As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama’s Baby Magic

The president has a magical effect on babies. He calms them down, makes them happy. It happens every time.

I honestly have a theory that his appeal to babies has something to do with his political success. No, not that Democrats are secretly registering babies to vote, but that there is something about his face and expression that strikes a subliminal nerve with people.

Although with many adults, the effect does seem to wear off . . .

Okay, enough pop psychology for today.

20 Responses to Obama’s Baby Magic

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  1. As the college-age kids are starting to wise-up to Obama, he’s had to appeal to an even younger demographic.

    I hope he doesn’t have to resort to the pre-born, because I don’t think he’ll be popular with that group.

  2. I think he has a lot of nerve smiling at this baby. This same baby is going to grow up and say I heard there use to be a different America.
    Some one will whisper, it use to be HOME OF THE FREE, AND HOME OF THE BRAVE.

  3. What……having a laff?
    The most frightening man to ever sit in the Oval Office and you think people respond positively to his facial features?
    More than half of Americans distrust, some even hate with a passion, this man for what he’s done, is still doing, and plans to do to us.

    The notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy, had a pleasant face, too.

    • No I fear for our Country and our childrens’s future.
      I don’t like his comment about his comment of “All I need is a pen and a phone”
      I was making the suggestion that all of us will need to stop using the wonderful phone and computer, if the Government is going to run itself as a dictatorship.
      What about his stash of information. He don’t want cameras, recorders in that house. He works for us and we need some type of surveliance on him.

  4. Keith, I have to admit I was fooled by Obama when he first arrived on the scene. I thought he had a kind face, soulful eyes. Not presidential material, but a man with a future. I sorta forgot about him until I happened to see his wife ranting away in one of her race-baiting screeds – early in the campaign.
    Couldn’t bellieve that a ‘nice guy’ could be married to such a hateful woman.
    Couldn’t wait to get to the computer to start ‘investigating’ this unknown stranger. Hit the jackpot on the first go-around – The Obama File!
    Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover. He is a chameleon in every sense of the word.

    • He puts on a good facade, with a lot of help from state-run media. The presidential primary of 2008 was the first time I ever voted Democrat and it was for Hillary Clinton, just to keep this fraud out of the White House. Too bad it didn’t work out…

      • I did the same thing, Susan, switched parties and voted for Hillary.. I think this was Rush’s strategy, also. I still think something untoward happened in Nevada with the caucuses.