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Michelle Dunks One with the Heat

30 thoughts on “Michelle Dunks One with the Heat”

      1. Boy, that National Enquirer article really has them in damage control. Mushy gooey birthday speeches and all. For such a super-secret event, they sure let that leak (BO’s eyes filling with tears of genuine love as he toasted the First Lady….gag me).

        1. Valentine’s Day is coming up! Oh boy! Can hardly wait for that one, lol. Gift suggestions? The Taj Mahal….or the Greek Isles? Or a diamond tiara.

  1. The ‘guffaw’ must be a result of all Mooch’s anthropological treks to Africa. She has discovered a new primate ‘mating call’. Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey should find this most interesting.

  2. The cutesy schtick makes me think girlfriend doesn’t get enough attention. Still a great conservative message by using actual hard working and successful people as role models, especially ones that make her feel petite and perky :D

  3. Wow…….there is no sense of respect or decorum at all. It saddens me to see the portrait of Washington in the background of this commercial.

    I wonder when they will paint the WH to better reflect the true color of the US.

  4. If, as it appears to be, geared toward getting the attention of kids, it’s fine. It features well-paid athletes touting eating healthful foods. But, her behavior is bizarre.

    1. Mandy Manners….It’s nice to encourage kids to eat healthful foods. If they made this video in the WH gym, or out on the back lawn of the WH, it would have been much more appropriate (well, not while the snow was on the ground, but in the spring!) but to film this in one of those old rooms at the WH that belongs to “We The People” is an outrage. I don’t think most people would permit their kids/friends to bounce a basketball through the LR with historic furniture in the room.

      1. Yeah, the setting is part of what makes her behavior bizarre. Her leaning over the reporter’s shoulder wihile taking that big bite of the apple is nutty. Is this about her hanging with the athletes or the athletes promoting good food? I think it’s the former.

        1. It’s always about her!!!! I do not need her to tell the kids or adults in this country what to do while she flys around doing the total opposite…ugggg disgraceful at minimum!

  5. Well, I owe a big apology to a friend who sent me this video. It was on a loop and all it showed was Mooch dunking the basketball over and over. I thought it was surely a spoof from SNL. Even Hillary wouldn’t have done something like this!

  6. Makes me want a Big Mac,Large fries and a shake. As an American woman I am ashamed that she’s the ‘first lady’ I’ve seen children who
    don’t require that much attention and in her case adoration. Read an article about Barbra Bush and her love for Bill Clinton her adopted ‘son’
    now there’s class and dignity. Perhaps we will have a First Lady again.

  7. This ad is beyond bizarre. MO is attention starved and lacks all decorum and respect for the position she holds. What a sad time for America, to have these first grifters in the WH.

    1. While I think of it, I wonder what the WH looks like inside. Have they been good stewards and taken good care of everything or have they nearly destroyed it. Where did they move the photos/pictures in order to make room on the walls for the 300 11×14″ photos of Obama that Ed Shultz called a shrine.

    1. Yes,,,,it was just about the size of Barry’s head, lol.
      Did you notice the ferocity of that dunk? She definitely could cause great bodily harm with those gargantuan hands.

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