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Quote of the Day || January 31, 2014

“Of course, criminals are excluded from our immigration plan. That is, any illegal immigrant who has done something illegal cannot become a citizen.”

– John Boehner

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || January 31, 2014”

  1. This guy, Boehner, gives morons a bad name. There must be an Ohio city that need a pimp.
    Move to strike American from the title American Chamber of Commerce!

  2. We used to be such a productive Country. Now everything we buy is made out of the U.S.
    Before we discuss any immigraton plan, we should discuss bringing the jobs back home.
    Food is being shipped from other Countries.
    Point: If we turn this cycle around and become highly productive again, than possibly the immigration problem can be discussed.
    I have watched all of my life the immigrants walking over the boarder.
    I feel Dems want a QUICK fix to it, just for the votes. That is an insult to a lot of our ancestors who came here the legal way. One last note: Before the Dems push their quick vote fix to immigration, the Boarder needs to be secured. The gangs have crossed over a long time ago, and American citizens down south are suffering from it.

      1. Correct. I just can’t understand, how for the last several years, there isn’t anyone who can figure out, or cares to figure out how to guard our boader.
        There must be something that can be done. Explain to our neighbor how to start from scratch building a Country. Than try doing again ourselves as I mentioned earlier. All the CEO’s wouldn’t like my idea. They are building, making and hiring overseas for less money. Same time charging us more for the product, at the same time the wages here do not go up.
        I am so tired of speaking to foreign people when I have to call a Co for anything.

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