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Gates: Reid “War is Lost” Comment “Disgraceful”

We all remember when in April 2007 Harry Reid pissed in his pants and declared that the United States of America had lost a war – even while American troops were serving in the field.

Gosh, that’s a morale booster. Well, he should have lost his job for that one, but, no matter. It turned out the war WASN’T LOST AT ALL. Harry Reid was lost.

Luckily our boys and gals who were in Iraq were made of finer stuff than that, as was George W. Bush.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who’s out and about promoting his book, today termed Reid’s comment “disgraceful.” Would have been nice if he said so while still in office.

What’s with the neck brace? Looks like Obama’s goons got to him.

11 Responses to Gates: Reid “War is Lost” Comment “Disgraceful”

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  2. Personally I would have preferred he resigned and spoke up earlier. That said, in my heart of hearts I have to think he stayed out of loyalty to the troops — Panetta would have been in sooner, and it would have been worse. At least I can land comfortably in this position.

    And Harry Reid exemplifies the worst of the progressives. He would defend a cowboy poet before this country or our troops.

  3. Yes, Harry Reid’s comment was disgraceful. But not as disgraceful as Obama’s withdrawal in Iraq.. The war was already won in 2008 before Obama took office. Obama’s refusal to negotiate the status of forces agreement/residual troops and his surrender of all of our bases to please our enemy, Iran, resulted in AQ re-taking Fallujah.
    This is beyond disgraceful!

    I have not read the Gates book. So far, I have not heard one criticism from him regarding Obama’s treasonous actions in Iraq. In fact, he has nothing but praise for him with the exception of his ‘lack of passion’.
    There was a virtual love-fest with Gates and the MJ gang this morning. Very disconcerting.

  4. I won’t spend a penny on his book much less read it. I greatly admired Robert Gates once upon a time. If he cares so much about the military, why didn’t he speak out when it would have really made a difference. Gutless wonder.

  5. Harry Reid is more than a disgrace. He is perpetrating outright subversion upon America.
    His running of the Senate as a tin pot dictator has so poisoned a once respected institution that until he goes as majority leader there is NO hope.
    I heard the other day that there have only been 8 amendments allowed to be voted on in the last 6 months?
    And that little stunt yesterday that he and the Dems “care” about the unemployed while Repubs just arguing over procedure? Partisanship at its absolute worst.
    More and more it looks like Levin’s Liberty Amendments may be the only thing left to save this country short of an all out renewing of Jefferson’ Liberty Tree.