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Quote of the Day || January 17, 2014

“The buck stops here. As Secretary of State, I took full responsibility for Benghazi, even though I had nothing to do with it.”

– Hillary Clinton

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

22 Responses to Quote of the Day || January 17, 2014

  1. Do democrats really think HRC can escape culpability for Benghazi? The BHO administration’s State Department has been and continues to be a carnival of fools!

  2. No joke. That’s the line of defense she and her drones are taking: she took responsibility for the State Department, but she didn’t say she took responsibility for herself. Looking for a few good fall guys.

  3. Its a shame that our presidential elections are fixed like the third-world nations are. I just hope we can go back to the good old American days. We are in real trouble with commies running the government.

  4. Good on Lindsey Graham. On Hannity Graham says “…if Hillary Clinton was too distraught to appear on television .. is she really capable of being CiC, President”

    I am often at odds with Miss Lindsey but he has been persistent on Benghazi and I don’t recall ever seeing him this animated or agitated as he was tonight on Benghazi.

    • Graham is a blow hard who does nothing but live to get his face in front of a camera. The constitution has become an irrelevant document or guideline as it has been described. I am so disgusted by the events of Benghazi and the cover up of events to win the election. I am even more dismayed at how the Congress did nothing but have a few hearings taking perjured testimony, allowing The State Department to be ignore subpoenas for documents and hide witnesses. What is the conclusion ?? Ambassador Stevens committed suicide……….

      The Republicans leadership is just as guilty as the administration for being complicit in this. I saw Isaa was visiting NH. Really?? Oversight is more than going on Fox after hearings and stating the witnesses lied.

      • Don’t disagree with you. My problem with LG is always a lot of outrage but backs down in the end. Good example — his ultimate confirmation of Brennan.

        This time what really concerns me is that Graham’s outrage on overdrive largely I think because he knows this is it — Benghazi will go no further.

        This Congress will not rein in this man.

  5. We all saw it on TV. We all could see help was needed!
    Has any other Ambassador come forward with their thoughts on Benghazi? Who is the current Ambassador for Benghazi?

    • Ha! having any other Ambs. come forward…?
      Not gonna happen (especially under the revengful Obama regime) if they want to keep their cushy jobs-careers.

      • I keep hoping and praying there is one or two brave people.
        Most of them are rich enough to live without the job they have now. Shame on anyont keeping the job for all the payoffs an promises they gave. There are always brave people who jump in the street to save someone from getting hit. Dive in rough water to save someone. I am asking witnesses, people in government postions who know more than we already now to come forward. We have so many miitary people risk there lives NOW and in the past to keep our Country as the America (we once knew). However the people who know the disgusting details are mute.
        Our Country is changing though out each day! I am exhausted keeping up with everything