As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

“POTUS on Board”

Odd little bit of insider footage. Obviously taken by a cell phone. I guess this is what he says to alert everyone he’s boarded.

38 Responses to “POTUS on Board”

  1. Who on earth would be given permission to publish that phone video clip? I figured press, anyone associated with AF1 would be sworn off doing such things unless granted specific permission.

      • When people in general or children act like that, I have always ignored them. When they saw I wasn’t paying attention they stopped whatever stupid thing, attitude, bad face, etc.
        However I fear what he is up to, I could care less about his arrogance. So on one hand I have won, because I am not going to ignore his actions, other hand he has one because he has my attention. Not with the speech!

  2. OT Scott Walker on Cavuto. Guy has been successful in WI and is willing to take a national pro growth position. Good message. ProActive.

    Meanwhile back at home….establishment Republicans are reacting to the ProgRats pulling their strings on obamacare and illegals. What idiots.

  3. Any chance we can get him to cry “Omaha”? At least just once. He really thinks he knows what he is doing. Just soooo uncool What a disasterous boob!

  4. I think this is a set up. As I watched the clip I noted that it’s a very steady shot with good focus and good quality images — the opposite of what I see from spur-of-the-moment amateur phone vids.

    I think it’s a set up designed to make the Prez more loveable. Look at how lightly he’s carrying the weight of office, look how he humbly mocks himself and his importance, etc., etc.

    It’s probably another “historic first” — like first President to be filmed by cell phone from inside the plane while he climbs into Air Force One.

    That’s about the kind of trophy this admin would droll over adding to the list.

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