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Michelle’s Subliminal Swipe at Barack?

Okay, I promised below to stop the pop psychology. Which is why, instead of speculating myself, I consulted Dr. Sigmund Freud in a séance this morning about Mrs. Obama’s decision to have a post-dinner dance party Saturday at the White House to celebrate her 50th birthday.

According to Dr. Freud:

Zee first ladeez deetermination to host a pahty zat includes no dinner but excloozefly danzing eez in fact a barely conzeeled message of hosteelity to her husband, za prezident. Herr Obama is perfectly capable of eating dinner, but azz everyone has weetnissed, he is incapable of danzing.

Well, Dr. Freud, I beg to disagree.

Some of you may remember this famous dance off he held with John McCain just prior to Election Day 2008. It features a special guest star. I think you’ll agree it provides further evidence that the president is quite light on his feet.

19 Responses to Michelle’s Subliminal Swipe at Barack?

  1. I get sick to my stomach, literally, that Michelle is fine with throwing herself a party. The NYT has an article about how Michelle is finding her own at 50. Finding her own what??? She’s nothing more than a figment of some public relations team, making her look like a devoted mother, stuck at the White House, unable to be herself. Not my words, but one commenter at the NYT said it best:

    “Think of all she could have done on her 50th. How she could have given back. How she could be seen as selfless and not selfish”.

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  2. Speaking of Michelle–there is some swill in the NYT about her, acc to Morning Joe’s er, Joe. How she likes dirty martinis, gabbing with her gal pals, etc. See? She’s just like us!

  3. DrFrued was debunked as a fraud years ago with his Victorian ideas about why women do stuff; because everyone knows that no one knows why women do anything.

    As for MrsObama, she just telling the world that her husband is a tight-wad who won’t spring for a nice layout for her birthday. The instruction on the invitation to “eat” before attending the party wasn’t the only insult, but hiding in invisible ink was the note “BYOB”, too.

    She’s not planning on dancing with him, either. Unbeknownst to the President, the only people invited to this bash are the entire NBA roster so that she can watch him simmer as she takes some selfies with someone taller, richer, and more handsome than he.

  4. Too funny, Keith ! Love the videos.

    Tonight CNN has a one-hour special – From the SouthSide to the WhiteHouse.
    I agree with ’65’ – she is strictly a figment of some PR team….maybe Harvey Weinstein, who knows.
    In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Oprah, Weinstein, or Spielberg have been on the payroll since the very beginning. EVERYTHING is choreographed and orchestrated, including Pete Souza photos.

    Instead of campaigniing on issues, future candidates should take a page from Obama’s book and just hire the best Hollywood/Madison Ave. PR firm. The Republicans could probably win iin 2016 if they go to Central Casting, find a good-looking, ethnic (half black, half hispanic) actor , and start grooming him. That, and a great speech writer should do the trick.

    • All I can say–and I am not bitter from all of my time these people have wasted–is that she would only throw a party if she thinks she does not look 50. She looks 50.