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  1. God morgon,Julie and Girly, I was probably sound asleep when you called but here I am.
    I read about that new Ambassador and I have to say that it is one great gaffe for him not to know about Framskrittspartiets success in the last Norwegian election. And if you are unaware of that you are also probably unaware about the enormous debates going on in Europe about immigration. Similar parties ( mostly anti-islamic, anti unlimited immigration of Asians-Africans, anti EU ) are established in many European countries even if the political establishments and the mainstream media do all they can to stop them and label them with “racism”. We have election this year in Sweden and it will, for once, be a very exciting event.
    But ( and now I am a tad conspiratorial ) maybe Barry wants to insult Norway with an uneducated ambassador as NSA has found out that the Nobel committe is discussing Snowden as their candidate for the Peace Prize . Oh, please hand it over to him ! I would love to see Barrys reactions on that. And it would provide that young brave American with much needed protection.

    • As soon as you have completed your chores. ;o)

      Have missed you with all the recent topics. Eager to hear your insights. What with Norway being a stones throw away. (I never get caught in remediation but this is my second attempt for this response)

    • It may not have to. I’m hearing whisperings that Sheriff Joe is going to drop one heck of a legal bombshell sometime in March. Operation American Spring hits two months later.

      Interesting times…

      • I cannot go to Washington D.C. There are suggestions of going to the VFW. Should I call them to arrange to meet with them, or ask if there is anything I can do, such as flyers, etc.?

        • Get the word out. It doesn’t matter how, as long as you know they’re on the side of the angels. American Legion, VFW, Oath Keepers, churches (they’ll be targeted next, with those inconvenient-to-the-Left morals and such), whoever you have to, but get the word out.

          And once May gets here, let’s let those Beltway pinheads see the real America, for once in their lives.

        • Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County, Arizona. One of the genuine good guys in government, no lie. If he ran for President, I would volunteer for his campaign, and I normally stay on the sidelines in the lost-cause state of Maryland.

          As for what he’s supposedly going to say, I’m going to be a little coy about that for now. I don’t have anything substantive right now, just some back-channel whispers around a few corners of the ‘net that I can’t corroborate, yet. I’ll have more as I’m able to confirm it from the “front” channels, so to speak.

          • Hey, Darkangel, didn’t know you were a fellow resident of MD, the “Free (unless you live there) State”. How much longer until you leave? I’m counting the months until retirement, then it’s off to redder pastures.

    • A lot of that depends on whether we are successful in taking the senate back OldTimer.
      When we took the house back in 2010, Obama just about wet his pants.

    • Good morning Keith, I tried twice, to post a comment about an article from the It did not post. It has been several weeks since this has happened.
      If it is my turn not to get on the tread, that is OK. I enjoy your articles and everyone’s views in the mean time.

      • I will try one more time with my post.
        Please pull up the article at the
        It is regarding A Catholic organazation won’t have to comply with O Care contraception madate untill a final decision has been made on the case.
        I wanted to remind them of Seperation of Church and State.

          • Some people may not be Catholic, but this being should be of interest for everyone. It would be the same invasion of seperation of church and state if the government told Jewish men they cannot where a Kippah.

          • Only Obama could go after a group called the Little Sisters of the Poor — old nuns taking care of the poor and the elderly and get away with it. That should tell us all something about the character of the American Left.

          • It is very comforting to me to see that someone.anyone, gets beyond their own personal biases/faiths, to realize what is going on with this administration. Most of my friends are Catholic, so all they can see is how awful the Catholics are.
            FOOLS: even if the Catholics are awful, THERE’S SOMETHING MORE AT STAKE HERE. I get so fatigued/depressed at those fools who cannot see beyond their own mads and biases, so it’s a real joy to read someone who sees beyond him/herself. Thank you.

  2. Bill O’Reilly is going to interview Obama prior to the Super Bowl. O’Reilly has asked his viewers to submit questions for him to ask The One. There are plenty of things we would like to know about HRH (assuming he will answer truthfully). One question would be:
    Your day typically begins at 10 a.m. and ends in the early afternoon. How do you justify your massive salary and perks? Will you send the IRS to harass the person who asked this question?

