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The Obama Morning News || January 23, 2014

Poll: Government shouldn’t fix inequality . . . Fox News
Poll: Obama nice guy, so-so president
. . . Associated Press
State of Union: High volume, low yield . . . Associated Press
Speech to focus on income inequality . . . The Hill
Cruz suggests Obama focus on Benghazi . . . National Journal
Military to allow religious clothing . . . Associated Press
Lew warns Congress on debt . . . Associated Press
Number of uninsured falls . . . Politico
President Choom approves weed . . . Joe Curl
Allen West: Obama may want policies to fail . . . Newsmax

14 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 23, 2014

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    • It is frightening what this regime is doing to our military. Who is the enemy our soldiers are fighting against in Afghanistan? Where have all our leaders in the military gone? Is there no one who will stand up to this regime’s dangerous social engineering? Last night Mark Levin used the example of Morsi purging high ranking generals when he seized power for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Obama seems to be doing a lot of purging and hollowing out of our military too.

  1. Obama is no nice guy, and his reign has been feckless and irresponsible. He has not prevented another Great Depression. We have been in one ever since 2008. Oh sure, look at how well he is priming the pump of the stock market, but balance that with how many are unemployed or underemployed. There is no such thing as a jobless recovery.

    • Julie, good summary. Below a longer one. Do check on the link and read it all.

      The Primal Bitch of Income Inequality

      “Ever since he descended from the third heaven on a rainbow in 2008, Obama’s procrustean answer for all that ails America has been an unflinching dose of Keynesian strychnine poisoning.

      And apparently, we have not suffered enough since he would now have us double down on an economic inhaler spiked with another stimulating dose of Zyklon B. ”

      • Thanks, Sadie, I did read it. He’s going to make ‘income inequality’ the centerpiece of his SOTU, but polls today suggest that most people don’t agree with him. We shall see, we shall see. Of course, the MSM will herald it, but I’m happy that Mike Lee will be giving a response from the Tea Party.

          • Boehner and McConnell haven’t decided who is going to give the Republican response. They may surprise us and pick someone from the Tea Party, but it’s doubtful. My guess is it will be a reliable RINO like Paul Ryan or Jeb Bush.

          • Like Rand Paul last year, Mike Lee will be speaking for the Tea Party, not the GOP. The RINOs will have their own rebuttal. I think Paul Ryan is a good bet so let’s see if we’re right.