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Cancer Patient Loses Doctor, Treatment Delayed Due to Obamacare

Remember the promise of Obamacare. Nobody was supposed to be harmed.

19 Responses to Cancer Patient Loses Doctor, Treatment Delayed Due to Obamacare

  1. Someone is under the mistaken impression that Obama actually gives a damn about this poor woman. Narcissists lack the capacity to exhibit empathy for others.

    • just as Don responded I am blown away that anyone can get paid $4995 in four weeks on the computer . you could look here… T­E­C­8­­0.C­O­M

  2. The longer this agony of Obamacare goes on and more misery is inflicted on the middle class it’s becoming apparent that the goal is to bring the independent middle class to it’s knees so that it will accept government control of their lives from cradle to grave.

    There is no compelling argument that would allow the law to declare what doctor or hospital would be covered by an individual’s health insurance when those on Medicaid can be treated by any health provider they wish.
    Likewise for the mandate that all paid health insurance include benefits for child care and maternity or abortive services when it’s not needed.

    • OT: snow
      The WashPost reports that all government offices have been closed because DC is expecting between 5-7 inches of snow.
      It snows every winter in the northeast, many times in fact, and now the government claims it’s too dangerous to go to work on snow days. What a bunch of sissies.
      Good grief. Imagine if this trend of refusing to work on a snowy day spreads across every profession from truck drivers to health care professionals.

      • Maybe it’s a political maneuver, that is, maybe they’re desperately trying to bolster up global warming with the new polar vortex balderdash. The Democrats have a lot invested in global warming but the idea is on the wane throughout the country.

  3. Every time I hear of someone who previously had taken responsibility for themselves with proper insurance and care now being thrown into life threatening situations it infuriates me. If her Congress critters voted for this someone representing her/ them should be in their office every single day — in their face. They should be publicly shamed.

    Nancy Pelosi should be attached to every legal recourse these people have. And illegals receiving health care and benefits should be exposed.

    • Per a Texas story I read a month ago. A child with cancer was stripped of his insurance. When his mom pleaded for expedited coverage she was told that right was reserved for pregnant women in labor AND illegals!

    • The people being punished first are those who were already paying for insurance directly from their bank accounts. I never actually needed insurance benefits for all the years I was paying for it, but I was investing in security. The government stole my security. I’d be better off if I had kept all that money in the bank.

  4. So sorry, Mrs. Gracchi. You just don’t understand that your life is not your own any longer; you belong to the collective. The leviathan doesn’t care about individuals like you and me. Individuals are just impediments, or bumps in the road on their way to their collective utopia. “Assimilate or Die” should be the Obamacare slogan.

    “To ripen a person for self-sacrifice he must be stripped of his individual identity and distinctness. He must cease to be George, Hans, Ivan, or Tadao – a human atom with an existence bounded by birth and death. The most dramatic way to achieve this end is by the complete assimilation of the individual into a collective body. The fully assimilated individual does not see himself and others as human beings. When asked who he is, his automatic response is that he is a German, a Russian, a Japanese, a Christian, a Moslem, a member of a certain tribe or family. He has no purpose, worth and destiny apart from his collective body; and as long as that body lives he cannot really die.” Eric Hoffer, The True Believer

    • Every George, Hans, Ivan, or Tadao will become a “Julia” a pixelated imaginary being created by a bean counter. Like George Orwell, Eric Hoffer has arrived.

  5. The irony of it all. People who had coverage will no longer have it, or it will be of poor quality, maybe even worse than what the entitled will be getting. But in the long run, the people who have traditionally paid for healthcare will not be able to support those who did not. I just hope it is not too long.

    • I still feel from everyone behind this O Health Mess and who voted on it, should be a part of it. How dare them take insurance from people who were paying for their heatlh insurance.
      This issue like the long list (I call it) keeps getting swept under the rug.
      Also the people who were layed off prior to this Health Mess, and the ones after it took effect. The people who will not be hired at smaller companies as well. This is insane.

  6. Did you see the woman who had her Blue Cross policy cancelled and she signed up for Obamacare? Then Blue Cross gave her a better policy so she tried to cancel Obamacare.
    It took her six weeks, several hours a day to accomplish that. The button for terminate went to a page that said “under construction.”
    And the man thinks we don’t like him because he is black….LOL