  3. Great article yesterday on Best of the Web about double down De Blasé and who is and who is not welcome in New York.

    Now the mayor of NYC might be a stretch for White House Dossier, but Cuomo will probably run in 2016 or is surely on the short list for VP. From the article: “Cuomo’s statement was a gaffe, though one suspects it was a Kinsley gaffe, an inadvertent disclosure of his true feelings. De Blasio’s endorsement of it, by contrast, was unquestionably purposeful.”

    There is some good snark in there, as well as, an interesting reference to recent research: “…Haidt’s research suggests that many liberals really do believe that conservatives are heartless bastards–or as a friend of mine once remarked, “Conservatives think that liberals are good people with bad ideas, whereas liberals think conservatives are bad people”–and very liberal people think that especially strongly.”

    So much for tolerance and understanding eh? BTW, Ticket Prices for the Super Bowl seem to be dropping. Do we blame Global Warming or are there some “folks” that don’t feel welcome anymore? (Yeah, I know the NY Giants actually play in NJ.)

    • GG: Thanks for link and summary.

      To Haidt’s research, I’ll add this succinct quote I read somewhere in a comment section.

      “Communism and Fascism are both far left, and always have been. Only individual liberty is on the right.”

      • Maybe you can help me out as I’m still confused about communism and fascisim esp with references to the right as jack-booted thugs in reference to the above. Near as I can tell, the results are similar but the difference is in the control of the means of production.

        Communism the means of productions controlled by the state. With fascism the means of production are controlled by the few; i.e., oligarchy. If so, there seems to be a wide difference in understanding about who is and isn’t a Fascist.

      • A diagram I’ve sometimes seen shows communism and fascism at the two ends of an incomplete circle rather than at two ends of a straight line. In that case individual liberty is not on the right but diametrically (literally) opposite the two.

        • That makes sense. I been stuck trying to diagram a linear progression from maximum gvmt (dictator) to minimum/no gvmt (anarchy). Ok….Wheels churning and it’s hard to see the keyboard with all this smoke coming out of my ears.

    • Great link, Guillermo. Dinner table discussion at our house last night came up with a comparison of the extreme left’s attack on conservatives to the McCarthy era what with all the indictments cropping up lately, both the legal ones and the generalized, blanket ones of De Blahblah and Cuomo.

      • Yup. This has been a concern of mine all along with the way the MSM portrays “news”. We know to check the facts but the MSM is touting the 73% win by de Blasé as a repudiation of the TEA Party. In reality, he won 7% of the voting population.

        Point is, the left oversteps their rhetoric at the peril of the nation.

      • Lucky you have dinner table discussions: there’s an embargo on us re “dinner table discussions” from all our kids- no one will speak to why. And I was brought up on politics.
        I’m forced to agree with JFK, who, I understand, looked out of the Oval Office Window at all those young’uns demonstrating below, and said, famously, “Time is on our side.”

  4. GET OUT THE POPCORN! The first cage match has begun.

    De Blasio Pre-K Tax Called A Charade For Unions…It’s Not About Pre-K, It’s About Redistribution

    So understand, De Blasio is actually turning down the State paying for pre-K, what De Blasio claims he wants. Just to make it clear that it is just an excuse to redistribute, which is the real point, not the pre-K. The clash between Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio over pre-K funding is turning into an all-out brawl, with allies of the governor claiming the mayor is pushing higher taxes to fund new contracts for his labor buddies, sources told The Post. “We’re hearing chatter from people that de B…

