As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Obama Awaits Reporters

Here’s an odd little snippet that appears to have been taken just before the White House allowed reporters in to hear Obama’s statement prior to his Cabinet meeting Tuesday. It must have been taken by White House videographers.

At the conclusion you can see the camera pan to the door of the Cabinet Room, which is just being opened for the press to pile in.

22 Responses to Video || Obama Awaits Reporters

    • Whistling. People usually whistle when all is well, when they are happy about everything at one time. Peaceful.
      People usually do not whistle when they have a load of worries, when a load of people disagree with you and your actions, etc.
      Now a bank robber may whistle to or from a bank robbery. Even a bank robber see he has a job to do and doesn’t whistle during the robbery.

    • He probably doesn’t have a care in the world. Lady Moochelle is still in Hawaii with her BFFs, including ValJar, so no one is in the Big White to make sure he isn’t smoking.

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  1. I feel sorry for Hagel now, sitting next to Obama. Knowing what Gates thinks of Obama’s amateur military record. Sometimes it is not good to sit beside or even behind someone who leads from behind.

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