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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10:10 am || Tours Costco; Lanham, Maryland
10:25 am || Makes remarks on the minimum wage; Costco, Lanham, Maryland
11:20 am || Departs Joint Base Andrews for Pittsburgh
12:15 pm || Arrives Pittsburgh
1:20 pm || Tours U.S. Steel Irvin Plant; West Miffin, Pennsylvania
1:45 pm || Delivers remarks on Retirement; U.S. Steel Irvin Plant
3:10 pm || Departs Pittsburgh
4:20 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern
WHD will live stream the SOTU

18 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 29, 2014”

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  1. PotUS knows jack for someone who spends so much time speechifying about and visiting working people, but what should we expect from one who has never had to work for anything in his exalted life?

  2. Elsewhere…

    Robert Laity has filed an eligibility challenge against President Obama, and the case is awaiting cert at the Supreme Court. The docket number is 13-875–no, really–and the name of the case is Laity v. New York. The justices have to move on it before 2/24. I doubt this gets cert, but it does bear watching.

    We know the liberals won’t go near this, and I doubt Roberts will touch it, either. That leaves Thomas, Alito, Scalia, and Kennedy, and it only takes one “nay” from any of them to quash this. I’m pessimistic on this case, but will pass it along as something to keep an eye on.

    One thing about the Court: they tend to decline cases in a hurry, so no news is usually good news. Let’s see what happens.

  3. “1:45 pm || Delivers remarks on Retirement; U.S. Steel Irvin Plant”

    Oh, this entry got me ALL excited! Sigh! “Only” three years to go!

  4. But he’d never travel to a Walmart where they just announced a healthcare plan for their employees that rivals or betters Obamacare.

    I bet he’s really going to Costco to buy a big screen TV for the Super Bowl and to load up on pigs in a blanket for Michelle to serve at their party. But wait, if Obama wouldn’t want his son to PLAY football, does it make him a hypocrite to watch Sunday?

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