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New Legislation Passes the White House


You’re not stuck on quaint notions like, Congress passes the laws, are you? Because there’s lots of good legislating being done in the White House and you – you are SO ungrateful – are hardly even noticing.

Take the new MyRA savings account. Even I thought this might be a good idea. And it is a good idea. A GOOD IDEA FOR SUBVERTING THE CONSTITUTION.

How does a president create a whole new program, one that costs cash money, without it being appropriated by Congress?

I’m waiting for an answer.

Aides celebrate as Obama takes a call from Kim Jong-Un congratulating him on the passage of new legislation by the executive branch.
Aides celebrate as Obama takes a call from North Korean President Kim Jong-Un congratulating him on the passage of new legislation by the executive branch.

Well, President Obama and his little shop of Socialist elves figured it out. I mean, when are Boehner and the rest of them going to make a serious move to call him on this stuff?

Eventually, we’ll get used to it. You read Animal Farm, right? Just incrementally up the Socialism until people realize too late that everything’s changed.

Sure, I’m being dramatic. But on a limited scale, that’s what’s happening here.

The new MyRA is a Roth-style savings account that allows you to earn interest tax free. That is, it’s a taxpayer gift, and therefor should be appropriated.

What’s more, as the Wall Street Journal points out, accounts like the MyRA that can be opened with as little as $25 and added to in $5 increments are normally not offered by private institutions because it COSTS MORE TO SERVICE THAN IT IS WORTH.

But you are only too happy to service it, because you have no choice. You’ll be paying the processing costs. EVEN THOUGH YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES DIDN’T ALLOT YOUR MONEY FOR THIS PURPOSE.

The White House is cleverly creating this brand new free stuff under the accepted right of Treasury to sell securities. But this right, as the WSJ points out, is awarded to provide Treasury with the mechanism to finance operations, not to create a new benefit. The joke here is that the White House is claiming this as just another method for the government to borrow money it has to borrow anyway.

See, this is how things will go. The administration will bend every rule, twist every law, and violate every trust to work its will. You want to challenge it? Okay, I hope you have the funds and are willing to wait for years while the case wends its way through the courts.

So throw out your kids’ civics books. Because all that separation of powers stuff – that’s for losers.

68 thoughts on “New Legislation Passes the White House”

    1. I tried to post on your blog Star.
      Evidently I don’t own my identity although it is fine on any other site that I visit.
      Is it something that I have said ?
      And yes,…I feel the the nut thieves have gone on to California after ruining Washington D.C.

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  1. This is just another attempt to control people’s money.
    Social Security has been raided and is broke.
    Now they want to take our money to pay off the debt that China, and Japan have stopped investing in.
    Are they next going to force independent IRA’s to invest in the Country’s debt ?
    It wouldn’t surprise me.

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      1. When they conduct these 30 grand a seat fundraisers, we never are told how many ‘seats’ were filled.
        Moochelle has now asked the American People to donate $10 bucks toward Obamacare.
        What’s next ?…..sitting in front of the White House with a tin cup in your hand ?

        1. Forget OBcare….don’t you all see where he is heading? Single payer and those wanting to go to Canada will end up on long lines…UK too! Either our elected officials get some “killunes” (spelling?) and put this man on trial for treason or impeach him…or all of America is doomed. BTW…if you live in a foreign country, medicare, OBcare and any other government assistance that you pay for will be null and void. You best arrange for an American address if you move. BTW…try other Caribbean countries. Costa Rica has lots of poisonous wild life. So does Belize unless you want to live in a tightly controlled community.

  3. We’re keeping all our savings liquid for now and tucked away in a credit union, which draws tiny interest, but easily accessible without penalty.

    For the first time in our adult lives we’ve thought about, with deep regrets, moving to another country. It’s just that we’ve always played by the rules, paid our taxes and bills on time and slowly watching all that we’ve worked so hard for being chipped away since Obama took office. If the GOP doesn’t take back the Senate and hold the House this fall, we may move on to Step 2, where to go?

        1. Thanks Denise and AFVet. Will be looking into CUs.
          I don’t trust banks anymore, especially after the UK scare where withdrawals were questioned and rationed. The bank apologized…but it looked like a trial run to me.

    1. Try Canada. They have all of the oil they need, the worlds largest water supply, the worlds strongest and most solvent banking system and a government which is not run by gangsters (Rob Ford and Quebec excepted!). Its much more free than America and contrary to popular belief they do let you have guns, although with lots of restrictions. The taxes are a bitch and the health care system is about 20 years behind the US in terms of technology so keep your Obamacare for cross border medical trips.

      I moved my family up to Victoria BC last year and don’t plan on coming back except for a little (I hope) medical tourism in Seattle.

          1. Tim, I’m looking too. Hadn’t considered Costa Rica. Will investigate. Anything about Costa Rica jump out at you to make you suggest it.

