In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Sunday Open Thread || January 26, 2014

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  1. I just saw Allen West on Fox. The topic was the Pentagon relaxes rules on religous apparel and facial hair. Allen West on Fox this morning said the turban and long facial hair will get in the way of protective helmets and face masks.

    1. Perhaps the beard and turban wearers believe that Allah will protect them from poisonous gasses and bullets or shrapnel aimed at their heads.

      1. I agree. West made the point that there are restrictions in the military. If you weigh to much you cannot get in. West said he could not get a certain position because he was not tall enough. I have long hair. I do not see woman in the military with their hair hanging over their shoulders, and blowing in the wind as I do. However they are going to disregard the rules for them.

          1. So, why the need to allow turbans unless it’s an attempt to conceal a movement to allow Muslims to wear their beards? Remember Nidal Hasan’s beard during his trial?

          2. The military command bows to the wishes of this President and the Progressive Party. You would think that for a man and a Party who brook no breach from the ideology of Progressivism they would understand the lockstep needed to function as a unified force.

            The purpose of the military defending the country and the constitution is being hacked away in service of the ideological state.

          3. Here’s the wording of one part of the policy:

            From now on, troops’ requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and be denied only “if it is determined that the needs of mission accomplishment outweigh the needs of the Service member,” according to the new policy.

            “Each request must be considered based on its unique facts; the nature of the requested religious accommodation; the effect of approval or denial on the Service member’s exercise of religion; and the effect of approval or denial on mission accomplishment, including unit cohesion,” the policy states.


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  2. I just read an article by
    It is regarding the US Chamber of Commerce. Last year they poured more than 52 million into K Street Lobbying efforts on behalf of illegal aliens amnesty, Fed Ed Common Core Programs, and increased Fed spending.
    I still believe the Government shoud print a list of where all Tax money is spent. Than a list of all money given to the government, and or programs.

    1. Lee, it does exist. I can’t fathom how many more programs and money since 2005.
      Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA),

      Total Funding: $1,974,042,215,000
      Funding Programs:1607

      And includes such programs as of 2005 $1 million for:

      US Federal Government Agency
      Department of the Interior , U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service
      CFDA #: 15.620

      Purpose of this program:

      To provide financial assistance to any organization or individual responsible for African elephant conservation, and any organization or individual with experience in African elephant conservation, for approved elephant conservation projects to support research, conservation, management and protection of African elephants.

      1. Hi Sadie. I have comment down below in moderation jail. It is a response to MM and the ny time piece on McCains censure. The last sentence in the article was about abolishing statewide election of senators.

        What you have pointed out is a great example of why. Once Senators were on the statewide ballot, they naturally started to work in their own self-interest; i.e., reelection as opposed to the interests of their State. The result is the pork spending as they bring home the bacon to ensure reelection.

        1. GG
          Washington is ultimately the largest pig sty imaginable. They start off as cute and pink sows and grow into feral hogs by feeding off the electorate, lobbyists and special interests. They feed on ‘greenbacks’ like weeds that need to be destroyed.
          Unless and until there are term limits in every state- nothing will change.

  3. There are two ways of looking at a major city; as a mechanical matter of buildings, streets and sewers to be maintained or as a social problem of misbehaving people. The mayors of the mechanical city understand that they need to clean the streets, but the mayors of the social problem think they have to fix the people.


    aywalking is as much a part of New York as salty pretzels and the carriage horses of Central Park. While Bill de Blasio claimed to be inspired by Mayor La Guardia, the latter had an entirely different view of the relationship between the people and the city government.

    “I prefer the happiness of our unorganized imperfection to the organized perfection of other countries,” La Guardia said after vetoing a jaywalking bill, and added, referencing the growing fascism in Germany that was then admired by many progressives, “Broadway is not Unter den Linden.”


      1. Thanks for the clip. I was so disapointed when I heard about the failure of certain streets not tended to. It reminded me of the mayor of N.O. who didn’t know anything about procedures of Hurricanes, or did not follow the procedures.

          1. Word of caution: he’s a flaiming Prog. However, his writing is strong. His ability to paint a word picture of nature is amazing.

  4. Speaking of Fox News, just saw Chris Wallace mention he’s read the SOTU speech and it’s just like the ones Obama speechified in 2012 and 2013 after reviewing those transcripts.

