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Quote of the Day || January 30, 2014

“Our immigration bill does not reward people for breaking the law. It rewards them for not getting caught.”

– John Boehner

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

28 Responses to Quote of the Day || January 30, 2014

  1. America has never had an invasion such as the millions of Mexican nationals before. As other immigrants came to America, they didn’t come by the millions in less than 10 years to overwhelm our system, our values, and even our native language.
    Nothing good will come of this legalization of millions of Spanish speaking people.

  2. I don’t know how much of an insider you are, Keith, but you’re light years ahead of someone like me. I just can’t understand why the Republicans are doing this. Is it just attributable to the influence and money of the Chamber of Commerce? All the polling I’ve seen says that this is the bottom of the barrel in issues the voters are even interested in. The Republican grassroots, aka voters, are against it.. So why the rush? Some Republicans have said that the House will pass ‘immigration reform’ after the November election. Even that bodes ill because a) they are counting on wiping out the conservatives in the election or b) if the conservatives win, the lame duck establishment will still pass it before they go out.

    • Q. Why did the illegal chicken cross the road?
      A. They’re no longer illegal once they’ve been hired.

      Snyder announced an effort to seek 50,000 work visas over five years solely for Detroit to lure highly educated immigrants to repopulate the city.

      Snyder’s plan was met with praise by fellow panelists at the immigration forum: former U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

      “I’ve never thought of a better idea,” Bloomberg said of Snyder’s plan to bring new residents to the Detroit.

      • “highly educated immigrants” do not arrive from Mexico or south of our border. The immigrants that the pols in Detroit want are highly educated professionals, and no one like that is jumping the border fence in southern Arizona or Texas.

    • Julie, the Chamber of Commerce is one reason. Money Money Money.
      I can only guess about other reasons. Perhaps its to get the media off their back. Perhaps they think they can turn the Hispanic immigrants their way or hispanic voters.

      The only reason I know, which is not true (by them and by Democrats) , is humanitarian reasons. That’s the stated goal. Not the real one.

      The American people don’t want to talk about immigration or income inequality or global warming. They want to talk about the Debt and the Economy.

      Two things both parties couldn’t give a bleep about.

      • Julie, in answer to your question, I think Scottso has got the reasons right: Chamber of Commerce – and many other biz groups – is a big one. Boehner is very close to the business community and lobbyists – he was in fact the GOP liaison to to the lobbyists in the 1990s.

        Also media pressure – and the related desire to seem like a good person at Washington cocktail parties – and a hope to appease Hispanic voters.

        • One thing I’m in agreement about is that neither party is concerned the least bit about it ‘being the right thing to do’ vis-a-vis the Latinos.

          • you and I know, Julie, that the best way for these politicians to help Hispanics (whether they are citizens, guests or illegal) is to help the American people as a unit.

            Helping one group, hurts others. When everyone’s rights are served then everyone is helped.

  3. Id like to send some ‘hate mail’ (re: why no Benghazi investigation? why are supporting illegal citizenship?) to Boehner, but his office will just throw it out…
    just like my Senators & Rep. who do not listen to “citizens” like me (re: a US Vet, Conservative & Patriot)

    • Illegals take a lot of jobs from less pay. One thing I have noticed.. A lot of small companies with foreign citizens have a different way of ringing up the sale. It may be in a chinese restaurant, a mexican restaurant, this is what I have noticed.
      At each place they both have a little resisters that are not turned on. They do not use the resister. They use a calculator or the brain to give change.
      How are they keeping track of their reveune? When it’s time to pay taxes, etc., Are they doing it all by memory?

      • There is a simple explanation; money talks…..we know the rest of the sentence. Immigrants from foriegn lands understand cash business’ and don’t want the government to know how much cash they’re earning.
        As for calculating the amount of taxes they “owe”, the smart immigrant totals his expenses, then decides that his expenses equal his profits; the result-0 taxes owed.

        In all fairness, most small “cash” enterprises do the same when it comes time to pay taxes. There are so many invisible deductions available, so many tiny loopholes that most cash businesses pay next to nothing in “earned income tax”.

        • Exactly. The reason I brought that up is that not only have illegals taken jobs. The mom and pop companies thoughout America are fading. However the 2 places I mentioned get a free ride and therefore can afford to own a buisness.
          One other type of small buisness has just about faded, are the small gas stations thoughout America. New laws, and regulations make it almost impossible for the family owned gas station to stay open. So the middle is kicked aside by at least two circumstances.

        • you are correct. the only way to survive is to be an invisible business or job, or to have loopholes.

          get rid of loopholes, get rid of the need to be paid off the books.

          It is obvious people and companies would pay more in taxes if the penalty of taxes weren’t so great.

        • Just my suspicion but remember some years back all the Nail Salons popping up in every strip shopping center. The best equipment with leather massaging chairs in all of them — and all run by Orientals. I suspect they were given small business loans granted to minorities and the double whammy to taxpayers was most likely ZERO profit so no taxes paid. And I have to wonder how many of them were legal citizens! Just another con job to the good-hearted American taxpayer.

    • Michelle will be on the Ryan Seacrest radio show this morning.. They were asking people to tweet in their questions for her. As if she’ll answer anything more than fluff anyway.

    • I think that they are desperate.
      If the administration’s were favorable to the majority of the American People, they would not have to panhandle constantly like they do.
      They see the 2014 election on the horizon and it is going to be a storm to make 2010 look like a rain shower.

      Thanks for the link Denise.

  4. This is one for the books. A few months ago my sister and her husband were in the process of re-leasing a rental property they own. Two non-English speaking Russian pilots appeared at the door with a friend who was actiing as a translator.
    They explained that they wanted to establish a residence in the U.S. so that they could qualify for Obama’s ‘amnesty’ and leave Russia for greener pastures in the U.S.
    Evidently, they have a regular schedule with Aeroflot – flying in and out of the U.S. from JFK.
    Needless to say, my brother-in-law sent them on their merry way, but is this not the weirdest thing…ever? Or is it an omen of things to come!