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Coldest Winter in 35 Years?

Now imagine what we’d be hearing out of the White House and other Temples of Global Warming if this were the hottest summer in 45 years.

The stats are starting to come in for this brutal winter of 2013-2014. Now, I understand global warming enthusiasts are claiming this is being caused by . . . global warming. I have one problem with that.


With the mercury on an annual basis not having risen for 16 years, global warming doomsayers have a problem. That’s why they’ve rebranded as climate change advocates, and claim that everything from hurricanes to Miley Cyrus are the result of global warming.

Maybe mass shootings are also being caused by global warming. It’s getting hotter under the collar too, after all.

I’m sorry, but at some point, logic has to come into play here. If the temperature isn’t rising, and we’re experiencing extremely cold weather, THEN SOMETHING’S WRONG WITH THE THEORY OF GLOBAL WARMING.

Even devoted adherents of global warming theory acknowledge that the models so far have been wrong. Clearly, if they can’t predict 15 years out, they have no idea what will happen in 50 or 100 years. Or not enough of an idea to impose huge costs on our economy.

The evidence I’ve read, by skeptics and proponents of global warming, suggest there is some man-made element to the warming that occurred prior to 1997. I am not convinced there is enough evidence of a significant man-made component to justify remaking our economy – at great cost to individuals, particularly the poor and middle class.

Particularly when much of the new greenhouse gas emission problem is emanating from China, India, and other developing countries, and they plan to do nothing about it.

We, for example, will do absolutely nothing about global warming by increasing vehicle fuel efficiency standards. But we will kill – and are killing – thousands of Americans by lightening up cars and trucks. THAT IS SOMETHING WE CAN PREDICT ACCURATELY.

Anyway, the meteorologist at a TV news station serving the city of Rockford Illinois – about eighty miles northwest of Chicago – has calculated that this winter is the coldest since 1978-1979 and the eighth coldest in the last 100 years, with an average temperature of 17 degrees.

14 Responses to Coldest Winter in 35 Years?

  1. Our family lived near Chicago a little over 30 years ago, and I clearly remember winters like the ones the east is experiencing now. Back then and until this past year, the extreme cold was referred to as the Arctic Express and was just assumed to be frigid air descending from the Arctic because the jet streams from the west were not effective in keeping the cold air up in Canada. Then came the explanations of el Nino and la Nina which supported this theory under new names. I don’t think scientists ever talked about a ‘polar vortex’ before the last year (2013). It is a lame, almost ludicrous, effort to bolster the questionable idea that global warming

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  2. Of course, there is “global warming”. 10,000 years ago NYC and Washington DC were buried under 5,000 feet of glacier ice, then it melted away. Unless the wooly mamouth’s gassy emissions were the cause of the glacier melt, then the earth is in continuous weather flux as all geologists assume.
    The earth was a gassy fire ball, then cooled, then continents formed and moved, weather patterns change, the earth tilts at every major earthquake, and etc, etc, etc.
    Nothing on earth is static except for the atoms that form everything and even they twist and re-form.

    Global warming is a hoax, a scam, set to divest modern countries of their wealth and have it redistributed to third world hell-holes.

    • Well said, srdem.
      And where there is a ‘hoax’, Obama is usually somewhere to be found. In this case…the Chicago Climate Exchange.

      Since this article came out in 2009, the CCE collapsed, along with the carbon credits trading scam, in 2010. We escaped the dreaded Cap and Trade debacle by the skin of our teeth, but not the draconian EPA rules and regs and Obama’s end runs around Congress. He still has his pen and his phone…and three more years to go.

      The back story: Obama’s involvement in the Chicago Climate Exchange

  3. I do not buy the global warning either The only thing I don’t understand are all the glaciers melting. If any of my fellow readers know the history behind glaciers, please advise me.

    • When you see chunks of ice falling off of a glacier over water, its called Calving, and is related to stress built up by the glacier trying to float. Some of the glaciers on Greenland are growing, while some are retreating, as they have done before (look up Glacial Moraines).

      • I appreciate the name to look up. I will do so.
        When you watch a program about Glaciers or watch the weather channels, they always mention the Glaciers melting or falling into the water. They do not mention the point you mentioned about the Glaciers that are growing.
        Thanks again..

  4. I went to college in Albany, New York back in the 70s. I remember the “hawk” whipping up off the Hudson River, making our lives miserable. We had a bus system at the university and we students looked like penguins all huddled together against the subzero cold.