    So Republican bashing it is ! Nothing is ever Obama’s fault ! Maybe this will be the year the GOPers stand up and walk out. :D

  5. More intimidation by FCMABBHO’s administration:

    The Commerce Department is acting very nervous about the investigation into the falsification of economic statistics.
    Last Thursday, the House Oversight Committee, headed by Rep. Darrell Issa (R- Calif.), interviewed the first witness in its probe — a whistle-blower who alleges that Commerce’s Census Bureau did a lot of nasty stuff to the economic stats that most of the world holds so dear.

    As the whistle-blower was being questioned in the Rayburn House Office Building, two guys from Commerce’s General Counsel office — very much uninvited — barged into the hearing.


    Other allegations were that this enumerator, Julius Buckmon, wasn’t the only one playing with the surveys and that — when caught — Buckmon said the orders to falsify data came from higher-ups.


    There was also a pervasive feeling around the Philly office that someone wanted the jobless figures during 2012 presidential election year to behave.


  6. Pfeiffer is on FNS saying the reason Obama will act outside of the legislative branch is because of the Republican Congress. Sleight of hand or outright lie. meverthing dies in Harry Reid ‘s cemetery.

    The argument goes — the Republicans fight Obamacare – therefore the Republican Party is obstructive and the reason why nothing gets done.

    Of course Wallace let’s Pfeiffer do this.

    And Pfeiffer makes it clear The Little Sisters Of The Poor are still fair game.

    1. I just read that Obama intends to rule by decree through all the agencies he has created. This is the fourth branch of government which some pundits have talked about recently. Bureaucracies like the IRS which are a law unto themselves and make their own laws without review. These means need to be brought to the highest courts because they are unconstitutional or extra-constitutional. The establishment GOP will not do it.

      1. It’s just gobsmacking that Obama and his minions like Pfeiffer can go out and announce that they are making an end run around the “Republican” Congress and they are not challenged on air or print. There is so very little concern.

        Heck, at this point the Vichy look like they actually fought.

          1. Funny. But so sadly true.

            I was thinking — what really bothers me about the casual air with which the Mike Wallaces of the world allow such misrepresentation as the “Republican Congress” is that, and I mean this with no condescension, a vast majority of Americans do not know or care that there is a Senate and a House and that the Dems are the majority in the Senate and Repubs in the House. And even if they do, they do not understand or care to understand the procedure of legislation, the function of either body, etc. So when
            Pfeiffer is allowed obstructive Republican Congress, the public is more sympathetic to Obama’s power grab.

            Gotta’ hand it to the Dems, they do not mistake the vast majority of Americans as informed or even engaged in the process. And they will win over and over because of that and because no one is willing to stand up and sound the alarm. Instead, we get Mike Wallace, pandering.

            I am not making light of, nor am I slandering anyone with the whole history of WWII Germany, but up to a certain point — well beyond the danger point — I do not find it difficult to believe that many German

          2. citizens did not know the evils of the regime. Either by choice or ignorance.

            Single individuals often change the course of history. But they are not unaided.

          3. One of our old neighbors was a former Nazi pilot. He told many stories of Hitler, too many really. But what struck me was that he said people loved Hitler because he gave them what they asked for. People wanted health care, he gave them health care. Same with food, jobs, and so on. I think many really did not know the evils that awaited.

          4. Julie — About the VW. My Dad was stationed in Nuremberg late 50s – early 60s. My sister learned to drive family VW bug — it was green — on Nazi Party Stadium rally grounds. We have pix.

            As the world spins.

    2. Obama’s rule of thumb is: “If the Congress doesn’t do exactly what I want them to do, and pronto, I will once again circumvent the US Constitution to get my way.” He got the idea from an old Benito Mussolini biography.

      1. OR, since he’s truly not smart or well-read-enough himself to know/figure this out, one of his just-out-of-grad-school-speechwriters did. His speechwriters probably googled it.
        I doubt that the o has ever read anything from any old or new Benito bio.
        I know we know that he CAN read, because he turns his head at appropriate intervals when he “reads” the teleprompter.
        Okay: so we know he can read. It’s a start.

  7. Topic: SOTU (The Drinking Game)

    Now I’m not promoting drinking per se. Rather, coping skills to deal with the inevitably unbearable SOTU speech teachering. We need to get organized! We need action! And we need RULES if there is any chance of surviving the night. It’s all about balance.

    Rules to loose and one could over do it then with an absent mind agree to almost anything. Rules to tight and you risk a rough morning wiping orange dots off the tv the next day (gratuitous Cheetos reference).

