As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama’s Passive-Aggressive Absolutism

After five years on the job, President Obama is tired of it. But that makes him more, not less, dangerous to the republic.

Because instead of doing the hard work of legislating, of enacting policy through the arduous process intended by the founders, Obama will sit back for the next three years and take the easy route of ruling by fiat, AKA executive action.

Meanwhile, his disengagement from the world has already produced chaos in places like Syria, Iraq and Libya – Egypt would be on the list too if the generals there hadn’t taken matters into their own hands – and brand new abodes in these and other places for al Qaeda to make a fresh start. And Iran will have its nuclear weapon.

That’s the message in my latest article for Reuters. From the piece.

President Barack Obama is out of gas. Pooped out. Gone fishing. Or rather, golfing. He’s just not that into it anymore. The republic is safe from any further vast left-wing legislative prescriptions for our ills.

But Obama’s increasing job fatigue is, paradoxically, cause for serious concern. While he sits back, aides in the White House and in the agencies are busy enacting a stealth agenda of rules and regulations. And on the world stage, Washington’s withdrawal threatens national security.

I hope you have a moment to take a look.


32 Responses to Obama’s Passive-Aggressive Absolutism

  1. Very nice Keith, gave ya a tweet and to my liberal friends too. I keep telling them Obama’s just not that into you after he gets your vote and donation.

    Here’s a transcript from the latest FLOTUS fundraiser speech, with a short preview by Todd Starnes who sticks up for us folks, in her mind, in the Wilderness. I guess this is for the DNC ? They’re still millions in the hole from 2012, no wonder she sounds so desparate.

    • Great link Denise.
      On one hand, three years is a long time to weather these people.
      On the other hand, it gives us enough time to watch them hang themselves.
      In perusing many other blogs, the wilderness folks are becoming enraged and are ready to do something about it.

      • I would like to know how many democrats that support them, had families that grew up in the COUNTRY. How dare her insult millions of people and their home. They have the right to live where they please, and to believe in what or who they want.
        I cannot believe the First L of this Country made such an insult.

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  2. Kudos for braving the cold harsh world of Reuters commenters. They are giving you a hard time Keith. Not as appreciative a bunch as we are here.

  3. I can’t disagree with your assessment that the dirty work will be done behind the Oval Office by his appointed minions.
    I do disagree that he’s tired of the job. He’s not doing any less than he did when he first took office; the Congressional Dems did it all, made all the moves, and all he had to do was sign anything put in front of him.

    After the 2010 election when the Dems lost the majority vote in Congress , MrO’s lame duck presidency began. He became less and less relevant, unable or unwilling to use his office for advancement of his agenda, and left the real governing to the anonymous agencies with their massive regulatory powers.
    The cheering, fainting crowds are gone, most of America thinks he’s a liar and untrustworthy, and his legacy act is a disaster.

    If the Repubs keep the majority in the House this year, and gain it in the Senate, he might as well just throw in the towel and let ol’Joe take over.

    • I have to say that I have said for a long time that I think that Obama is tired of the job; and that if he were private sector he would have quit long ago….because it isn’t what he thought it would be. His behavior just prior to the election and even at the debate where he did so horribly seemed like he was “done”. There was even some subtle undertones in the press wondering if he would run again. My opinion (albeit uneducated)is that Obama ran because of peer pressure from Michelle and the Dems and of course his HUGE ego.

      • I did check settings–it said ALL incl anon still. No idea. Blogger is sort of clunky, but it’s better than WordPress in my not so humble. In short–I don’t know…I want your comments….email me under my profile. I will put them up!

        • The WordPress logo was black on your site.
          It is usually blue on the other sites that I comment on.
          I have had a WordPress account for over four years, and also comment using Disqus with no trouble.
          Thanks for getting back Star with the info.

  4. Keith, I just sent in this comment to Reuters.
    “There sure was a lot of sour grapes remarks about Keith Koffler’s article. I, for one, thought the article was inciteful and on topic. We need more columnists like Mr Koffler.”

    So Keith, just so you know…I loved the article.

  5. I read Keith’s thoughtful, right on article and, unfortunately, it looks like the American people are in a lose/lose situation for the next four years.

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