2. Just looked at the picture of MO on Michelle Obama’s Mirror, and she looks like she PUT ON 10 lbs., at least according to the chin.

  7. Rebels in Syria with ties to al Qaeda have decapitated a man believed to have been a pro-government Shi’ite fighter, an amateur video of the public beheading posted to the Internet on Saturday showed.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group which posted the video, said the beheading was conducted by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a foreign-led group fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad and establish an Islamic emirate in Syria.

    Thanks, FCMABBHO!

  8. Labor leaders who have spent months lobbying unsuccessfully for special protections under the Affordable Care Act warned this week that the White House’s continued refusal to help is dampening union support for Democratic candidates in this year’s midterm elections.

    Leaders of two major unions, including the first to endorse Obama in 2008, said they have been betrayed by an administration that wooed their support for the 2009 legislation with promises to later address the peculiar needs of union-negotiated insurance plans that cover millions of workers.


    1. Oh, noes…they were LIED TO by their Dem President…oh horrors.
      All that money they spent on his reelection and now they’re looking up at the Obama bus axle.

    2. Imagine that. They buy an all-you-can-golf pass for a worthless do-nothing man pay money to elect a Chicago machine politician to the highest office in the land, and they honestly believe he’ll keep his promises. Fooled them too, did he?

      Really…if they were that foolish, they deserve what they get.

      And if it hurts the Democratic party in the war chest, hey, that’s just a bonus.

      I wonder: maybe the union bosses will lean on some Democratic senators to vote “guilty” when King Barry the Wicked gets impeached?

  9. A state appeals court has overturned the convictions and life sentence of a member of the Your Black Muslim Bakery gang for kidnapping and torturing an Oakland woman in 2007, saying the jury may have been swayed by improper evidence about crimes by other bakery members, including the murder of journalist Chauncey Bailey.

    I hope this bucket of scum is retried.

  10. Something happy to see. It is a commercial that wil air tonight during the game. I saw it this morning on Fox.
    It is a car commercial. A dad gives his son keys to the car to go to the dance. He is by himself. Look for the commercial. I won’t say anymore

    1. I saw another commercial the other day — not SB ad — I think from Pedigree, if not then another dog food company. Anyway, two dogs — asleep at either end of the couch — twitching, dreaming — and then the commerical has them swimming in a lake or something — and the tagline is something tied obviously to dreams come true or dogs dream or something. Now that I have stream of “consciousnessed” that commercial AND forgot the tagline — if you are a dog lover, you will like this.

    1. This is sad. He was an excellent character actor. And he had a long run at sobriety. He should be remembered for his excellent work and not the way he died.

  11. O’Reilly will be interviewing obama in a bit!
    Can’t wait! Just hope that Bill won’t let him spin the questions!
    but I kinda sorta doubt we will hear the truth! :(

    1. OK, everyone. I have not decided if Iwill watch an episode of Monk, or if I can handle the interview.
      How many of you will be watching? I hope you will feel me in with anything worthy of discussing.

    1. I was surprised, really. Bill asked every question the O didn’t want to answer and his attempt to blame FOX for “promotiing” the IRS scandal, Benghazi, and everything else was classic Obama blaming someone else.

      MrO’s explanation of the events in Benghazi and placing the blame on the video was most telling. He just can’t admit they made a mistake, even now.
      The IRS scandal was just some “boneheaded” actions, and it’s all over because hearings were held…that’s his whole defense of the criminal use of the IRS. I recall the head of the IRS saying that he doesn’t know/remember anything, and Lois Lerner taking the 5th because she didn’t want to incriminate herself in a criminal action.

      Bill tried, he really asked some harsh questions about things we need to know, and the slippery answers just made things worse.
      IMO, MrObama was steaming mad, and seemed ready to bolt out of the interview at any moment.
      No more MrNice guy, sooo let’s hope Bill’s finances are in order and he’s got some good attorneys on call.

