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The Five Best Things About Obama’s SOTU Speech

Yes, President Obama said some stuff in his State of the Union address that conservatives could like. No, he’s not about to recast himself as Milton Friedman. But there were some positive notes:

1. Tax reform. Obama professes to want to reform the tax code to eliminate all the loopholes enacted by the Chamber of Commerce. I’m sorry, I mean the Chambers of Congress.

It’s nice, except that Obama wants to abolish the accepted notion that tax reform should be revenue neutral, using it to raise taxes and throw the money at “upgrading our ports, unclogging our commutes” and so forth. If Republicans can suppress Obama’s tax and spend impulse, this could be a good thing.

2. Slash Bureaucracy and “streamline the permitting process for infrastructure construction jobs.” Okay, I’m down with slashing bureaucracy. And infrastructure building is a core government function. As long as you don’t then turn around to entrepreneurs, point to their businesses, and scold them, “you didn’t build that.”

3. Cut red tape to help businesses build new natural gas factories. Yes, cut red tape, nice, good. Of course, he wants to use natural gas to power “green” natural gas vehicles, which will require lots of government mandates and taxpayer support. Bad.

4. Some kind of new IRA. Not sure how serious about this he is because he couldn’t even pronounce it. But I’d take a look at a new savings idea. Savings good.

5. Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg. What an beautiful gesture to our troops and to one hero in partricular. Very sincerely and eloquently introduced by Obama. High marks for this one.

Of course, we do accountability here, so coming up next, the five worst things about Obama’s SOTU speech. Stay tuned.

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  1. A new IRA vehicle? What’s wrong with the ones we have now? We have SS, which was supposed to be backed by the full faith of the government, we have 401K’s, IRAs, Roths, and college savings accounts. What we need is a bit more disposable income to put into some of those accounts.

    • MyRA. My understanding from the morning analysis–I didn’t watch him–is that the MyRA would be backed by the government. Maybe it’s a stealth move to replace private IRAs with government ones. Remind you of Obamacare?

      • I mentioned this on an earlier thread, but my take on it is the govt. wants to ‘borrow’ OUR savings now that the FED has been talking about ‘taper’. China – out; American workers – in.
        I trust the govt as much as I trust the Iranians.

      • MyRA is another trojan horse for the federal leviathan to get their hands on the trillions of dollars sitting idly in the savings accounts of the American people. It may be voluntary at first, but no doubt will become mandatory if the American people don’t take the bait.

        Years ago Mark Levin interviewed Dr. Ghilarducci who testified before Congress about nationalizing our 401Ks. Very enlightening interview…

        • Yup. It is an employer sponsored savings plan for people whose employers do not offer a 401K. What?
          Just another way for the American people to give the government control over more of their money.
          We have seen how well the Feds have managed SS, Medicare, Medicaid and now ObamaCare. They have kicked us repeatedly in the ass and now we should go back for more?

    • Notwithstanding the concerns about what the next steps might be (which is a valid concren), this is pretty much a minor and probably useless program. Those who don’t have an employer sponsored plan (about half of employees when you throw in the high school kids at McDonalds) could put money into a fund of federal bonds. This would actually be set up under the tax code as a Roth IRA. Once the fund gets to $15,000, it has to be rolled into a Roth IRA at a bank or mutual fund company, etc. You could go open you own account from the start and invest in any number of things, so this really doesn’t add much to the retirement savings arena.

    • At some point the guberment will have to come after people’s retirement. It’s a $10T + piggy bank that they could use to wipe away a bunch of debt in one stroke of the pen. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

      • Except they won’t use it to wipe out debt. They will use it to create more freakin’ useless programs. Its like winning the lottery to them. They won’t be able to resist spending it.

  2. I’m Grinchy this morning. While I like to see our heroes honored, I don’t like politicians pandering off of them. I repeat that today someone on NBC tweeted that the story of Cory Remsberg is the story of Obama. That was a calculated move.

      • Apparently, at least one writer paralleled Remsberg’s valiant struggles with those of Obama (as if they’re even in the same universe).

        While recognizing this brave American was a good thing to do, I still think he was used by Obama as a decorated human prop to a) show himself as a man of the troops and b) prime the crowd (S.O.P. for Obama speeches) for a rousing standing ovation for himself.

        I’d be a lot less cynical if Obama had started his speech with a salute to Cory Remsberg.

  3. ot;
    I’d like to join the chorus of commenters who hate, hate/hate, this platform for comments.
    I’ve been lost into outer ether twice today, or the NSA has captured my comments for review. grrr.

  4. This is not really off-topic because “immigration” is always on the table whether spoken of or not.

    Did you know there is a bill floating around that would give amnesty to the employers who HIRED illegal aliens?

    How can an illegal prove they have been here? Their work record. What reveals who has been hiring illegal labor? The work record of illegal aliens.

    So this has become a two-part amnesty: legal residence for scoff-laws and forgiveness toward those who stole an unfair advantage over their business competitiors.

    When did entering the nation illegally, residing and working here illegally, etc., become so loveable? Burglars, car jackers, embezzlers, DUI drivers, petty larcenists, pickpockets, and so on and so forth do not receive the fawning respect, the emotional concern, and the laudatory descriptions piled upon illegal aliens. No one is concerned about breaking up their families, no one tries to prove that they are justified in their crimes because they “just want a better life.”

    But isn’t it true that the guy who crawls in your back window and steals your flatscreen tv just wants a better life, too? He wants the better life that comes with stealing your tv.

    • Well said, Anonna.
      Additionally, employers of illegals will be held harmless for fines…$250 for first offense, up to $10,000 for the third offense.
      There is no assessment of back taxes for their employees who worked off the books; those who paid unfair wages will not be prosecuted; and those who aided fraud by accepting bogus Social Security numbers won’t face a penalty.

      It is estimated that 55-60% of illegals are working ‘on the books”, which means they all have bogus or stolen SSNs.

      Amnesty for employers also means they will continue hiring the newly arrived illegals as they flood this country to ‘reunite with their families’. There will always be a continuous supply of cheap labor.

      The elephant in the room is healthcare. Muslims and illegals are exempt from Obamacare. No word on what Boehner & Co propose to do about this pending catastrophe after they get provisional legal status Medicaid? ERs?
      We are doomed!

    • You know better, Langley. FOB’s are exempt, so long as they keep doing the bidding of their imperial president. There is a very incestuous relationship going on among the government, big business, Hollyweird, and the so-called free press.