As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || January 16, 2014

Bipartisan report: Benghazi preventable . . . Washington Post
Chambliss: Al Qaeda members led on Benghazi . . . Fox News
GOP pushes for IRS targeting probe . . . Fox News
Experts: still not secure . . . Reuters
Cybersecurity chief questioned website . . . Associated Press
Judge upholds Obamacare subsidies . . . Reuters
Can Obama’s solo act be stopped? . . . Politico Magazine
Obama’s scaled down hopes . . . Washington Post
Obama powwows with Senate Dems . . . Politico
Obamas to ask colleges to help poor . . . Associated Press

9 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 16, 2014

  1. Colleges help poor. We have a system, If you do your work, study very hard, you make get a scholarship.
    So what is the new plan? Is it that you can sit in the back of the class, sleeping though half of the course in highscool, and since you are poor you get to go to college?
    What is wrong with this man. The next idea he will have is to offer everyone to go to College. Your 45, no money, your grades did not cut the mustard. That’s Ok. Go back to school everyone!!!
    Why isn’t he having a meeting with all the airlines and hotels, restaurants to offer everyone a trip to Hawaii?

  2. The above politico magazine article is very good reading

    The problem with Congress seizing back their power from the President is that you have to have a Congress willing to do so.
    Obviously Harry Reid has done everything he can to enable full President power (especially the lowering of appointments to 51%).

    I’m not sure Boehner is interested either.

    What they don’t get is that it has nothing to do with Obama but ALL PRESIDENTS and ALL CONGRESSES.

    Shameful that they don’t want to give in to resetting the checks and balances.

    • What is the limit of Congress ignoring what is going on?
      What is the limit going to be for O to continue to ignore the Constitution? “Pen and Phone”
      What happened to the brave loan wolf? There has to more than one brave democrate Congressman to come out and speak of all of the Mess. Be brave, be concerned, do your job correctly,
      I don’t want to hear another word from Clinton or Carter, unless they have the guts to speak of all of the Mess, and how it needs to stop!!!

  3. Why do I get the idea that this push for more “access” to college is designed to attract those who’ll be voting for the first time this November?

    However, I’m all for colleges helping poor students prepare for the SAT and ACT. I’ve looked at preparatory programs at my son’s school and those available at the local public school, and the difference is astounding.

  4. Can Obama’s Solo Act Be Stopped – POLITICO

    The ability to stop Obama from running amok depends solely on Congressional ‘standing’. Several lawsuits have been initiated, including Sen. Ron Johnson – challenging Obama’s decision to exempt Congress from the exchanges….and Rep. Tom Rice’s STOP – Stop This Overreaching Presidency – challenging several presidential
    These lawsuits will succeed or fail based strictly on congressional ‘standing’. The article explains the intricacies of ‘standing’ and prior cases where congressional standing failed in the courts.

    “If congressional standing is denied in such cases, there will be no other way to check such presidential usurpation short of impeachment. This is not something the framers of the Constitution would have sanctioned. As the court observed in Clinton, the president does not have “unilateral power to change the text of duly enacted statutes.” That is an important constitutional rule that the current president apparently thinks he can ignore, but the courts must ultimately be willing to enforce.”

    ****I don’t see why Obama cannot be impeached and convicted for the Big Lies – Obamacare, Benghazi. By the time the lawsuits get through the courts, Obama will be sipping pina coladas somewhere on the Hawaiian Islands!