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Christie Learns his Lesson About the Media

Journalists love a straight talker. They adore someone like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who lets his authenticity all hang out.

But the media, Christie discovered this past week, love other things too.

What happened to the love?
What happened to the love?

They love the storyline of building a politician up and then watching him plummet into a crevice of his own making. It’s so so juicy for a popular politician to face his inevitable reckoning.

And they love Democrats more than Republicans. So while President Obama got the hagiographic treatment as his bright new star ascended, journalists never hungered to tear him down. But they’ll go right after Christie.

The Corleone-style payback to Fort Lee’s mayor by tying up traffic on the George Washington Bridge is a legitimate story. It says potentially disconcerting things about the way Christie runs his shop and the type of people he surrounds himself with. But this is not Watergate.

Nor is the Christie saga equivalent to use of the IRS to target political opponents, or failing to protect our embassy in Benghazi and then offering up misleading statements about it, and several other Obama scandals.

Writing in Politico today, National Review Editor Rich Lowry captures the issue nicely:

Usually, it takes winning the GOP presidential nomination for a Republican media darling to experience such an onslaught of gleefully negative press coverage. John McCain was the straight-talking maverick right up until the moment he effectively clinched the nomination in 2008 — immediately triggering a thinly sourced New York Times report insinuating an affair with a lobbyist.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has gotten his disillusioning out of the way early, if he needed it. An occupational hazard of a certain kind of Republican is wanting to be loved by the wrong people. If the past week hasn’t cured Christie of that tendency, nothing will.

I searched the CNN website just now and found around 60 pieces devoted to Christie in the last four days. Does anyone remember that kind of intensive coverage like for the Obama scandals?

If the Bush administration had done the things Obama did, if it had targeted enemies through the IRS, we’d be well into impeachment hearings now, in part due to intrepid investigations by the press. His aides would be under subpoena to discuss what he was doing the night of the Benghazi attack, something we still don’t know about Obama.

Christie, as Lowry writes, has gotten a baptism in the kind of cold water the press will throw on him when it gets the chance. For him, better sooner than later.

32 Responses to Christie Learns his Lesson About the Media

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  1. I agree with all you say about Christie being the victim of overkill while Obama skates on everything. However, Christie is not a victim overall, he has been damaged, but he opened himself up to this with all his previous behavior. The Republicans would do well to make token noise about his treatment, but let him fend for himself. Having said that, I freely admit that I never wanted him to the 2016 candidate.

    Incidentally I notice the media still portraying him as the only Republican candidate of significance facing Hillary Clinton. That’s another tactic of theirs.

  2. Christie may have learned his lesson about the media, but did he learn his lesson from ruthless presidents who will do or say anything for a hug and a photo-op two weeks before a general election, including a personal phone call from Bruce Springstein from AF1 ?

    Sorry, I will never forgive CC for the hug that was felt around the world. He has conservatives over a barrel. If he does get the nomnation, G-d forbid, what do we do? Hold our collective noses? The thought of Shrillary is too gruesome to contemplate.
    Thankfully, it’s early!

    • I will not hold my nose and vote for a Republican if the only difference between candidates is the label. What purpose would it serve?

      • I agree, Julie. After all the beltway bloviators convinced the Republican base that Romney was the only electable candidate out there, he lost anyway. I’m done with the establishment picks for our leaders, and will never again go against my principles and vote for another RINO.

        • : – )) You may already know, but the “party” I, and I think you, belong to, the non-affiliated “party” has the biggest slice of the pie chart now: 42%. The Democrats are in the 30s, and the Republicans are below 30% You’d think they’d figure out by now that they are not doing something right.

          • To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, I didn’t leave the Republican party; the Republican party left me. Attacking their voter base sure isn’t going to win them any converts either.

      • I would walk over glass in a snowstom to get to a voting booth just to keep Hill and Bill out of the WH. If Christie gets the nomination, he will get my vote via absentee ballot, lol. Can’t imagine going from Obama to Hillary – horrors!

  3. Gird your loins folks.
    This is what we can expect in the next year with the mid-terms and especially 2016.
    Liberals can get away with murder,…and they have.
    Sarah Palin and Scott Walker have been given death threats along with their families because of their opinion and their opposition to anything that the left deems “offensive to their agenda.”

    The immorality that is being forced upon this Nation is disgusting.
    Our schools are becoming propaganda centers teaching that homosexuality is fine,….IN KINDERGARTEN !!!

    Home schooling is just wrong,…according to the libs.
    I don’t blame the parents that want to home school their children, more power to them !
    You are probably doing them a bigger favor than you realize.

    Time to stand up for the Country again.
    The values that we hold dearly as the very foundation this Country was built upon.

    Christian Principles that never fail us.

    Rant Off.

    • Way too young. I was such a tomboy at that age, and for little girls that was normal. Loved going to the old Brooklyn Dodgers games and fishing with my grandfather. Dad took me to the old Washington Senators games and taught me to keep score. Mom and Grandma tried to dress me up in frilly girlie clothes and I cried. Then puberty kicked it……:D I don’t think the “sexy” chat kicked in until my 12th birthday, when my parents gave me “the book”. Until then, leave the damn kids alone!

  4. Can’t Christie and Gates get married–or something to freshen up this old news? Christie likes to play hardball–and the press is playing hardball. Hope he enjoys it.

    • I think the likes of Matt Lauer, Katie Couric and Judy Woodruff taking disgusting, disrespectful pot shots at Gates would be lively enough — asshats.

      Lauer suggesting that writing the book undermined troop morale — since when does Matt Lauer give a damn about troop morale? And if we have a morale problem I think that is due to Gates’ former boss’ lack of conviction in their mission.

  5. In my opinion, we haven’t had an unbiased press for decades. It has just become more noticeable because of the advent of new media. A more accurate example of the bias of the legacy media might be the news coverage of Richard Milhous Nixon compared to that of Barack Hussein Obama. They are similar in that both committed impeachable offenses while holding the office of president. Nixon, the Republican, with the Watergate coverup and his attempt to use the IRS to attack his enemies. Obama, the Democrat, with his numerous coverups and the actual use of the IRS to attack his enemies as well as regular taxpaying Americans who don’t tow the party line. Betcha the balance of news stories on those two subjects are extremely lopsided as well. Sadly, state-run media will never change. They’ll never stop cheerleading for the ideological left, aka the Democrat party, because they are one and the same.

  6. That hug with Obama a week before the election will cost Christie !!!!
    And we are seeing it now. He’s not getting much support with Bridgegate !!!!!
    And Obama never really helped NJ even with all the ass kissing by Chrisitie !!!!!