    Perhaps first, when to drink with the assumption consumption is still a personal choice. Will it be any reference to “folks”? Equality? “…well…uh…”? Or just the classics: “let me be clear” and “make no mistake”? Do we have a bonus round for references to FOX News, extreme (anything), or “…what I said was…”? Spoiler alert on the last one: lie to follow.

    1. I predict the new phrase will involve something about Congress holding America hostage with his ideas. As for the drinking phrase, I think the most uttered will be “let me be clear”.

      I will not, however, be participating in the drinking game. Because, in the vein of “I have a pen…” , Mr. President, I have a remote…

      1. “I will not, however, be participating in the drinking game. Because, in the vein of “I have a pen…” , Mr. President, I have a remote…”


      2. LOL
        I also have a Pen, he keeps forgetting we also have a brain.
        If he was talking to only cardboard figures he would do a lot better.
        We need to start taking turns listening to him for a second, is very upsetting. I have to go outside and enjoy something as peaceful as a bird in a tree after making my self stop and listen to him.

    2. I’ll be sitting out this episode of the prime time soap opera, “One Country to Destroy”. That is unless Mark Levin plans to cover it with his most excellent color commentary. It’s all just bread and circuses for the true believers.

    3. Another new Obama phrase is “ladders of opportunity” because income equality isn’t polling well. I won’t listen to this man. I may read a transcript later but no matter what, it will be the same Republicans are bad, war on women, blah, blah, blah..

      1. Thanks for putting those up. MSM will gratuitously post this as it shows dissent and confusion in the GOP. One passage of note in the NYT article: At the meeting, the state Republican committee members also voted their support for abolishing a 1913 amendment to the U.S. Constitution that enshrined direct election of senators by the public, said a spokesman.

        This was the last sentence in the article and a key observation. Once Senators were on the statewide ballot, they naturally started to work in their own self-interest; i.e., reelection as opposed to the interests of their State. The result is the pork explosion as they bring home the bacon to ensure reelection.

      2. These are the very same people who were pushing hard back in 2000 for McCain to be the GOP candidate. They actually succeeded in 2008.

        (And now these same people are pushing Christie in 2016)

    1. In the minds of the MSM, it’s all about the GOP ‘eating it’s own’, when the message really is …step away from the Senate, John McCain, and you’re next Jeff Flake, unless you get the message…….

      1. There’s a new issue.

        Edward Snowden is not just dividing the Democratic Party between progressives and the president. Over the weekend, a public skirmish broke out between Republicans over the government’s mass collection of the communications records of U.S. citizens.

        On Saturday, seven former Bush era intelligence officials and a Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee blasted the Republican National Committee (RNC) for passing a resolution that called for the blanket repeal of what it considered “blanket surveillance” of Americans. The resolution has also been criticized Rep. Peter King, the Republican from New York who has been an outspoken defender of the NSA and is a former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. SNIP

        1. Why aren’t Attorneys, Doctors, etc protesting this in huge numbers? I am still surprised that a lot of citizens just allow this to happen.
          I do not care for anyone listening to a conversation between my mom and I over what we cooked for dinner. It is my private conversation.
          The attorney’s and doctors are discussing very private information.
          I have said it before the enemies of this Country are laughing their head off, watching us change.

          1. I just want to know how many terrorist attacks have been prevented, how many terrorist cells have been broken up, using this surveillance.

          2. It was more than PC in my opinion, Mandy. It was dereliction of duty. Hasan communicated via email with the Virginia based imam who shepherded the first 9/11 terrorists. The contents of those emails were known in advance of the massacre. The federal leviathan knew Hasan was a ticking timebomb yet they kept promoting him, eventually sending him to the troop processing center of Ft. Hood, Texas where he committed his atrocities. Then the prosecution was prevented from using testimony of his cries of ‘allah akbar’ as he mowed down his fellow servicemembers. There was no mention of the word terrorism anywhere to be found. In the annals of history, the case of Nidal Hasan will forever be remembered as “workplace violence” and nothing more. No doubt some bureaucrat working in Ministry of Truth has already sent the file on the Fort Hood jihadist down the Memory Hole for processing.

          3. Susan, the dereliction of duty was based on the PC mindset. This mentality did not emerge on 1/20/09; it’s been inculcated in every single aspect of our society for quite some time.

            I’m all for a kinder society, a more aware society. But, as I think you’ll agree, it’s gone too far.