            Friends I know went to Panama. So far, so good for them.
            Not America of course, but then again, neither is this.

          2. There are several web sites regarding Costa Rica retirement. I vacationed there a long time ago. Nothing but praise from me. A lot of retired military from the US living there.

  4. Advance apologies for the crude punch line, but I need to get something off my chest.

    A group of general surgeons were talking about their favorite cases.

    One surgeon said, “I once operated on an electrician that was so into his job, even his blood vessels were color-coded.”

    Another surgeon said, “My favorite case was a librarian. It was crazy: we opened her up, and everything, and I mean everything, was alphabetized.”

    The next surgeon said, “I actually made a mistake on one patient. Luckily for me, he was a construction worker, and he didn’t complain that I’d left a tool on the job site.”

    And finally, the last surgeon said, “Oh, I had to operate on a House Republican once. I almost had to call the New England Journal of Medicine, it was such a weird case. This elected official had no heart, no brain, no spine, and no balls. To top it all off, his head and his ass were interchangeable.”

    That’s as crude as I get, gang, but you get the point, I hope.

  5. It reminds me of the OFA ‘dinner with Michelle and Barack’ raffle solicitations. Just send 5 bucks and you may be lucky winner.
    Now that the FEDS are tapering, someone has to pay for Obamacare.

    Oh, and because the ‘buy-in’ is so low, you will not be receiving the magnanimous high-yield return on your dollars that you would get from banks and other income investments. What are they talking about – zero return?

  6. Fortunately my family were citizens of the Republic of Texas. I can only look forward to moving back there in time for the secession movement. We’re gonna’ do it right, and successfully this time.

    1. Secession! It’s the only way some of will survive with anything intact. Don’t wait for the dillweed republicans to do anything, hit the streets folks!

  7. From my experience in the retirement sector, this won’t be utilized much and will be of little value. But even if it really will be a great plan, that still doesn’t mean the president can just oredr it into place.

  8. Come to think of it, does this, or does it not, qualify as a Ponzi scheme?

    If Congress won’t allocate the money–and I doubt it will–then the only way to pay off withdrawals is with the money coming in.

    That would make it a Ponzi scheme, by definition. Bernie Madoff is going to rot in jail for the rest of his life for running an enterprise like that.

    1. At least this one clearly looks like it was staged — right before Mr. “Spine of Steel” was whisked off to the Situation Room for that conference with Jay-Z and Beyonce — oops — that should be his personal take down of OBL.

      Say, aren’t the two human props in that “Official White House Photo” George Stephanopoulos and David Axelrod?

  9. The House of Representatives has the tools to stop this tyranny. They won’t consider impeachment and they won’t use the power of the purse, so why not take the advice of a real constitutional lawyer and pass a resolution asserting their equal power under the Constitution?

    Whereas the president of the United States has asserted executive powers not granted to him under the United States Constitution, the United States House of Representatives hereby asserts, as an equal governing institution, that all such acts by the president of the United States are null and void. The House of Representatives further asserts that no federal department, federal official, or federal employee is authorized to appropriate any sum of taxpayer dollars in furtherance of any unconstitutional act by the president of the United States.

    Unfortunately, the current leadership in the House doesn’t have the courage to stand up to the tyranny of this megalomaniac. It’s our job as Americans to replace them with legislators who will defend our Constitution and the reinstate the rule of law.

    1. We had a telephone conference call from our Rep earlier this week. What I got from that call is that the House won’t impeach Obama because it wouldn’t go anywhere in the Senate anyway. As for Obamacare, they think it’s best left for the courts to decide. But to file a lawsuit you have to show personal damage/harm, so congress critters can’t file, it’s up to We the People. I have no idea why we’re paying these people to represent us if we have to do all the work ourselves.

    2. Impeachment is a waste of time & will do nothing but get the Republicans labeled as black hating racists. The leftist propaganda machine media, from Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, blogs, ect., to nearly every newspaper, magazine, Hollywood & your local news channel, it is a 24/7 loop of propaganda FOR Democrats/blacks/Hispanics & against Republicans, the Constitution, wealth, though every Democrat politician is an UBER RICH ELITIST P O S, & light skinned races.

      Republicans were blamed for Barack Obama shutting down the government & refusing to compromise at all over Obamacare. Their poll numbers plummeted. THAT is why they cower, completely lost as to what to do. When you control the media you control the mindless sheeple, every dictator knows that which is why leftist billionaires have complete control of the media.

  10. Just noticed the debit card on my ING acct was wiped out–by someone in Illinois. I am in AZ. Soooo….we are all fair game. Let me get going filling out and faxing affadavits etc. No–we did not charge $32 worth of Red Box in Illinois. Pretty sure.

      1. Had the same problem – twice. Except both times it was on a Saturday when B of A’s fraud dept was closed for the weekends. Couldn’t report it until following Monday morning.
        I was told weekends are the preferred days for credit/debit card spending sprees by criminals.

