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Joe’s Just for Laughs

Imagine – we have a vice president, the mere mention of whose name elicits laughter. That was a big deal when it was Dan Quayle, but not with Biden. For the media, it’s just, Oh, you know, Joe will be Joe. He says what he thinks!

Well never mind that what he thinks might be idiotic. And that he’s somehow a step away from the presidency.

I really have never recoiled so much at a politician’s performance as I did the night of the vice presidential debate, when Biden tried to diminish Paul Ryan by feigning hilarity at everything Ryan said. How did he possibly get away with that? Giggling away like a lunatic. He entirely degraded his office.

Anyway, Biden made his bed, and now he can put his political career to sleep in it, because no one’s going to elect a laughing stock president.

Uh, at least, I don’t think so .  .  .

H/T to the Media Research Center.

24 Responses to Joe’s Just for Laughs

  1. We wouldn’t be surprised if a bi-partisan PAC was formed to promote ol’Joe’s run for the Presidency. Contributors should be “Hillary’s Our Gal”, “Cruz For Presidente”, “GovWalker’s A Shoe-in For President”, “Cherokees For Warren”, and any other wild card candidate out there.
    VPBiden’s campaign would make “The Rent’s Too High” guy look like a serious candidate.

    • Hilarious, srdem. Never say never with these guys. After all, Ryan didn’t exactly mop the floor with ol’ Joe in their debate, so who knows?

      • You’d wonder what that vice presidential debate would have been like if the Republicans had a good debater facing off with Biden. You are right that Ryan was a lackluster representative, but I also wonder if Ryan really wanted Romney to win. Maybe, like Christie, he wanted Romney to lose so that he could be the standard bearer in the next presidential election. (I’m sure Christie would have done that if Romney had picked him instead. And if they lost, Christie could still run for governor again and also claim to be the standard bearer.)

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  2. I have thought Joe Biden to be a poor excuse for a leader for so many years I can’t remember…do recall when he first started getting the hair plugs and how stupid it seemed….what a loser.
    You are right Keith about the media. It is telling that they allowed him that ridiculous display of foolishness in the debate with Paul Ryan.
    He does not even qualify to being labeled court jester.

    • Agreed, Anne. Biden has been a buffoon for a generation, e.g., his plaigarism of Neil Kinnock in his first presidential campaign and the circus of the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. Frankly, I don’t understand why he is still on the national stage in this country. Can you imagine a worse clown? Strike that question!

  3. Oh look, here’s the latest speech by Biden:

    ‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
    All mimsy were the borogoves,
    And the mome raths outgrabe.

    (With apologies to Lewis Carroll)

  4. I am no fan of Joe Biden. He is an embarrassment and an excellent example of someone who has stayed way too long at the dance.

    That said, here is a little OT about Hillary.

    Judge Jeanine just raked Hillary Clinton over the coals, and then backed up and did it again re. Benghazi. And she even said that no one says anything because everyone is afraid of her. Moreover, JJ was backed up by KC MCFarland and Mike Baker, former CIA — two of the best.

    Also KC mentioned that it took up to a year or more for Special Prosecutor on Nixon. So, this is not over.

    I have heard that there is bad blood between JJ and HC. That not withstanding, this was on point and good one her.

  5. What is astonishing is that Biden was selected by the DNC establishment to provide some gravitas to the neophyte Obama. The perception that Biden was some type of wise, elder statesman persisted even after Governor Palin cleaned his clock in the Vice Presidential debates.

    I know I seem to have a Palin obsession. However; if the United States had been governed by the same fiscal discipline and sane energy policy that Governor Palin demonstrated in Alaska, this recession would have ended years ago.

    I know, Palin would have been only the VP. However; Senator McCain is an elderly man who might not have endured the stress of the Presidency.

  6. Biden reminds me of people I have know through my life who were fun to talk to time to time. However they were not a very close friend, or relative etc.
    It seems maybe Biden is forced to be the smiling clown when he is seen, to make everyone forget about what O has been doing, or ignoring.
    Another example your cute toddler acting silly, smiling, etc. to cause you to forget about crayon drawing they drew on the wall.