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Beyonce Headlines Michelle’s Birthday Party

Updated January 20, 2014 at 1:51 pm ET

Who would have guessed?

And she was just the tip of the iceberg. From the Washington Post:

Other bold face performers included R&B crooner John Legend, jazz singer Ledisi and fellow Chicagoan Jennifer Hudson. And the VIP guest list hardly stopped there. Former White House occupants Bill and Hillary Clinton, Oprah bestie Gayle King, legendary Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, Actor Samuel Jackson, NBA great Magic Johnson, Motown’s Smokey Robinson, former Olympic figure skater and current State Department senior adviser Michelle Kwan, TV host Rachel Ray, and singer James Taylor were all on hand to wish Mrs. Obama happy birthday.

Some more details here from the Chicago Tribune, including that “a deejay kept people on the dance floor in the East Room until after 3 a.m.”

Well, why not? If I could get Beyonce to perform at my birthday party for free, I would. Although I’d rather have Rihanna. And I wouldn’t mind having legendary Beatle Sir Paul McCartney in attendance, even if he thinks my politics are evil.

And this little bash cost taxpayers less than most White House affairs, as dinner wasn’t even served.*

So party on Michelle! Happy birthday.

UPDATE: The Obamas reportedly picked up the tab for the party, including food and waiter costs. Around 500 people attended.

44 Responses to Beyonce Headlines Michelle’s Birthday Party

  1. I cannot believe Paul McCartney was there. I have always been a
    Beatle fan. My father even more. What is he thinking showing his face there. Now I will turn the radio station every time a Beatle song comes on that HE is singing. The same way I mute the O and his worshipers.

    • You’re a bit late to the party, no pun intended. A couple of years back, Paul received a Library of Congress sponsored award at the White House and said, “After the last eight years, it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.” Moron.

      • Yes but Sir Paul would show up for the opening of an envelope.
        Because he fells he’s the Beatles he’s a real ass as for Sir well
        I saw them and there were 4 not 1 and when he was knighted
        only John was dead so they should have all been knighted.
        Arrogant and no big deal anymore.

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  2. I think its time for Gayle King to quit CBS. Or be fired for conflict of interest. I realize she is on air mostly for entertainment, or to have a “news” item about Oprah, but she’s in Michelle’s inner circle and can’t ever be objective. Not that Norah O’Donnell is but that’s besides the point.

    I’d be curious how many other reporters were invited.

      • Why does everyone keep expecting the networks like CBS, ABC, and especially NBC to ahere to the standards of impartial journalism when it is crystal clear that they are nothing more than propaganda mouthpieces for this dictator of a president and his fellow communist democrats. That is precisely why CBS keeps someone like the execrable Gayle King on the payroll. Reporting real news and serving as a check on government is longer fits into their perceived function as the fourth estate.

  3. That’s really sad. Most of the guests had to be nodding aquaintances, not friends. None of them would have so much as waved from their limos as they passed by Michelle from Chicago five years ago.
    All that is missing from that lineup of “friends” is a few acrobats from Circque du Solei.

    • Michelle doesn’t strike me as the kind of woman who could stand having close female friends unless its someone who could give her something in return – like Oprah and the Hawaii house or Beyonce and free tickets to concerts.

    • As APPROVED by OBOZO I’m thinking there MUST have been a LOT of WEED SMOKING going on there VERY SAD !! DOPE for DOPES in the White House

    • Yes Srdem, 65andcounting and Julie, I believe you summed up her personality in this matters just right. There is certainly nothing warm and friendly about this woman.
      My guess is that the guests were mostly non-whites, I think the Obamas always try to arrange any gatherings as “in your face”- white America as possibly. There is always this lingering, unpleasant suspicion. But maybe they feel akward among whites ? Anyhow, too bad with a ” first couple” with such ambivalence and insecurity. It´s in itself divisive.

  4. I’m surprised Bill Clinton was there because I don’t see how he could have made it back to the golf tournament the Clinton Foundation is sponsoring in conjunction with Humana at La Quinta. I also am curious if the Clintons were invited and not the Bidens.

