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Obama, Biden Presidents’ Day 2013 Vacation Tab: $300,000

Well, Presidents’ Day is coming up, and it’s a day our sitting president takes very seriously. Unfortunately, though, he seems to believe it’s a day meant for HIM, the current president, in the way that Mother’s Day is for mothers, and so forth.

And so the weekend will no doubt be a time for more Obama vacations.

Michelle will jet off to some exclusive ski haven, while her husband will find a warm place to play golf and maybe take a lesson from the ghost of Sam Snead.

And guess what? You’re paying!

According to U.S. Secret Service records obtained by Judicial Watch through a FOIA request, last year’s three day weekend of fun for the president, Michelle, and the Bidens cost $295,437.

The president, you’ll remember, headed to Florida for a golf extravaganza. Michelle went skiing in Aspen – and so did the Bidens, but separately from Michelle. You know how it is – you see enough of people at work and don’t want them on your vacation too!

Some of this was probably paid for by the happy vacationers. But most of the bill was footed by you. It included:

Transportation and lodging costs for the President’s trip totaled $98, 135.79. This includes $32,406.50 for the flights, $16,466.25 for rental cars, and $48,490 for hotel rooms.

The vacation costs for First Lady Michelle Obama totaled $81,523.64, including $13,221.30 in flights, $3,925 in rental cars, and $64,377.34 in lodging.

The expenses for Vice President Biden’s weekend in Aspen totaled $115,777.61, including $5,315 in flights, $92,596 in accommodations, and $17,866.61 in rental cars.

Meanwhile, Judicial Watch now puts the tab for Michelle’s June 2011 trip to South Africa and Botswana at over $1 million.

Here’s the breakdown for the excursion, which included both official and private events for the first lady:

During the six-day trip, the First Lady and her entourage spent $668.702.01, including hotel and lodging costs of $430,614.18.  The trip ended with a private family safari at a South African game reserve.  The $668,702.01 was in addition to the $424,142 taxpayers were billed for the cost of the flight and crew alone, according to earlier documents obtained by Judicial Watch.

At the time of the trip, a naive Keith Koffler reported that it likely cost well north a half million, and “possibly in the range of $700,000 or $800,000.”

19 thoughts on “Obama, Biden Presidents’ Day 2013 Vacation Tab: $300,000”

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  1. And yet the SOTU will be all about “income inequality”, “hard work” and “fair shots”.
    What will NOT be said is that there would be a helluva lot more equality of income in this country if the federal government would get the hell out of the way.

  2. What’s funny about the endless vacations and partying is that Obama’s theme in 2014 is Inequality. What better way to point that out than the First Family proving it over and over, yet not paying for it, we are !

    On deck, the grand European Tour in March……to discuss Inequality with world leaders. I’m sure MO and her “senior staffers” Malia and Sasha will ride along too. Spring Vacation starts March 21.

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  3. ABSURD! NO one should Splurge lake that.. especially THUGS from South Chicago who know HOW to do Nothing ELSE! Will the EXCESSES EVER STOP?

  4. These people aren’t worth the powder and lead to blow them up with.
    It makes my posterior want to take a dip of snuff.

    Semper Fi

  5. What you’re describing are “vacations”, but rather indulgences or wishes come true for the Obamas.
    Vacations are for working people who don’t have heated swimming pools inside their homes, don’t have bowling alleys or movie theatres down the hall from their living rooms.

    Any one of their “vacations” would be a dream come true for the tax-paying citizen and his family.
    The Obamas and the Bidens, along with every other federal employee who enjoys spending our money on themselves owe us more than a thank-you..

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