        1. Thanks, Susan…and Girly, this posted Monday–so you may be 100% right! I still hate that feeling of being ripped off. I also was on Linked In, where I spend professional time, and it got on the subj of you know who and I said I held him personally responsible for the bad econ right now–and one gal said I was a hater, I spewed, I slobbered, I must love Bush and Beck and the crowd …Uh, you’re scaring me, people…People on LI are supposed to at least sound smart if not be smart. (No swear words, though.)

  11. Everything MrO is doing now is just to make him look like he’s doing something good, when the real damage is done behind closed doors.

    His grand initiative to get committments from 300 large employers to hire the long-term unemployed is bunk. If all 300 companies could hire 1,000 unemployed apiece, it wouldn’t employ the 350,000 people who lost their jobs LAST WEEK, much less make a dent in the tens of millions who lost their jobs long ago.
    . It’s theatre meant to keep his base happy and means nothing.

    The faux savings account is another happy-noise move; people of means wouldn’t use it, and poor people don’t worry about tax-free savings because they don’t pay taxes at all.

    MrObama and his people are out of ideas, out of touch with the public and they know it. Congress, on both sides, is ignoring him or even avoiding him, his polls are tanked, Obamacare is a disaster, and even foriegn leaders who always have their hands out for dollars don’t bother anymore.

    1. Also on Linked In, I mentioned that employers might have to hire people recently laid off to get the best skill set. A long-term unemployed guy bored me a new one–how could I say long-term unemployed people could be “stale.” Well, because it’s possible? I blog on this stuff daily and have for five yrs. Anyhow–is the govt going to have those companies that “promised” to hire those laid off yrs ago fill out a form on how long each hire was unemployed? This is meaningless.

    2. I feel that the News channels (cable) needs to discuss each and every scandel and Benghazi everyday. There is an old saying out of site out of mind. At least each and every scandel should schroll across the bottom ot the screen. If they are not going to be responible and discuss these matters, they do another type of show, game show, entertainment show, etc.

    1. hmm. my reply was to srdem’s mention of being caught in the moderation time warp. Now her post has disappeared and is replaced by what was in moderation I assume…

    2. I don’t know what I would do if this site just mysteriously disappeared one day. I just bookmarked Star’s and Denise’s blogs, just in case.. so I still feel like I have a “link”. What, me paranoid? nah….

  12. The crooner-in-chief


    I write the rules that make the whole world sting.
    I write the rules of and special things.
    I write the rules that makes the whole world cry.
    I write the rules, I rewrite the rules.

  13. It is outrageous this pompous ass has not been run out o town on a rail…WHAT THE HECK IS THE MATTER WITH THOSE OTHERS IN Washington THAT HOLD OFFICE…ARE THEY MICE AND JUST STUPID??

  14. We may moan and groan under these tyrant’s, for now, but if we keep looking up, to God, we will not suffer what these evil men & women are going to suffer for doing these things to us.
    This is a sunny day in the park, for us, compared to what they will have to face when they die!

    Remember: “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and to lose his own soul?”

  15. I have tried to post several messages to a web page listing comments to the White House and all of them have come back ‘too long’, although the last was only one word. I was wonder if this is a legitimate site ’cause it doesn’t seem the present administration wants to hear from anyone.

  16. Throw out obummer. He doesn’t follow the law. He hates the United States. He hares the Constitution. He hates the American people. seems we should be able to recall him. It can be done to local politicians even state reps, like in Colorado.

    He only loves the quoran and alah. Ever hear him speak of the Holy Bible, no. Ever hear the reverence he has for the holy quoran. The book of demons. He’s evil like his religion. Him being a Christian is so much doo doo. He’s the liar & thief.

  17. After being painted as the party of racism for decades by the LEFTIST PROPAGANDA MACHINE MEDIA, even though Republicans were the ones who FREED the slaves & fought tooth & nail for EQUAL rights, no Republican dares to stand up to the first HALF black president. This is WHY Soros & the other leftist billionaires that pull the strings of this country chose Obama over queen Killery Clinton. Sexism is still o.k., think calling Sarah Palin an empty headed babe, a tw at, cu nt, bi tch, who re, ect., but blacks reign supreme! No one DARES to admit that 98% of them are racist, lazy, uneducated, irresponsible piles of $hit & the “educated” ones given power & prestige they did not earn & do not deserve. So therefore this racist, mentally ill, America despising halfsie, wannabe fascist dictator, with the cover of his flying monkeys press, can get away with anything he wants up to & including murder, think Brian Terry, the four Benghazi victims & the American citizens he took out without giving them a trial.

    Welcome to Amerika, apparently most of us can’t enough crony capitalism & fascism. Americans HATE richies, Wall Street, yet vote in UBER RICH, ELITIST thieves that wouldn’t spit on the best part of them.

    Quote from Lyndon Johnson, “I will have these ni gg ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”.

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