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Romney Redux?

Mitt Romney leads the hypothetical Republican field in a poll of New Hampshire voters, according to the bipartisan polling outfit Purple Strategies.

And it’s not just name recognition. Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and Rand Paul all came in behind the Romster.

According to the Boston Globe.

In a hypothetical 2016 presidential field, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney would be the front-runner in the Granite State GOP primary field, with 25 percent of the vote. Behind Romney are Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, at 18 percent, then New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, at 17 percent, and former Florida governor Jeb Bush, at 13 percent.

Romney has been emphatic that he’s not running again. But who knows? The third time was the charm for Ronald Reagan.

But Romney’s not Reagan.

22 thoughts on “Romney Redux?”

  1. Indeed, Romney is not Reagan. He’s a good man, one I would have been thrilled to have in the White House over Obama. But let’s set our eyes on a new candidate. A real, well-spoken, telegenic conservative of high character and empty closets. Romney is most of those, except he’s not all that comfortable on television and he’s not all that conservative. Paul? Christie? Lee? Cruz? Meh.

  2. The “Romster”, ok.
    If MrRomney was a devout member of the First Baptist Church of the Living Rock, or St Michael’s Catholic Church, or even the Congregation Beth Israel, he might have a chance.
    As a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, he is considered a cult member of a community that practices secret rites, and not a mainstream religious group by millions of voters.
    He’s too rich, too old, too bland, too everything to appeal to the low-information voter who only remembers that he somehow killed some fellow’s wife and MrsRomney rides fancy horses.
    Better that MrRomney should stick to being a political gadfly or running for the US Senate in a state that would appreciate what he can do for the good of the country.

      1. I’d vote for him. For almost anyone but Hillary. I just cannot see listening to that fake laugh for four or eight yrs. Not to mention, the fake policies, fake empathy, fake intellectualism, etc.

        1. As for Mormonism–so far as I can see, it means no drinking, swearing, or tacky behavior and making money–I can live with that. For a real cult, look into scientology. Did you know Greta is a scientologist and major contributor to the cause?

  3. No way. The Boston Globe is a thoroughly Democratic paper, and any poll they conduct would be skewed to making it easier for Hillary to win. They all want an establishment Republican because they are scared to death of a conservative.

    1. how old are you? I’m not trying to be rude–I ask because I was an adult during the Reagan years (I’m positively ancient now!) and the way I remember it, REAGAN wasn’t Reagan either–not while he was still in office.

      of course he was admired by many while he was president, but the hagiography that’s grown up around him–the mythology of Reagan the larger-than-life savior of the Republican Party–didn’t start until maybe a decade or so after.

  4. Did anyone take a poll in an actual conservative state? I fail to see why the GOP allows its earliest primaries and caucuses to be held in Dem states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. The first GOP primaries should be held in states like Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming.

    New Hampshire gave us McCain in 2000 and 2008, and Romney in 2012. In 2016, they will give us either Romney or Christie. No thanks.

  5. Romney would have done well as a President. I truly wish he was in office right now. The country would be on the road to recovery both financially and mentally.

    However, he had his chance to put Obama on the mat during the debates and did not do it. Every Republican saw the opening and screamed at the TV did throw the knockout punch but he chose to let Obama back up. A huge mistake! It is funny how much we like a losing candidate after the election. Bob Dole was a perfect example. It is a shame the campaign handlers don’t let the real guy show to the public. I guess it works sometimes because Obama would never had been elected. We are now paying for the Manchurian Candidate that Axelrod and Gibbs created and the World fell for it.

    A Jeb Walker ticket in 2016 sounds good to me!

  6. At this point, what difference does it make? The bloom is off the rose with Romney Love is not always lovlier the second time around.. By the time 2016 rolls around we will not have a country to ‘fix’. 2012 was the defining moment. Nothing will ever be the same again, especially with the pending disaster of amnesty.
    Obamacare may fade away or die a natural death but we will not survive the onslaught of untold millions of unskilled, poverty stricken third worlders and their families.
    The unemployment stats are already shaky; welfare is at an all-time high; median houshold incomes are delining; schools are failing; and the national debt is astronomical.
    What can any GOP candidate do to reverse the tide? The damage from Obama is irreparable …and there are three years left!
    Romney was our only hope in 2012. His time has come…and gone.

  7. well, you know me: I’m all about the party. how can we stand against the progressives if the tea party’s mad at the Washington elites and the Washington elites are mad at the state activists and the pro-amnesty squishies are mad at the anti-amnesty meanies?

    if I never hear the word RINO again outside a safari context, I will be happy. we’re eating our own young, people, and the Senate lies within our grasp! let’s not eff it up this time.

    Mitt Romney should have been elected in 2012. I think he could have been a great president–yes, as great as Reagan. but 2016 isn’t the time for him to try it again, although I could maybe see him running against a Hillary Clinton second term in 2020.

    in the meantime, may I remind you of my still-current first choice, Susana Martinez? NM governor, former Democrat, well spoken, conservative enough but hasn’t (yet) been painted as a lunatic the way the MSM has already been painting Ted Cruz?

  8. Yes, he is a good man and was far better qualified for the position. We would be in so much better shape had he been elected. However, he lost, so forget about it.

  9. Romney may not be able to pass an uber-conservative litmus test, but he is a fine and decent man. Moreover, he would have been a LEADER who took charge, did what needed to be done, and shot straight with the Nation. Just imagine how much better things would likely be if he had been elected.

    Sadly, I can’t see him running again or being elected if he were to run.

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