    • When both my son’s were three and four years of age. They both went to day care. They both received outstanding pre-school classes that I paid for. They were both reading at three. When it was time for my 2nd son to enter kindegarden, I pulled him out of the public school and placed him back in the day-care. They had an official pre-school as well as kindegarden. The reason the public school class did not teach as much as the day-care. That I paid for. I did not call my public official and ask/tell them for the government to pay for it. I worked but chose jobs at the time that had less hours and less pay than I was qualified for. I chose that so I would be closer to my kids, and have less commute time. Also so I had more time in the afternoon.
      The public school system needs to be fixed as it is. They want to add another class when they cannot compete with schools all over the world. Why: They took away discipline!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Teachers are be cursed at by third graders. Their parents threatening the school if their kids are corrected. Finally I mentioned this at an earier thread. My son was punished for raising his hand, as well as his classmate for explaining how Hitler came into power after the teacher had explained the wrong facts.

  5. God morgen, swedishlady. We always try to tip-toe quietly when you are sleeping.
    The incompetence and race-baiting of the Obama administration is far-reaching, vis a vis the new Ambassador. He hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it is a fait accompli.
    Your theory about Snowden and the Nobel Peace Prize is intriguing! I had no idea he was being considered. What a blow to Obama if that should happen! Let us pray!

    Re immigration: Just yesterday, I read that an illegal alien who was one day short of being deported got on a bus in Norway and killed all three people aboard the bus. I believe he was from Ethiopia.
    Illegal Immigration is a universal problem and our voices are being suppressed. Much more, I believe, here in the U.S. We’re on the brink of amnesty, aka permanent legal status.\
    Obamacare and Amnesty – the end of the line for the U.S.


      • Girly, you apparently removed your slippers, I slept so well and wasn´t disturbed at all, thank you.
        Well, I know that Snowden has been suggested for the prize but it is uncertain whether the committe will have the guts enough to hand it to him. Norway is a small but fairly independent country ( has oil, is rich, not member of the EU ) but it can still be hurt by a mean White House bent on revenge. But, like you, I still hope and pray for Snowden.

        • Will be following the Snowden Nobel speculation and your insight into the situation closely, swedishlady. As you probably know, Jill Abramson of the NYT has recommended clemency for him. I just hope he doesn’t return to the US as long as Obama is in charge. We don’t want a dead hero !

    • Yahoo News featured the Castro boys from San Antonio. They are the rising stars of the Democratic Party. They are identical twins. One is mayor and the other is a House Representative. They believe that Sen Cruz is an extremist. I believe people who spend other people’s money that they do not have are extremist.

      • We have had our coldest winter down here in Louisiana. It was so cold yesterday. Schools were closed. Part of the interstate was closed, as well as bridges.
        I had to wear two pairs of pants it was so cold.
        The last thing I was concerned with, was Global Warming.
        I think they need to start a new project, like improve our school system, without the Common Core Mess.

    • If the GOP has any sense left, they’ll run with Walker. If they’re looking for someone to be the un-Obama or the un-Clinton, Walker is it. Deeds over words. And if Walker does go against Clinton, it will be a case of the Tortoise and the Hare. Hare Hillary is going to burn out before the end of the race.

      • I think the libs should all through their panties out, and instead of attacking the Republicans that will be running, they will need to spend their time explaining the list from Benghazi, and so on.
        I do not respect any of them untill they start reading what they vote on, and stand up for our Constitution.

    • Walker has already been through the leftist baptism of fire. If they haven’t brought him down yet, unlikely that we will succeed in doing so. I have not read his book, Unintimidated, yet but intend to. What I do recall in reading about it is how the unintimidated applied not only to himself but his family also. You will recall the leftist mobs at his home.

      And I think I like a Walker/Rand Paul ticket. Walker to manage and execute and Rand Paul to deal with liberty, states rights, smaller government. Walker is acceptable to establishment and tea party and Paul will help with the independents/libertarians.

      The illegals and unions and the “Democrat no matter” what African Americans and will oppose every candidate. And no matter what the War on Women will continue unabated — even if we ran a woman the feminists will vote Democrat. The thing about Hillary is that this is her last hurrah and she will use every dirty trick in the book and call in every one of her considerable chips. She will be a token, just like she was as SOS, and we will be running against the Leftist Progressives Machine that Barack Obama represents.

