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Moderate Democrats’ SOTU Reaction: Run!

The applause in the chamber for Obama was tepid. Republicans mostly sat on their hands. But one group – moderate Democrats up for reelection this year – had a less casual reaction.

Their political lives are on the line, and hearing that Obama plans to supplement his usual left wing ideology with overbearing executive action, they want to get as far away from him as possible. Because, they know, voters don’t go for that stuff.

26 thoughts on “Moderate Democrats’ SOTU Reaction: Run!”

  1. Got your e-mail and cute invitation to watch last night on WHD. However, I stuck to my guns and now ask all of you if Obama said anything about his great legacy, Obamacare.

    1. I watched the whoooooooooole thing, plus the GOP response and two channels worth of analysis. Give me a gold star, and lots of coffee! He didn’t mention the word Obamacare ever, it’s now officially the Affordable Care Act, and that he did mention, 40 minutes into the speech. He tiptoed through the tulips and pranced back out quickly.

      I’d love to know who saw the GOP response. I thought it was HORRID. Just what on earth was that woman thinking telling me the story of her life? I want to know, and voters do too, what the GOP will do differently. I think the GOP tried to get a woman out there for the sake of having a woman and it backfired, at least in my mind.

      1. I watched it. She seemed like a very nice person, and while her life story might be interesting to her constituents, it meant nothing to me.
        The Repubs feel burned by this faux ‘war on women’ and are showcasing the fact that women do become Repubs even though the Dems claim they’re hated by the GOP.

        IMO, the Repubs are as clueless as the Dems to what is really concerning the public in 2014. For instance, the Repubs are putting together an “alternative” to Obamacare, but the public just wants the whole thing to go away, placed in the heap pile of bad legislation. We don’t want the government involved in our health care, at any level.

        1. I appreciate the fact of someone else feeling the government needs to back down. Get out of our private Health issues.
          I feel this is going to get terrifying down the road. There are many people who will have their lives in the government hands, insteade of the doctor and loved ones.
          I was in a major accident years.. ago. Died on the scente, brought back, and was in a coma for several weeks. NO ONE IN GOVERNMENT had anything to do with my condition. I feel this is going to continue to get worse.
          He should have had the common sense to mention something about his Health Mess. People loss their insurance that they paid for. People loosing their jobs because of the Health Mess.
          They still have not read the Mess. Insane.

      2. I read a post of six great things Mike Lee said in his response for the Tea Party (Breitbart or Daily Caller) starting out with his charge on the Republican establishment. The lib reaction is the opposite of ours, but the one that takes the cake is someone on NBC who said that the story of the wounded serviceman sitting next to MO was also the story of Obama. Gag!

      3. The GOP response (Rodgers) was, as you say, horrid!
        She is the protoge of McCain and Graham – and the second (?) most powerful woman in the House. Little House on the Prairie, maybe, but not the House of Representatives!
        The only thing missing was the knitting needles and the Mac ‘n Cheese baking in the oven.

      4. It saddens me that people here thought the GOP response was horrible. I hoped that it was just me. The staging seemed odd and although the parts about her life gave us glimpses of who she is, I hoped for more beef in the speech. Not a nice homey chat with a librarian… Yes, Laura Bush came to mind…

    2. In one sentence;
      he lied about how great it is, and dared the Repubs to do anything about it.

      @Julie, it was a strange speech, full of old, tired Dem wishes, peppered with the usual human props that MrO talked about as the cameras focused on them sitting in the gallery.
      He claimed the economy is good, jobs were created, and now we need to keep people on unemployment benefits because the job market is bad.
      He asked organizations to reach out to young men “of color” to help them…do something….what they could do wasn’t clear, but it sounded nice.
      He added some logs to the fire that keeps the “war on women” going, is really going to close Gitmo now, wants toddlers to be forced to go to government run schools, and wants gullible people to buy something called MyRA, a government backed bond program.

      He made an issue of climate change, said it was a “fact” and that made the tree-huggers happy. He threw in the Feds desire to claim “millions” of acres as Federal “preserve’ them. Of course, the “millions” of acres aren’t in states like Maryland, or Tennesee, but in the West. Curious.

      IMO, he sounded defeated, alone, knowing that a majority of the people he’s supposed to lead don’t trust him or have any faith in his leadership.

    3. Same here, Julie. I didn’t watch the megalomaniac or the Republican response. My husband watched the Republican response and he had the same reaction as 65andcounting.

      I watched Mike Lee’s address live and it was fantastic. He made a great point about the original Tea Party. If they had stopped their fight for liberty with that one protest against tyranny in the Boston harbor, it would have just been another event in history. Instead our founders went from protesting to planning the government they wanted. It took them 14 years – Boston harbor in 1773 to Philadelphia in 1787 – to form a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The current Tea Party is only 5 years into our fight to restore our founding principles, and we have a lot more tools to spread our message than our forefathers had. Gives me hope that we can defeat the ruling class and restore our Republic.

      Senator Lee’s speech:

      1. Thanks, Susan. I tried to get it last night and failed, but I will go there now and watch it “live”. Not much coverage of it in the media this morning of course.

  2. Thanks keith for the clip. I just mentioned a moment ago on a different thread the lack of response for O’s actions.
    I still feel keeping the distance from him is still unprofessional, and that is not what they were elected to do. Dems and Reps all swore to uphold the law, and work for us with the best actions in mind.
    Letting one man want to do everything on his own, has got to stop.
    Landr. is an embarrasment to my state of LA.

    1. OT: snow in LA…holy moly!
      Just watched a clip of some of the roads in LA covered with snow and ice and miles of vehicles all over the place.
      Hang in there, it will all melt and go away soon.
      Stay warm and dry, @Lee.

      1. Thanks. I had a good time walking around the block looking at the scenary. I had to walk in the grass, because I do not have shoes, boots to walk on ice. I always see people up north walking fast. Must be a lifetime of practice.
        This weekend it will be in the 70’s!!!

        1. We walk so fast because it’s FREAKIN COLD. Yesterday, I thought my face would freeze and fall off during my short walks from the car to buildins. HORRID.

          They also make these things called Yak Tracks – which are little spikey things you can wear on your shoes.

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  4. Keith, I don’t recall ever seeing such a tepid response to the conclusion of a SOTU address. And yet, there were something like 80 applause interruptions during the ‘speech’. Go figure! They must have had OFA volunteers holding up applause signs.

    It’s probably a good thing that Obama got out of town today. The switchboard must be lighting up like a Christmas tree with negative feedback.

  5. Kudos to those who watched the speechifier. You all deserve combat pay. As life would have it, I watched a delightful show on Animal Planet filmed in Madagascar, while consumed with a dandy of a head cold, intermittent bouts of coughing my brain cells into clumps of tissues and drifting in and out of sleep.

    Poor, moderate Dems, who voted for obamacare. No pity party from me. I suggest they book a trip to Molokai, where a leper (Hansens Disease) colony is still up and running.

    1. I watched the Capitals-Sabres game over on NBCSN. Hockey, at least, has the virtue of being unpredictable television. The usual tubthumping from King Barry the Wicked, not so much.

  6. Breaking News:

    More bad news for Preezy.

    Ray Boyer, aka Gay Ray, Obama’s high school pot dealer who he thanked for the ‘good times’ was beaten to death with a hammer by his gay lover after fights over flatulence and drugs/

    The murder occurred in 1986 but the details are just now being revealed:

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