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The Obama Morning News || January 21, 2014

Obama: Pot laws target poor . . . Christian Science Monitor
Patrick Kennedy: Obama wrong on pot . . . Politico
Income inequality grows under Obama . . . Fox News
Dems divided on Obama income push . . . National Journal
U.S. to ease Iran sanctions . . . Associated Press
Palin to Obama: Stop using race card . . . Politico
Biden: We’re still fighting for voter rights . . . Politico
Most don’t believe Christie denials . . . USA Today
Trump signals presidential run . . . Reuters
Obamas spend an hour at service project . . . Examiner
Michelle’s birthday trumps Bengazi . . . Breitbart
Michelle admires “savvy” Jane Fonda . . . Newsbusters

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 21, 2014

  1. That People Mag article was full of MOisms. It began with her being asked about turning 50 and if she’s reached her “peak”. She responded with “well I’m the First Lady of the United States, that’s pretty high up”.

    The rest was pretty lame too, not sure why she pulled Hanoi Jane out of her head. Or maybe I do…….

    • Even when MrsO is in the friendly confines of the smarmy MSM they have a problem trying to make her seem intelligent.
      She thinks being FirstLady is an accomplishment that she earned, and claiming that two Hollywood creations are her idols only exposes her as one of the stupidest FirstLadys in modern history.

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  2. Kennedy forgot to mention the people in the past that use to smoke Pot, did not say: Let’s start or join a gang. They use to say do we have more chips. They also did not say let’s do something fun, lets walk around pounding people we don’t know in the back of the head causing them extreme pain and injury.