As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 23, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
5:15 pm || Delivers remarks at reception with U.S. mayors; East Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:45 pm

17 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 23, 2014

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  1. Dear Mr. K: I am sorely tempted to apply for the position of President of The United States of America after reading your excellent reports about our current president and his daily activities. However, I believe my 40+ years in the broadcast news trade, for it is certainly not a profession, and my other work and life experiences make me overqualified, at least as compared with the current occupant.
    I will gladly reassemble my resume from the shredded documents I am currently using to fire kindling in our fireplace as we deal with global warming.
    Mazel tov and yours in Christ,
    rawheadrex(I chose the name because, after more than 40 years in the aforementioned trade, I am king of people who beat their heads against brick walls from frustration after trying to explain basic thinking to liberals.

    • I think most of us who post on here are WAY more “qualified’ (re: intelligent citizens/patriots who are students-followers of current events, US history and politics) than the current “President” or “members of the US Congress”.
      If WE readers of WhiteHouseDossier replaced the current ‘idiots, liars & criminals’ in the Congress and the ‘lazy fraud’ in the White House we would all have jobs!

  2. I understand there were 500 people showing up at the White House last Saturday for Michelle’s Birthday. Is there any list of the presents she received?

    (While photos were prohibted indoors, there are some on the Internet showing people getting out of cars with presents… Would they belong to the Obamas or should they go to the State Department?)

  3. His day begins even later than mine and I’m self-employed. I answer to no one but myself.

    I guess B0 doesn’t feel he has to answer to the voters any longer so…so what! Sleep in. Play golf when the weather clears up. And partay, vaycay. Woo hoo. Disgusting.

      • My 16 year old left the house at 6:45 this morning. When school’s over she stays for 2 hours of swim practice, and then stays and works as a lifeguard at the pool. She’ll be home at about 9:30 tonight. If she has any homework left (she finds time during the day to do a lot of it) that will have to be done before bed.

        Obama has no idea what working hard means.

  4. Exhausted from the party and the frenzy of yesterday. Nothing if not predictable.

    OT K — The Imperious President got play at AOS and Driscoll PJM.

  5. A very interesting thing has happened since the word on the Gates book went out: on the President’s schedule on, almost every event starts “the president AND (my caps) Vice President…”.

    Obviously an effort to show how much Obama depends on Biden’s invaluable counsel.

    No doubt, most people won’t buy it. They’re just two incompetents together.