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Endangered NC Senator Skips Obama Trip

Instead of accompanying President Obama to her state today, deeply imperiled Democratic North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan will remain in Washington, where she supposedly to needs to work on her important Senate stuff.

Kay Hagan
I'm washing my hair.

But the Senate isn’t expected to take up any serious legislation until “late in the day,” according to The Hill’s Floor Action blog, when it “may” begin work on a wide ranging spending bill. Obama will be back from North Carolina by 3:15 pm ET.

Republicans and their allies at Americans for Prosperity are spending millions on TV ads seeking to tarnish Hagan for supporting Obamacare. An appearance with Obama in the state would have provided some fresh new footage for the next round of ads.

Hagan currently trails all her Republican challengers.

Here’s a defensive Jay Carney trying to ward off CNN’s Brianna Keilar, who archly notes that Hagan’s excuse amounts to an “I’m washing my hair” defense.

Carney can get huffy all he wants, but this is just the beginning of what is sure to be a lengthy procession of Democrats holding their noses as Obama comes to town.

20 Responses to Endangered NC Senator Skips Obama Trip

    • What I find interesting is that People Magazine is the only “news source” to which she granted a birthday interview. I guess she’s found the level where she belongs. This is meant to go under Denise’s comment, but I don’t know if that is where it’s headed.

    • Re the botox queen: She is turning out to be as big a liar as her husband. Dumb, too. All one needs to do is look at before and after pics. She has had her jaw shaved, the nose shrunk, the brow lifted, the teeth planed, cheek implants, lipo….everything but a boob job. Sheesh!

      • It would certainly explain her absence most of the last 3 years.
        She’s going to be especially charming now with her taste of the
        good life with O and without the other O. Oh how we’ll pay big
        time till Jan 2017.

    • MO is supposed to host students for a movie screening this afternoon. Haven’t seen any news report of whether she’s back or if she’s decided to run away from home.

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  1. Carney: “This isn’t a campaign event”.

    To paraphrase Bill Clinton, “It depends what the meaning of ‘campaign’ is”.

    Most of Obama’s time is spent doing four things: campaigning, golfing, vacationing, and being cool.

    To be fair, he does spend a minimal amount of time governing.

    • If you’re controlling who attends your events, it’s a campaign event. There’s no doubt in my mind ticket holders are carefully screened and probably not all students. Wouldn’t be surprised if there were a protester plant just to make it look real. Proof would be a snappy, quick response from Preezy to make him look smart.

  2. Why does the Press Corps allow Baby Jay to get away with being so arrogant and condescending??? He gets away with being a bully in a baby’s body. WAKE UP ED HENRY!! Take it to him!!!

  3. Hagan is a typical ruling class cockroach. Once you turn the lights on, they go scrambling for cover. The arrogant behavior of the carney barker is outrageous, but it sure does work with the state-run media. They cower down to this little punk with barely a whimper.

  4. LOL I can remember years ago using the excuse that I had to wash my hair.
    I read that Hagan will be attending the meeting later today with Obama and the Democratic Caucus. One wonders if people like Hagan, Pryor, Landrieu and others will dare to speak up to him.
    Pryor is worried. I received a strange e-mail from him yesterday….something about how is cracking down on interference with grain silos on farms in our state????

  5. Hagan gets a 7 on the Obama’s traitor scale.

    Hagan will just have to learn to embrace the suck. She was only too happy to be seen with him when she thought he wasn’t toxic. Too late to revise history now.