    2. Drudge has a picture of McCain ‘pow-wowing’ with Soros in Davos. I am not surprised at the NYT and the WaPo covering the McCain story. Branding him a liberal in the Republican Party makes him in their eyes one of the few good Republicans.

  8. I wonder, does he also think the illegal aliens convicted of crimes also have earned the right to become a US citizen? Each day the news from DC gets crazier…

    Speaking at the United States Conference of Mayors on Friday, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the approximately 11 million people who are in the country illegally have “earned the right to be citizens.”

    1. Due to their dire circumstances sometimes the only choice these poor illegals of the shadows are forced to commit crimes. But once granted the mantle of Americans they will change.

      or Who cares.

    2. What ‘Jeh’ doesn’t understand is that the majority of illegals have no interest in citizenship, learning to speak English, or availing themselves of the education that we provide them for free.
      Their allegiance is to Mexico. Period. They are not interested in dual citizenship.
      The stumbling block on passing immigration reform apparently is the ‘path to citizenship’. The big ‘compromise’ will come in
      ‘stages’. Obama inferred that he will take anything that Congress has to offer as a starting point …because HE knows the first step – provisional legal status – is the name of the game.
      Is Boehner & Co. that dense – that stupid – or are they all playing us for fools? I say the latter.

      1. Girly, it’s not the density of politicians – it’s the electorate or better yet the ‘degenerate.’ The header sums it up. Long ago and before 24/7 TV and internet Mr. & Mrs. John Doe read their local paper and in most large cities there was more than one. We’re long gone from that era. Most of them turn on the evening news for the 15-second sound bites and believe they are informed. They quickly switch to some reality show with or without dancing and retreat.

        People Are Ignorant of News – Blog Readers Have Superior Knowledge

  9. Quote of the Day:
    Matthew Dowd on THIS WEEK discussing who will be sitting in the Gallery next to FLINO at the SOTU:

    “I think the First Lady should have an empty chair in her box to represent the millions of Americans who have been left out of the partisan political process in Washington DC and who have felt absent from any economic gain over the last generation, and who feel that they don’t have their voices heard.”

  10. Not to start a panic, but I’m picking up chatter in some quarters that I’m not sure I want to believe.

    It involves the Super Bowl. I’m going to be a little coy about the details, but I will say this: if the first half of the third quarter goes by without incident, then my source has it wrong, and you can disregard this post. But if what I’m hearing does indeed happen during that time, I’ll post what I have as soon as I see it.

    I emphasize, this could be nothing, and I hope and pray my source is way off base here. Again: first half of the third quarter. If nothing happens, forget I ever wrote this. Otherwise, well…let’s just say I hope there is no “otherwise.”

    1. Now I may have to actually watch the game and not just eat the food and socialize! Sounds like I should be hoping that you are very wrong!

      1. Mandy, trust me on this, all you need to know right now, is the timing, for confirmation or denial’s sake. I am not saying anything more than that at this time.

        If I’m wrong, you don’t want to know what I saw. If I’m right, I will show you everything.

        I just hope my source on this was off base. Their track record isn’t pristine, which is why I’m only giving the “when.”

        I want to be wrong. If I am, then someday, you will be glad you weren’t worrying about this all week the way I’m going to be.

          1. Someone (not me) already has. That’s part of what I hope I don’t have to post.

            But let me advance this much: security around that stadium is going to be tighter than a military installation. That’s not exactly a state secret. I’m guessing, a priori, that the authorities are going to be going over every square millimeter of that building several times this week to make sure nothing’s amiss.

            So can we agree that if that’s the case, then whatever happens in that building, happens because the government allows it to?

            I hope I’m wrong. I really, really do.

  11. Arianna Huffington has her own sugar daddy—Nicolas Berggruen, a German-born billionaire who has just provided her with the big money for a new global media venture, The World Post.


    Echoing the view that America is in decline under President Obama, the home page of the Berggruen organization openly declares, “The great transition of our time is from American-led globalization” to “the interdependence of plural identities,” as “the dominance of the West recedes with the rise of the rest.”


  12. I have a feeling that some in the administration and in the Obot media are hoping there is an incidence at the Sochi Olympics to embarrass V. Putin. Maybe I’m too cynical, but I hope no such thing happens for the sake of the athletes and the crowds. They just seem to be hyping the fear factor.

    1. Considering the naval resources we’ve sent in order to extract our people, I don’t think it’s hype. There is at least one Black Widow crawling around the grounds.

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