      As an aside, my bet is on Gowdy for sure and a few other “conservatives” going squish on immigration.

      • Like that ticket! You are the one who said that Hillary always lets her dogs loose too soon. She’s doing it already. God willing, people will be sick and tired of her by November 2016 and hungering for a decent and accomplished human being just once.

  6. I read a short while ago that the voters have never been more disappointed in their incumbents. Only 46% support their representatives. It makes me optimistic that the conservatives will prevail.

  7. How does Obama get away with all this corruption and using govt means to take out opponents? Dinesh D’Souza was released on $500,000 bond and with travel restrictions. Murderers sometimes get out on less than that.

    • Short version

      What is Big Block of Cheese Day? It’s a take on TV’s “The West Wing.” The White House explains:

      In 1837, President Jackson hosted an open house featuring a 1,400-pound block of cheese. On Wednesday, January 29th, with a nod to history (and maybe the TV show the West Wing), White House officials will take to social media for a day long ‘open house’ to answer questions from everyday Americans.

      although I still don’t know what the WW has to do with it. Perhaps they did an episode. Either way I doubt the open house will include any questions from conservatives, Republicans, etc.

  8. nidentified hackers took aim at the federal court system Friday, blocking access to its public website while preventing lawyers and litigants from filing legal documents online.
    The incident affected, the federal court’s public hub, as well as most if not all federal court sites — not to mention the federal court system’s electronic filing system and its access page, PACER, a spokesman for the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts said Friday.

  9. D’Souza is in the midst of making his follow-up to 2016, a documentary called America that is set for release July 4. Sources say D’Souza had planned to head from New York to Oklahoma to shoot re-creations of American historical events, and insiders say those plans probably won’t need to be changed in light of D’Souza’s travel restrictions.


    D’Souza is set to debate Bill Ayers on Thursday at Dartmouth College, and insiders say the schedule will be kept despite the filmmaker’s new travel restrictions. Ayers is the former far-left activist-fugitive who co-founded the Weather Underground, which bombed public buildings four decades ago. In 2008, Sarah Palin made headlines when she accused Obama of “palling around with terrorists,” a reference to the president and Ayers having served on Chicago education boards together. Parts of the Ayers-D’Souza debate are expected to appear in America.

  10. Welcome to the Twilight Zone. Do not attempt to adjust your monitors:

    Exclusive: Hollywood Brainstorms ‘Portraying ObamaCare in TV & Film’

    According to an email invitation sent out by the Writers Guild East and obtained by Breitbart News, members of the Hollywood elite and the Obama Administration will be gathering in the middle of next month for a panel titled, “The Affordable Care Act: Comedy, Drama & Reality – Portraying ObamaCare in TV & Film.” Julie Green Bataille, a director at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), will represent the Obama administration.

  11. In light of Obama’s witchhunts against his conservative critics like Gov. Bob McDonnell and his quest-for-luxury-items wifey (approx. 150k worth of “gifts” from a millionaire friend). I decided to look into some Maui luxury vacation property …..

    This is really high end, about 80k for 10 days. I think Oprah’s estate would be worth much more in rental value? Obama did award Oprah a medal, MO got a free 10 day vacay at Oprah’s. Is this not the same at “favors” provided the Va. Gov and his wife? Not a dime of taxpayer money was used either. Do we know if the Obamas paid for the security and travel to Maui from Oahu? And the security to lockdown the roads surrounding Oprah’s home?

    I’m all for busting up corruption in Government, even when the good guys get caught, they should know better and not above the law either. What frosts my cake is that I think the Obama’s are getting away with way more corruption and “favors” than these chump change amateurs are getting caught at.

    • re: MrsO guesting at Oprah’s Hawaiian mansion
      Unless there was some quid pro quo involving money or gifts, it would be considered nothing more than a ‘visit” by a friend.
      I recall that MrsO and her family ‘visited’ a billionaire’s chalet at some ski resort, and made other ‘visits’ to other billionaire’s beach houses in California.