  5. I read somewhere that every room on the first floor was open and overflowing with ‘guests’. How many? We’ll never know.
    Since there was nothing but dessert and drinks, everyone must have been over the legal limit….starting with the MOOCH.
    This wasn’t a party – it was a ‘wilding’. A symbolic middle finger salute to America.
    They probably covered all the presidential portraits in the vestibule with black bunting.
    They have no shame.

  6. Regardless of her “friends.” she is a 50-year old woman of insignificant accomplishment who by accident of marriage is FLoTUS. She has risen, as her equally “accomplished” husband, without a trace.

  7. I think Obama’s comments on football today or at the party were motivated by the NFL not playing along with the promotion of Obamacare. He certainly picked a good day to rain on their parade.

    • He needn’t worry about his imaginary son playing football.
      First, the boy would be a tall, gangly, chicken-legged undergrad at Harvard, and the NFL doesn’t recruit there.
      Second, spoiled kids of multi-millionaires don’t usually head off to professional sports.

      • Do not forget the NFL chosen are innately talented, have drive and work hard, despite some isolated reckless behavior. They are not chosen by ignorant, non-productive voters.

  8. I can’t get over how the fawning MSM is saying, she’s 50 and she’s fabulous! Geez, how many of us have turned 50, and nobody made a big deal about it (even though I looked pretty good at 50, just sayin’). Her attempts at being the food police have failed, what has she accomplished? What makes her “fabulous”?

  9. Ah ha! So they did serve food – little pizzas, shrimp, beef tenderloin along with the desserts. I just knew that Michelle Antoinette would want to eat more than cake. Lynn Sweet (Chicago Sun Times) also posted an interesting list of names of their Chicago friends that attended.

    I keep reading that the O’s supposedly pay for their food and expenses.. I’d like to see proof of it.

  10. Many of those celebs don’t show up unless they get paid. Maybe the budget is in PR, I don’t know, but I DO know that many charge for their appearances.

  11. This birthday celebration is just like everything else they have done since they entered the white house. Too EXCESS. While so many of us haven’t even been able to take a vacation during this long national nightmare – they do everything top shelf. Just like all tyrants. No humility in these people; not a drop.

    Turning 50? Big deal. It’s not a national celebration.

    And it is pathetic that those in power feel the need to surround themselves with celebrities. Embarrassing. If I had the means to invite whomever I wanted to a big party … but this is how Washington works now. Celebrity endorsement means that the LIV never hear a bad word about their dear leader. It’s no different than the Nork dictator trying to curry favor with that crackhead basketball player.

    • Inequality never looked so in yo’ face, huh? Keep harping on that Obama and we’ll just keep remembering 50, Filthy Rich and Fabulous! Must be nice for people to see who are trying to decide whether to pay for heat or food.

  12. Ten months ago, Adele agreed to waive her fee and entertain, along with Beyonce. Was she a no-show? Haven’t seen her name mentioned. Quite a snub, unless she was sick or dying.

    Mooshelle must have Central Casting on speed dial. I remember Jennifer Lopez a few years ago after being invited to watch the Super Bowl game at the WH. She was flummoxed – “They don’t even know us”, she said.

    There should be a mandatory ‘court jester’ fee for the entertainers/celebs.

  13. all I want to know is why it was a all Black party with the exception of a few if a White Pres had a party with 98% Whites all we would hear is racism so I guess Obama is a racist.

  14. “The Obamas reportedly picked up the tab for the party, including food and waiter costs.” That means they picked it up, glanced briefly at it, and handed it over to the White House manager and he charged it to the taxpayers tab. These grifters don’t pay for anything. Just how did they come to be worth millions of dollars when Dictator Obama has held public office for most of his life and the last job Moochelle held was a no show sincecure at a Chicago Hospital which was abolished when Obummer was elected?

  15. Is Michelle wanting to see Obama and Beyonce having sex or what? Notice she’s at all of their major events. Is it as obvious to everyone else as it is to me that Obama is dying to bone Beyonce?