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Literary Agent: Obama Could Make $20M from Memoirs

The Obamas are set to become fabulously rich – not just well off, but fabulously rich – after President Obama leaves office, writing memoirs that will fetch in the tens of millions of dollars.

According to a New Yorker profile of Obama, Andrew Wylie, a leading literary agent, estimates that Obama could command $17-$20 million for his memoirs, while Michelle could earn an not-too-shabby $12 million, putting their potential combined take at more than $30 million.

Of course, the two also will earn millions more from speaking fees. The president is likely to hit way north of $100,000 per speech, given that Bill Clinton averages nearly $200,000 per appearance.

Of course, there’s always the chance the Obamas will forgo this windfall as a symbolic statement of their support for ending income inequality.


37 Responses to Literary Agent: Obama Could Make $20M from Memoirs

    • Good question: probably not (we’re not really sure he can spell). But my understanding is that Bill Ayres (“Guilty as sin, free as a bird; is this a great country or what?”) is not too interested in ghosting this time, since he received no royalties from the last two. We should’ve smelled a rat when this national embarrassment had two autobiographies before the age of forty.
      Oh never mind, a lot of us did smell a rat.

    • lol
      Hawaii is probably hoping they do not go back there to disrupt their Islands. When tourist think of the Islands they picture having their vacation time interuppted with motorcades and blockage to certain places.
      My dream is to retire by any beach, lake stream,, etc. and to have that dream with the O’s nearby would be a nightmare.

    • What part of it will be real or a “composite”.
      Comparing today’s pot to alcohol, that he smoked as a “kid” may be dubious, as will be the entire book.

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  1. In the name of income inequality and in the vein of “practice what you preach” I anticipate Obama will voluntarily set his tax rate at a “fair share” rate for such a huge amount of “unneeded money”.

    We already know from his tax records it sure won’t go to charity.

  2. Why not wait until the Grifters have finished ‘writing’ their fictional masterpieces before offering any money? They’re probably not going to be worth the paper they’re written on.

  3. I am looking out of a large window and the snow has started here in Pa. With that thought in mind, we really should get a working title for those memoirs.

    I’ll begin….
    The Great Snow Job and How I plowed the economy and poured salt on your wounds. – Barack “Shovel Ready” Obama

  4. They only way they’re going to make that money is through the advanced “gift” from the publishers, because there is NO WAY they’re going to sell that many books. I seem to recall Obama’s other books turned up in the discount pile. Of course, I’m sure the Universities will step up and assign it to their students.

  5. Book deals and large speaking fees are nothing but a corporate tip to Ex Presidents. Just like a commoner tipping a waiter for good service………for the corporations that is……not the United States.

  6. I make use of my local library. I guarantee I will not buy a single thing that will the line the pockets of the Commie-in-Chief. He and the mooch have soaked me enough.

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