      1. I couldn’t watch it, but thanks for this. I read similar accounts. I am glad and surprised BO tried to ask some tough questions. Everyone knows Obama avoids responsibility and deflects. Many people will see it as an attack, others will see Obama for what he is. Say what you will, BO did not do an MSM let me lick your boots, kiss your hand interview, but he was still respectful and mindful of the office.

        So, if it had to be — went better than I expected in terms of not being a love fest. I am sensing Obama truly hates Fox News. But you gotta ask yourself, where would he be without them. No Fox — no one to blame. Then again, no Fox no critical inquiry of this Presidency.

        The carefully guarded secret of what Obama was doing during the time he found out about Benghazi and when he left for Vegas leads me to believe — he went to sleep — he became unglued — he played Bball and hung out. Whatever it was he absolved himself from any responsibility. He failed his oath of office.

      2. How in the hell can Fox News promote something that didn’t exist in the first place ? Scandals all ! Nothing to see here !
        I think that O’Really,…no misspelling, should go somewhere else and give up his seat to a real conservative.
        Maybe he can go to MSNBC and boost their ratings.

        1. Bill is a registered independent and when he retires there will be nobody quite like him… He is the sworn enemy of MSNBC, which regular viewers know. Look, the man is rich, hangs with his friends from the day, is not a swank, and delights in taking fire from both sides. He still gets a check and says whatever he feels like. He calls hiimself a bloviator, has supreme self-confidence–and who wouldn’t in his position–but I think he finally has come around to getting ticked with this admin. Watch sometime!

          1. Watch it–it’s 10 mins I think. On Benghazi, he said it was all so confusing–why it didn’t get unconfused in a week, much less an hour, was not explained. I think Bill did the best anyone could do–or has done with this character. You can call him names, etc.–I am still a fan. And since I watch nightly, I can criticize him with facts if I feel like it. He is not perfect–but I do think he went to the mats on this one.

  12. A friend of mine got a letter in the mail from their insurance Co. Instead of going to the pharmacy they have dealt with for years. The Insurance Co states now they have to buy the medicine from them, though the mail in a bulk of 90 days. Now some people may like this change. However some people have to take medicine every day of their life. My issue with this is: What if you loose your medicine? What if a hurricane takes it away. Instead of going around the corner to your pharmacist you know and trust, your are going to have to re-order though the mail, and wait… for it. My friend said, you can keep one saved perscription at your pharmacist in case that happens. The other point I would like anyone’s thoughts on: What about the small pharmacy’s of America. They are going to loose all that buisness to the big guy.
    I can’t prove this has anything to do with O care at this moment.
    The postive thing is you will get 3 months in bulk mailed. That should be the American citizens choice. I don’t want my meat and potatoes mailed to my house either.

    1. Your friend is worried and probably scared, too.
      Here’s the thing, unless the meds are in the high-end bracket, he can take his common generic med prescriptions to any pharmacy he likes…most of them only charge $4 a month, some even less for multiple months.
      He isn’t forced to buy from the insurance company, he can just head off to Walmart or Walgreens or even the local supermarket for his cheapie meds.

      1. Thanks for the tip. I believe the friend does use gerneric. The Insurance Co can not make him, he has a choice, since he uses gerneric, Correct? Thanks:)

    2. We had to buy my mother-in-law’s medications through mail order. It was a royal pain because her meds had to be adjusted frequently, so she didn’t always need 90 days worth of something. She ended up with all sorts of pills that she couldn’t use and we couldn’t return.

    3. We have to buy mail order meds through CVS–90 day supply. If we require a ten day supply, say of an antibiotic, we must go to our local CVS or Realo. If we go elsewhere, it is not covered.

    1. Thank you for posting this, grace. I was late getting back to the house because I took my son to a party. It was the only bearable thing about the game.

  13. It’s hard to ruin the joy that comes from puppies frolicking but for a time Michelle Obama did. She doesn’t like this country and to have her there was just wrong somehow.

    I know it sounds trivial but it’s not. They are friggin’ everywhere. Not everything is about the Obamas.

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