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The Obama Morning News || January 30, 2014

Clinton leads Dems by huge margin . . . Washington Post
Rubio: immigration reform may be dead . . . Newsmax
Holder: Charges in IRS scandal possible . . . Washington Times
Economists yawn at Obama SOTU . . . Washington Times
Speech gets worst ratings since 2000 . . . Examiner
Red state Dems rip Obama . . . The Hill
Obama declared Israel a “Jewish” state . . . The Hill
U.S. Iraq exit may create al Qaeda haven . . . Free Beacon
Boehner to offer immigration principles . . . Associated Press
Inside Boehner’s Obamacare strategy . . . National Journal
GOP pushes legal action against Obama . . . Politico
Obama IRA lacks 401(k) features . . . Bloomberg
Unions take aim at Obamacare . . . Fox News
Reid blunts Obama on trade . . . Politico
Paul Ryan reboots . . . Politico
Obama loves the elites . . . National Journal

6 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 30, 2014

  1. Aww, the unions don’t like Obamacare, at all. lol.
    They were LIED to, imagine that, plus it will lower the union members take-home pay. lol.
    They want MrsSillybus to give them a waiver from the requirements. lol.
    Every once in a while, reality just ups and bites your opponents in the butt and it’s sooooo satisfying.

  2. Rubio and Immigration Reform Dead: Delay, delay and more delay — in the meantime the border is wide open and the anchor babies continue to be spit out. Has this been the Master Plan all along? We let out a sigh of relief when comprehensive immigration reform does not get passed but in the meantime the invasion continues. I wonder how many anchor babies have been born — in the last 20 years — and how many babies have been born by those anchor babies, making them legal citizens? Mind boggling!

  3. Free trade — probably Obama wants to look all ‘free Tracey ‘ but isn’t so the Grave Digger refuses to bring it to the floor. Looks like Obama thwarted but in reality not. If Obama wants free trade changes he can simply make a few calls, scribble a few notes and make an end run around Congress.

    Jeff Sessions delivers excellent position on immigration to every Rep’s office — argues for America and the American worker. Sanity. But Boehnner to make some announcement on immigration today. — probably giving a heads up to our soon to be new citizens.