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WH Enlists Magic Johnson to Frighten Young People

The White House wants people to know they’ve GOT TO BUY INSURANCE because if they don’t Obamacare won’t have the money it needs to work because something bad can happen at any time.


Trust me, one day something’s gonna happen!

You’re gonna get hurt!

You’re gonna get injured!

Sounds more like Tony Soprano.

Here’s an ad featuring Alonzo Mourning that’s also out.

38 Responses to WH Enlists Magic Johnson to Frighten Young People

  1. Another clueless, ignorant spokesperson for the worst thing to happen to all Americans in generations.
    He assumes that if one plays a sport they will, not may, but will get injured bad enough to require hospitalization.
    He assumes that children can’t get immunized unless their parents have purchased health insurance.
    He assumes that a bare-bones physical (what Obamacare pays for) will help with early detection of a serious life-threatening disease.

    Why do they do this to the public, why lie by omission of the many co-pays, the huge deductibles, and the limited access to actual health providers that Obamacare means to the insured.
    Why lie, why try to sell to a skeptical public what is mandated by law, what they must do, must buy.

  2. “Everyone deserves healthcare.”

    Constitution – healthcare . . . nope.
    Obamacare – healthcare . . . it’s the law . . . punishible by the IRS.

    What’s this “deserves” stuff?

  3. It was no Bronze Beauty that kept Magic going all these years as an HIV Pos.

    Speaking of banking on lack of awareness, a smart woman I know recently remarked to me–“Sarah Palin–she’s in favor of death panels, right?”

  4. Keith I cannot find the stamina to listen to another former athlete at this time. I promise I will later today.
    Do you have a current film of an athlete explaining to youngsters, that I was very fortunate, talented, and plain lucky with my career?
    Explain to them to study hard in school, etc. Also explain to kids how evil drugs and drug dealing is.

  5. These people act like they are the ones who invented health insurance! Like we’re all a bunch of Aborigines who just arrived from the dark side of the planet.
    Here in Kalifornia, the young ones now have a choice:
    $400 for a bag of legalized marijuana; or $400/mo for Obamacare. Easy peasy!

  6. Come on, Magic. If it weren’t for the millions that you had 22 years ago to afford the best healthcare and expensive drugs that money could buy.

    Your current good health has nothing to do with Obamacare.