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Cartoon of the Day || January 23, 2014

Terrell - pieAnother good one from Terrell AfterMath.

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  1. Just saw on Weazel Zippers where they papered over the windows at a
    Subway she was ‘dining’ at so ‘commoners’ wouldn’t see her Royal Highness eat. Wonder how many foot longs she consumed hope she drank water. They even had a K9 police car out front. Our taxpayer
    $$$ at work again are we still celebrating Fab at 50 is a month long deal?

  2. “Poor” people are ignorant and should not be allowed to “vote”, unless…
    You can not pass a basic ‘US Civics-History-Current Events test’ & show proper “US Citizen ID”.

    If you can not do that you should not be allowed to “vote”…

    Anyone here have problems with this…?
    -if so please discuss :-)

  3. OT but I just read that De Blasio supports Gov.Cuomo’s remarks on kicking conservatives out of the state of New York “100%”. This was at the US Mayors Conference in DC, hosted by Obama I believe. When are the media going to start asking NY Democratic politicians if this is their viewpoint also, people like Schumer for instance. And I’d like to hear Hillary Clinton’s views on this.

    • HaHa!
      The National “media” is based in Manhattan city (ruled by De Blasio) in New York state (ruled by Cuomo)

      LMAO!!! when the “media” will say-report anything about De Blasio (the communist of NYC) & Cuomo (the Democrat a**hole of NY State)

    • Great idea, but it will never happen, Julie. State-run media is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the ruling class. They only ask the questions their masters allow them to ask. It was Breitbart’s Kerry Pickett who asked De Blasio about Cuomo’s fascist remarks about conservatives.

      More OT. Just heard Cathy McMorris Rodgers is going to give the Republican response to the SOTU. Figures they’d pick an up and coming RINO. Needless to say, I’ll be watching Mike Lee.