      Unless there was some corrupting motive, I’d rather the O’s ‘visit’ private homes where they’re less likely to disrupt local business or private citizens in their daily lives. If the Bush family could spend vacations at their own or other family homes, and Camp David, then all Presidential families should do the same. The O’s are wealthy enough to “rent” their own home in some mild climate for the duration of their tenure.

      They can flit, fly, and flutter all over the world once they’re out of office.

      • Just wondering what their billionaire “friends” got in return? It’s not like they pal’d around with these people as friends pre-08 ?

        I do remember one chalet they used, the owners went elsewhere :)

  12. Here is a blog I go to some times with my eyes wide open. People have varying opinions of it, but I have found it to be dead on and useful in looking at the inner workings of the State Department on Benghazi. This discusses Gregory Hicks’ defense of Chris Stevens — since some on the left have suggested that he was in some way responsible for his own death — as well as communication regarding security. Some of you might find it interesting.

    This is no rabid conservative blog.

      • Yes, I believe he was. He has been thorough with Hillary’s role and responsibility and that is one of the reasons I stick with reading his Benghazi stuff. I pick and choose.

        On thing he is not is pro Saudi.

    • I like Larry Johnson, although I am not a regular reader due to time comstraints. He is/was a regular on the John Batchelor show (one of my favorites). Unfortunately, the show is not carried in my locale anymore. There are podcasts available if one has the time.

        • Then you might like this. I was just closing down my computer and read this thread at AOS about being poor — media poor versus the reality of poor. The post is interesting, (I am not sure I agree with the conclusion) but what is really interesting is the comments. Just some real talk.

          It is long. I just kept it open and went back to it. I think it’s worth the share and the read.

  13. From Slate, a site that usually loves FCMABBHO:

    According to Bloomberg, as of last summer, “At least 26 of Obama’s current and nominated ambassadors were major Democratic campaign contributors, giving a total of at least $13.6 million to him, the Democratic Party, and congressional candidates, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.”

    Obama’s is hardly the first administration to reward donors this way, though he may be raising the practice to a new level. According to the American Foreign Service Association, 36.6 percent of Obama’s ambassadorial appointments have been political appointees. That’s compared with 30.02 percent for George W. Bush, 27.82 percent for Bill Clinton, and 31.3 percent for the first President Bush.

      • Mandy, a big photo there of Fremskrittspartiets leader Siv Jensen. Interesting that so many of these new anti-immigration/islamism parties leaders or founders are women, for example Martine LePen in France and Pia Kjersgaard in Denmark. It´s often claimed that the followers are angry young and old men but I am not so sure of that. Perhaps men are more visible in the more violent new parties, for example the one in Greece, young men battle in the streets. In my own country many men are visible in their support for SverigeDemokraterna (with all male leaders ). This new anti-immigration/islamism party has made it to the Parliament and is making all the other parties nervous about the upcoming election. Same situation in Britain, just listen to Camerons new rethoric.
        So, things are happening in old Europe.

    • Usually the BIG and BEST allies get qualified political appointees, Norway deserves better than that Tsunis guy. How hard would it be to look at a wiki page? LOL.

      Congress approves them, sigh.

  14. The Dems are fussing about Huckabee’s comment: woman can’t control their libido.
    The Dems need to get off of his back. I want to see the
    Dems furious about Benghazi, Fast and Furious and the list that follows.

    • Getting into the realm of a woman’s libido is not where anyone needs to go. Kinda creepy. He should have stuck with the abortion issue and that woman – the abortion Barbie.
      That said, the backlash was ridiculous.

    • He should have worded his statement more carefully but I agree with him that the Dems insult women. It amazes me that those women want to keep the government out of their reproductive choices yet at the same time want the government to give them free birth control pills.

      • He made the point well. Yes he could have used another word, but it caught the attention of everyone. He gets slammed for a word. However this administration came up with alot of words when trying to cover their self after Benghazi and The List of everything else. The