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Obamas Made Hawaii Trip to Showcase Income Inequality

In what can only be described as a remarkable sacrifice for the public good, the Obamas’ extended vacation in Hawaii was staged entirely to showcase for the public what happens when you allow too much income inequality.

According to White House advisors close to the president – not close, as in standing next to him all the time, but who have a close relationship with him, at least professionally – the Obamas planned and executed their exorbitant excursion to Hawaii for no other reason than to show Americas how disgustingly well the disgustingly rich live and to drum up support for Obama’s agenda to close the income gap.

“The president and Mrs. Obama this year wanted to just take a three-day weekend at a Ramada Inn in Philadelphia,” said one White House source. “But they felt that, for the good of the country, they must head to Honolulu so people could understand what’s really going on with income inequality.

On the record, aides were more circumspect. “The president always stands ready to do what’s right for the American people, even if this involves some inconvenience and level of sacrifice on his part” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

To drive the point home, President Obama played golf nine times while in Hawaii. “I’m sick of golf. I’m not going,” Obama snapped as he was told by aides he must head out to the links for the ninth and final time.

The president then had to be restrained after smashing a vase of orchids with his putter, according to sources who were present at the time of the incident, which occurred in the billiards room of his rental home. But aides then calmed him down and convinced him he must shoot one last round – for the people’s sake.

Soon after playing, it was time to head home.

But Mrs. Obama, who is whispered to be the most forceful advocate within the White House of ending income inequality, believed that even after more than two weeks on vacation, the Obamas had not done enough. With time running out on their rental, Michelle volunteered to make the arduous journey from Oahu to Maui, where she would spend another nine days or so at the home of Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah’s pad was not her first choice, aides emphasized.

“She expressed a desire to stay at the Maui Motel 6, but we convinced her that the only way to truly make her point was to hang out with Oprah,” said a person close to Michelle. Again, not person close to Michelle  like sitting at the same table with her or something, but close to her in that, you know, they talk.

According to several informed sources, Michelle is considering skiing this year in the Alps, believing that her annual trips to Aspen do not sufficiently showcase the lifestyles of the rich and famous for the benefit poor people.

Meanwhile, Obama next month will jet down to Florida again for golf lessons with Tiger Woods, and he plans to enhance this symbolic demonstration of the income gap with a practical step toward closing it by this time tipping the caddies.

26 Responses to Obamas Made Hawaii Trip to Showcase Income Inequality

    • I’m suspicious of that story, Girly1. First of all, doubt the last straw for Mooch would be the effeminate one schmoozing with someone of the female persuasion. She probably wouldn’t even raise those drawn on eyebrows if he was caught in a compromising position with Reggie or one of his other male underlings. Also doubt the origin of the separate bedrooms. My guess is these two have had a MINO (marriage in name only) long before the funeral selfie.

      • Oh, I agree Susan. Can’t imagine Breezy Preezy having any interest in members of the opposite sex. What are the chances of the NE getting any info from anyone associated with the most secretive administration in history? We’ll just have to hope for a tell-all book.
        MINO – that’s a keeper, lol.

    • That story has a lot of details that ring true. We saw NO pictures of the two of them having fun, and he certainly did spend a lot of time w/o her (including the visit to his grandfather’s grave). It’s not the way a loving couple spends a holiday.

      Plus, her continuation in Hawaii – staying not an extra week but basically until the last possible moment before she HAD to be home (invites for her b-day).

      I don’t know if I believe he’s cheating with a woman, though.

      • I could believe he has a boy toy or a few, but I also highly doubt he has much interest in females- except maybe for tips on makeup and clothes.

  1. What a guy. One day he raises my blood pressure, the next he’s making me laugh.
    I digress.
    I am so inspired by the Obama’s sacrifice and public service to even live over the store, so to speak, rather than the mansion they own, that I will double my trips to the local Indian casino to share my meagre wealth with the impoverished Native Americans.
    Just doing my part for the greater good.

  2. Well done, Obama family. Mission Accomplished.

    (tip to the O family… next time, send the girls on separate vacations at the same time. More security costs, flight expense, etc. You’re welcome)

  3. Sure, I spend all my holidays in swank private accommodations in Hawaii, don’t we all? BO talks a good game, but until he spends a year or two in the trailer park or down in da ‘hood, he has no right to say jack about “income inequality.”

    All I can say is thanks a lot, BO, for doing all you can to put the screws to the working poor so everyone will be equally poor instead of remembering that “a high tide lifts all boats.” Those of us who work but who are taxed to death and can’t afford our own health care really appreciate footing the bill so slackers can have what we can’t afford- for free.

    There’s income inequality in this country alright- the working poor get raped to pay for people who aren’t willing to work and for the “Santa Claus” politicians (i.e. Obama) who perpetuate the inequity in the system.

  4. Couldn’t help but laugh. Obumma & Mushell are such caring people. Glad they are so willing to share their in depth insights with we peons. I never would have known how evil the rich are.

    Now share the damned wealth, quit robbing us!!!.

    • I’m just waiting for O’Reilly to pull a Howard Beale, and for all of America to run to the windows yelling, “I’m as mad as h*** and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”

      Barring that, I hope they’ll yell something similar–even silently–at the polls this November.