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The Obama Morning News || January 31, 2014

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    1. Did you read her comments on Ocare, that someone who “twists their ankle playing volleyball” or “cuts their finger…” needs healthcare? Geez, I think NOT.

      1. LOL, yes, made me think of the Sham Wow guy……

        “I always joke about this, the young people are the ones out at the club at 3 o’clock in the morning and who’s more likely to slip on some ice,” Obama said. “And young people are doing these pickup games, all of sudden they’re just going to play volleyball. Beach volleyball. Well, you twist your ankle, you cut yourself because you’re just learning how to cook. I mean, you know, life throws you some curve balls, and young people in particular need to have insurance.”

        She “likes to joke about it too”. :D

        1. OMG! Still no signs of intelligent life on Planet Moochville!
          Kids leaving clubs at 3:00 a;m. – slipping on ice! Huh???
          CA is experiencing the worst drought on record..
          Beach volleyball? How did Frankie Avalon and Annettte Funicello survive without Obamacare?
          Moronic utterings from the WH oracle.

          1. These are such dumb examples it makes me wonder who was drinking what–most of the ice was in the glass, I suspect. Young people do “fall” pregnant or get cancer or get smashed in a horrible wreck or get West Nile–I don’t believe sprained fingers from volleyball are even tracked by the CDC.

  1. Cruz manages to get the newspapers to headline the GOP factions every time he makes a statement. Brietbart and Daily Caller both have articles saying Cruz’s comments on immigration will be the ultimate demise of any chance the GOP had of taking over the Senate. Thoughts?

      1. A new Gallup poll reveals that only 3% of Americans believe that immigration reform is a priority.
        Why in hades is the GOP beating a dead horse???
        And where are the protestors? Several years ago the Tea Party and anti-immigration groups bombarded WH switchboards to defeat the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill.
        Where are they now?
        Reince Prebus and the GOP Rinos are accomplices to treason!

    1. It is not Senator Cruz’s comments on immigration that will lose the Senate for the GOP. The RINOs in charge will accomplish that all on their own. Senator Cruz is doing what he promised Texans he would do – stand up for our Constitution and shake up the ruling class elites on both sides of the aisle. He is absolutely right about the foolishness of passing immigration reform when we have a lawless president who doesn’t even enforce the existing laws.

      The Republican Party is going through a transition. The RINOs in charge are losing their grip on the base of the party. Earlier this week in one of his multitude of TV interviews, Romney was asked who would make a good candidate for 2016. His response was to elect another Bush or Ryan, the amnesty sellout. When asked why he didn’t mention Cruz or Paul, he responded “Well, they are from a different part of the Republican Party.” Say what? These ruling class elites don’t recognize conservatives as their equals. In their eyes, they are the rulers and we conservatives are the proles. Well, the proles are organizing against them. If the GOP follows through with amnesty for illegals they will go the way of the Whigs. Their base will abandon them and establish a new Republican party – one that honors our Constitution and has respect for American values and principles.

        1. I can’t predict what will happen if they pass amnesty, Girly1. I believe the primaries and the 2014 mid-terms will be our last chance to stop the ruling class from destroying our Republic. I’ll still be voting Republican this year, but I will only support conservatives. The RINOs have shown their hand; they can no longer hide in the shadows pretending to be conservatives.

  2. The ‘Mourning’ News is more like it.

    My favorite quote of the day from The Hill:
    Pelosi said Clinton “would be the most qualified person to enter the White House in modern history.”

    She may have a point … Bubba and Barack both lived in the “stoned” ages. ☺

  3. In Jake Tapper’s interview with the President

    I thought this was the best line:
    “We’ve just gone through the Worst Recession since the Great Depression”

    This should be the highlight of the President’s knowledge on Economics. He’s probably said this so many times he believes recession and depression mean the same thing.

    1. The ‘Great Recession’ officially ended June, 2009!
      The Great Obama Depression will be permanent after the govt runs out of money forcing all of the welfare recipients, unempoyed, and newly amnetized illegals to take to the streets demanding the return of their food stamps, SSI, and disability checks.
      It’s coming!

  4. Barry now says that ” Sochi is safe, Americans should go”. Well, what does he know about the security situation, inquiring mind would like to know. . Anyhow, is he warming a little towards Putin and why ? Maybe he won´t send all those gay activists after all. Politics and media must be very infiltrated by gays and gay activists since the Russian laws against gay propaganda ( not against gays, mind you ), have been elevated to such a big problem. I have also heard/seen/read a lot about the difficult situations for the people building the arenas etc. Looks like a real anti_Sochi campaign orchestrated by who knows who. However, we have already had games in Moscow ( during the Soviet years !!! ) in Beijing, in Mexico City and will have in Brazil. None of these places have/had exemplary, ideal ,human rights conditions. All of them corrupt. I am certainly no friend of Putin ( although I appreciate his protection ( ??) of Snowden ) but I do believe that successful Winter Games would be good for the Russians, westernize them. A happy neighbour is a good neighbour.

    1. On may levels, I was angry when Obama made the official US delegation mostly gay and lesbian athletes. He might have wanted to make a political statement but he sure as heck never once thought of their safety. Of course the man himself won’t go, said his schedule is too busy. I can’t wait until Keith posts the WH daily schedule during the Olympics so we can see he’s doing nothing day after day. Obama won’t go because he’s afraid. But send in gay athletes in my place? Sure. Awful mess.

  5. But Obama said he would always feel better if the event were being held inside the United States “because then we have full control over what happens.”


    My, my. I reckon he’s forgotten the Boston Marathon.

    BTW, there is not one word about the allegiance of those “militants” mentioned in the Reuters article. Are they Methodists? Baptists? Buddhists?

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