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How Obama Begat Cuomo

Updated at 6:35 pm ET

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s comment that “right to life” Republicans – as well as those he says are “pro-assault weapon” and “antigay” – have “no place in the state of New York” was not an isolated epiphany. It is part of an increasingly unhidden intolerance by liberals for conservatives, intolerance that has been stoked by . . . well guess who?

Cuomo ObamaI’m not sure Cuomo would have made such a remark if the new boundaries of liberal intolerance had not been set clearly by President Obama. The president, as you are probably aware, has referred to conservatives as “extremists;” as “enemies” of Hispanics; suggested their polices are discriminatory and that they’re happy to keep the poor in their place while further enriching the rich; don’t care much about children being shot up in school; and so forth.

Meanwhile, he’s tolerated a vice president who asserted that Republicans wanted to put African Americans back in chains. The new, expanded territory of acceptable incivility toward conservatives has been clearly marked, you might say, by the president.

Why treat such people as if they should be allowed to continue their evil ways in the great state of New York? It only stands to reason that they must be shown the door. Cuomo was merely expressing the opinion, and the hostility, that characterizes baseline liberal thinking about conservatives.

Send the to Mississippi with the rest of the wingnuts!

“Because, that’s not who New Yorkers are,” as the good governor said.

Cuomo’s New York is just the local outlet of Obama’s America. For conservatives, it’s becoming a very inhospitable place.

UPDATE: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Cuomo was “absolutely right” to say what he did.

The first point is, we represent our people. And Governor Cuomo’s right and I believe I am on firm ground in saying, our people–the people of New York state and the people of New York City–reject the extremist views against a woman’s right to choose and in favor of the proliferation of guns in our society. And I stand by that 100 percent.

So de Blasio doesn’t represent conservatives in New York City. Can they stop paying taxes?

22 thoughts on “How Obama Begat Cuomo”

  1. As a conservative New Yorker, I was so personally and deeply offended that my governor would target people whose views he felt would gain him political traction, that I have spoken with a realtor and plan to sell my house to anyone stupid enough to move TO New York. Let’s hope for my sake there’s one person left.

    I’m not even a right wing extreme conservative, whatever that is, but I just know this state no longer represents my values. I was born in upstate New York, lived around the world a while, then settled back downstate to raise my three children and where I planned to stay during retirement.

    Sadly, I don’t even know what state to move to. So many of them are run by Cuomo like liberal thugs. Any suggestions?

    1. Florida. They gave us Ted Cruz and Alan West, and the weather there is gorgeous. Did I mention no state income tax?

      And the state is in-play. Every vote counts in the Sunshine State. Not so in New York–if you’re a conservative in the Empire State, you’re a protest voter and not much else, right?

      1. Ted Cruz is a Texan, Darkangel. Don’t be giving him away to Florida. He’s the first conservative Texas has had serving in the Senate in ages.

        1. No state tax in the great Volunteer state of Tennessee:-). Nice
          people. This whole Cuomo thing is absolutely frightening and
          obscene. Seriously boycott the rotten apple.

    2. 65andcounting, please keep us up to date on how the millions of New Yorkers who must be conservatives are taking this. Thanks.

  2. As a long time resident of fly-over country, I like to read about the strange, foriegn city of New York as Daniel Greefield describes the goings-on there. Then, I like to peruse Victor Davis Hanson’s accounts of the country of California, another exotic land.

    Now the Governor of the whole state of NewYork has decided that his reign gives him the authority to decide what his people are allowed to think or believe. Another strange state found right here in the US, unlike any others, an outlier that amazes with it’s refusal to follow the constitution that states in fly-over land respect as law of the whole land. Except that is, New York and California as they are unto themselves and not part of the US of A.

    The governors of North Dakato, or Kansas, or Alabama or any other state in fly-over would ever even think of such un-American thoughts, much less say them proudly in public.
    We feel sorrow for the people of NewYork who still believe that they are free people, free to think and worship as real Americans do out here in fly-over country. As they are not, we welcome them to come settle in states that respect the differences that make us all Americans.

      1. In Kansas we offloaded Sebelius but sadly she managed to screw
        the whole country. I as a proud Kansas was glad to be rid of her but regret her actions for all my fellow American’s.

        1. No apologies, please. We, the deluded people of Arizona, keep sending John McCain back to the US Senate.
          We’re hoping he retires to “spend more time with his family”.

  3. Obama is going to go down in history not only as being more inept than even Jimmy Carter, but perhaps more importantly, the single most divisive president ever. Hope and Change my ass. Some legacy.

    1. It may take generations, I fear, for this nation to recover from the serial raping–there is no other word for it–that it is receiving from this evil, evil man.

  4. Let the brain dead bury the brain dead. Soon enough, that is all who will occupy the crumbling Empire State.
    If Gov. Cuomo said New Yorkers could take his words to the bank, they had best hurry; moneyed conservatives will already be there closing their accounts.

  5. Lizzy, One of our sons moved to Tennessee last year. He loves it. Said we need to move there today. Lucky you to be there already.

  6. If you scan the headlines or look at different news sites, it “appears” that the long knives are out for conservatives and Republicans.

    Meanwhile Jon Corzine….

  7. As I posted on another thread, today NYC Mayor De Blasio chimed in at the Mayors Conference in DC and said he supported Gov. Cuomo “100%”.

  8. I will reiterate my comment in an earlier thread.

    After the twin towers fell on 9-11, it was mostly Red State, Republicans who sent their sons and daughters off to war to avenge the deaths of 3,000 New Yorkers and hopefully prevent such attacks in the future.

    Now that New Yorkers have chosen to elect ignorant, hate mongering bigots such as President Obama and Cuomo who choose to demonize conservative Republicans, we should vow to never again send our sons and daughters off to war to avenge the deaths of New Yorkers that thanks to Obama will inevitably killed in similar attacks.

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