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WH Defends Witless Ambassador Pick

The White House is standing by George Tsunis, President Obama’s pick for ambassador to Norway, despite a side-splitting confirmation hearing performance in which he averred that Norway has a president, which it doesn’t, and that the Norwegian government had condemned a Party with which it has formed a coalition.

“I can tell you that this president has confidence in all of the nominees he’s put forward for ambassadorial positions as well as other positions in the administration, in the government,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney today.

But maybe we’re being unfair here. After all, Tsunis’ chief qualification for the Norway posting appears to be his fundraising prowess, not his his scholarship of Scandinavia.

During the 2012 election cycle, he and his wife raised $988,550 for Obama, gave $300,000 to Democratic super PACs and $75,800 to the Obama Victory Fund, according to Yahoo News.

Watch this hilarious exchange between Mr. Tsunis and Sen. John McCain at a hearing on some nominees.

It begins with a rambling, contentless comment by Colleen Bradley Bell, an “American television producer, philanthropist and advocate for the environment, arts and social causes,” according to Wikipedia. Bell, who is Obama’s nominee to be ambassador to Hungary, sounds like she’s responding to a question in the finals of the Miss World contest, prompting a dryly sardonic, “great answer,” from McCain.

Following the response from Tsunis, who describes McCain’s rather routine query as “a very seminal question,” McCain deadpans, “I have no more questions for this incredibly highly qualified group of nominees.”

89 thoughts on “WH Defends Witless Ambassador Pick”

  1. I’m dying to know Keith. Who trained you in writing such excellent snark? Were your parents stand up comics? You sure have the gift of comedic gab. Can’t imagine a day without coming here for real deal reporting.

    Heaven help Norway and Hungary. What did they do to deserve such losers?

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  2. Meanwhile, Dinesh D’Souza is under arrest for a sum just over one-fifth that size.

    I need to get the heck away from Washington before the Second American Civil War breaks out.

    Whether that’s gallows humor, or an honest assessment, not even I can say at this point.

    1. No great fan of McCain myself, but in fairness to him, he knows full well that there is nothing he can do to stop their appointments going forward. Hell, let O’s picks embarrass his administration all the more.

  3. The Norwegian Progress Party was the 2nd largest party in the Norwegian Parliament in 2013. (They really should allow these nominees access to Wikipedia during their confirmation hearings, so as not to embarrass their host-countries-to-be.)

  4. Such harsh words. MrObama is only rewarding his friends and supporters, a time-honored tradition of DC politics. Like Caroline Kennedy has any knowlege of the political system in Japan…sheesh.

    So what if they don’t have a clue about the country they’ll be living in as representatives of the US? It’s not like Norway is going to take offense and send their navy to Ellis Island to shoot off fireworks.

    1. I thought of Princess Caroline of Kennedy too. Obviously there’s no sort of cultural/language familiarity involved in selecting diplomats from the Pay for Play pool ? (Usually the clueless pals head off to less demanding jobs like Aruba or Fiji)

      Her recent kerfuffle over not knowing the difference between bottlenose dolphins and Flippers stirred the cultural pot in Japan recently. It’s not her job as the Ambassador to criticize certain rituals either.

  5. Years ago I took the “FSO test” to work for the US State Dept.
    I failed the test by “5 points”.
    I am kinda thankful I failed that test. I could NEVER work for this State Dept.

    (…dont get me wrong, I think that Idiot-Dippy redhead & blonde who do the daily State Dept. ‘press briefings’ are kinda hot ;-)

    1. I’d like to know Hillary’s score now :) I’m sure you were better qualified than her to run State. I mean, you wouldn’t cut security at some embassies to re-decorate others.

      1. Denise,
        I had to fill out an extensive US Govt. “background check” to take the FSO test…
        something ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ as “Pres./CINC” or Hilliary Clinton as “Sec. of State” never had to fill out to get their jobs…

        1. Several years ago I did one for a Top Secret clearance just for an entry level GS-2. Back to birth, every address, every school and back account, all those records too. So I understand the intensity and integrity that seems to escape our administration of fools.

  6. Historical Fact:
    “Pres.” Obama had a US AMBASSADOR be killed/murdered under his watch…
    Last time that happened was 1979 with “US Ambassador Adolph Dubs”

    1. Why does NO ONE in the “media” (…looking at you Fox News…)ever mention a “US Ambassador” was killed/murdered under Obama on Sept. 11, 2012…???

      1. huh? Fox News does stories on Benghazi all the time, and frequently mentions the murdered ambassador and the other three murdered Americans. whatcha talking ’bout Willis?

    1. Hilarious, Keith !
      Looking at the video, it appears that Tsunis was actually reading his response the second time around. Which means he had prepared his goofy response!
      A quick Google reveals that Tsunis was a former McCain donor ($50K) in 2008. He switched parties in 2009 and became an Obama mega-donor.
      An ambassadorship to Greece might have saved him some embarrassment considering his heritage and activities with the Greek Orthodox Church of America. Guess there wasn’t an opening available.

  7. It is nice to see the word “Seminal” used in government without being attached to words or phrases “That Woman”, “Blue Dress”, “Vast Right Ring” or Clinton…….

    Sorry just had an impeachment flashback ……………

  8. This post demands a comment from our expert in Scandinavia. Are you there, Swedish Lady? Is our US ambassador to Sweden as clueless?

    1. Yes, we definitely need to hear from our SwedishLady. Mark Brzezinski (Mika’s brother) is ambassador to Sweden – a lovely reward for the MSNBC family.

    1. It’s how they raise the big bucks, yet our congressmen continue to approve these appointments. So how is this different from other “illegal” contribution tactics, like straw donors or the “selling of Obama’s Illinois Senate seat to the highest bidders” as Blagho went to jail for?

  9. Many ambassadorships are political repayment. Obama has a lot of repaying to do and these nominees seem to reflect the President’s own incompetence fairly well. And like Obama they seem at ease with it.

    1. but to be honest, it happens in all administrations. in fact, it’s well known that the plum appointments (London, Paris, etc.) go to the most favored or deeply pocketed Friends of the Candidate.

      if the only problem with these two is that they’re inane and not very bright, that would be an improvement. Obama’s nominees are usually much more dangerous than merely stupid men would be.

  10. Classic Obama nominees. He’s got a track record to be proud of, including Holder and Sibelius. He’s repeatedly expressed confidence in those two, as well.

    He compounds his own incompetence by surrounding himself with more incompetence.

    1. How important is the job of ambassador to Norway? I suppose it does have it perks but does any American really care about who represents the lying president in Norway? I sincerely doubt it.

  11. His English is pretty shaky: he keeps talking about “amounts” of people. The Norwegians probably speak better English themselves.

  12. OT. Onwards to amnesty. Now Obama’s new Homeland Security Secretary is saying that the illegals in this country have earned the right to citizenship. All this boo hooing about the people in the shadows.

    The only thing in the shadows are these Progressive Obama People that could care less about the country, the Constitution or the rule of law. We will be a third world socialist country while Obama is still in office at the rate we are going. And every single Democrat and cooperating Republican and the media mercenaries will be as culpable as Obama and his shadow handler Valerie Jarrett and thug enforcer Eric Holder.

    1. Your response was not OT. The ‘Ambassador’ was talking about immigration concerns in Norway so you picked up on a subliminal message there about our own ‘extremists’.

  13. OT. This fits in with the Obama Administration’s assault on the conservatives in America.

    Listen to the recording in the link with Rep. Mike Kelly (R) House Ways and Means and the Obama Foundation’s Malik Obama’s backdated tax exempt status from Lois Lerner. This is August 2013. I wonder what W&M knows or is investigating about this and other IRS abuses that have not or perhaps may never come to light.

    Caveat — I backed this off a Right Scoop report from a website I am not all in on. But Kelly appears to be aware and concerned, soliciting more information, about this issue.

  14. I don’t get it. Everyone bitches, pisses and moans about the way the media report, but when we get a chance to affirm this–and, to provide more evidence–some of us drop out.

    C’mon, ya’lll! Post the links you have. Don’t just refer to something you read elsewhere; POST THE LINKS

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  16. And to paraphrase Donald Sutherland’s ambassador character in the movie, Assassin’s Bullet (the only line I remember from it), ” I got this job because of how much money I raised ….. maybe I should have contributed more (money) because I really wanted Paris”.

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  18. What a shame. With all the rich and historic culture that Hungary had to offer and this administration sends this airhead. They just can’t quit, can they. As for the ther winner, I have nothing to say.

  19. Her answer might not has been as riveting or succinct as “what difference does it make?” But Bell looks like she will beat Hillary in the swimsuit competition, hands down, to take the title of Ms. Democrat.

  20. Didn’t the Norwegians give Obummer the Nobel Peace Prize right after his election, before any hint of an effort of peace? Maybe they need a witless ambassador. (I say this in jest as one of Norwegian descent.)

  21. Well, we have the ambassador nominee to China, Sen Max Baucus admitting to Congress that he’s no expert on China and now we have this nitwit for Norway ambassador. Seems to be a lack of people with substance within the Democrat Party. I guess that should be obvious from Obama and Hillary as a nominee for President.

  22. The Unceasing Political Thuggery of Obama’s Gangster Government is also shown by his choice of ambassadors’. However, don’t think they have it easy in their service – it can be costly, remember Christopher Stevens.

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