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White House: We’re Not Waitin’ for No Silly Congress

You thought the rewriting of Obamacare from the Oval Office was bad? The passage of the Dream Act by vote of the president’s advisors? The unapproved war in Libya? Folks, we’re just getting started.

From an email sent out by Obama consigliere Dan Pfeiffer.

President Obama has a resolution for 2014: that this will be a year of action. … He will be looking for areas of bipartisan cooperation, but he won’t be waiting on Congress to act. Instead, the President will use his executive authority, both his pen and his phone, to work with anyone to get things done — whether they be leaders in business, education, Congress, states, or local communities … [W]hen the President travels to North Carolina this Wednesday, he’ll announce a new public-private effort to boost advanced manufacturing that attracts the kind of well-paying jobs that sustain a growing middle class. … [I]f you’re in, then let President Obama know you’re standing behind him.”

Bolding is mine.

The message includes this website address, where you can add yourself to the White House email list, which will be used, no doubt like the campaign email list, to gin up “grassroots” support for Obama. Even uses the campaign solicitation, Are you in?

I have a problem with using the White House website as a rank advocacy tool. I get that it’s going to be employed to make the president look like a wonderful person. But it’s still The People’s House, and this is The People’s Website. Funded by The People. I think they’re overdoing it. But what’s new?

When you’re going to be legislating from the Oval Office for the next three years, improper use of a website must hardly seem an issue.

H/T to Playbook.

37 thoughts on “White House: We’re Not Waitin’ for No Silly Congress”

  1. Are you in–with what? Trampling custom and law? Turning rogue? Riding roughshod? Governing my insult and straw man? Uh–I am not in. And what the heck are these companies that suddenly have great paying jobs galore?

    1. Our bold leadership just aided and abetted in passing a ONE TRILLION $ BUDGET. What the Hell is going on with our Conservative leaders in Congress! Talk about rolling over and playing dead. Real conservatives need to shake things up and get rid of the RINOs! And start impeachment proceedings against Obama for sleeping during the Benghazi attack and then lying about it!

  2. Republican Pat McCroy better watch himself hosting President Obama. Look at what has happened to Christy. Don’t let the president take credit for successes attributable to conservative policies. If he wants to get in front of anybody let him go to Detroit and stand in front of this memorial to failed Liberal Policy!

  3. Utter hubris! He meant to say ‘sitting on the beach in Waikiki’ with a pen and a phone. Everything but Constitutional authority! Macho Man! Does the cat have the tongue of the wimps in Congress? Call him on it, for pete’s sake!

  4. I have a problem with using the White House website as a rank advocacy tool.

    If it was OK for Goebbels, it should be OK for Obama, right?

  5. This is deja vu economic stimulus how many times now? The highest court is reviewing Obama’s authority to make recess appointments. I hope the court rules against him, but it is only a start. The entire definition of what is executive privilege and authority needs to be settled.

    1. The definition of executive privilege is defined in the Constitution.
      Now what happens if the court is intimidated and says, well OK,….he can do that ?

  6. Evidently he feels that there is no-one out there to stop him.
    His arrogance is over the top.
    His vow to bypass congress is the most egregious example of an in your face dictator that I have ever seen.
    Boehner and Reid are complicit in the take over of this Country, and both need to be removed.
    Anyone that can be intimidated by the likes of Obama does not deserve to represent the people of this Nation.

    1. I just read and hadn’t known before, but Harry Reid is trying to keep a vote on new sanctions for Iran from coming to the floor. I agree with you about both Reid and Boehner. We will get rid of Reid if the Republicans retake the Senate, but Boehner needs to be taken down in the primaries. They make up a domestic axis of evil: Obama, Reid and Boehner.

      1. With Reid and Boehner out of the way, Obama is going to have a hard row to hoe.
        The next obstacle will be Eric Holder, but we need a select committee with subpoena power in order to silence him.

    2. His arrogance comes from his belief that he is pragmatic. His decisions have been reached after much deliberation with the facts. Thus, those who disagree with him are simply … stupid. Thus, he simply HAS to go around us stupid people and rule by EO.

      Idi Amin and Mugabe probably reached a similar conclusion.

  7. Using the “official” site reminds me of how Congressmen would get in trouble for misusing their franking (free postage) privilege. Isn’t this the same thing? Looks like it should have been sent out by OFA, which is supported by Obama donors.

    1. Since the post office is in dire straits, I think that the congress critters should pay their own postage.
      But then,…that would be redundant as we pay their salaries.

  8. This.

    And this. DOJ will not file charges in IRS harrassment/abuse against Tea Party.

    But the federal government will use all the resources at its disposal to go after Chris Christie.

    And the Praetorian Guard will assist in the takedown of this Republic.

  9. The more problems he has, the more they accuse you of being the problem.

    This is a quote from Mark Levin regarding the attempts to silence Conservatives and Libertarians.

    And it is the reason why Barack Obama can rule by pen and phone.

    I am heartily discouraged in this first month of 2014.

  10. “A president who is not bound by the law is no longer a president; and if you love liberty that should concern you greatly.” – Senator Ted Cruz

    1. And what do you do with all this concern. The electoral process is so corrupt and fraudulent — dead people vote, illegals vote, we bus in Somalis, money trumps ethics, military absentee ballots are neutered, we no longer have the rule of law with Holder at justice.

      And all of America is in love with its own voice.

      1. I agree. America’s future looks very bleak right now, but we can’t give up the fight. We must continue to hammer our Congress members about enforcing the rule of law and defeat those who won’t listen in the primaries; work with our state representatives on an Article 5 convention to amend the Constitution; and pray to God for redemption.

  11. Every time the President works “around” Congress instead of through Congress, And uses the Departments & Agencies of the Government to enact his political agenda “under the radar”, instead of in public view with the proper accompanying public debate … he is eliminating the People’s voice from their Government. Further destroying Our Constitutional Guarantee of a Representative form of Government that is truly OF, BY, and FOR The People, All People, and All political Partys. It amazes me that so many Democrats are perfectly OK with that, or else fail to see where that road will inevitably take us. The Democrats, from within their own ranks, have the power to stop this censorship of The People’s Voice in Government. The question is, Do they care enough and are they aware enough to do something about it ? Or will they just sit back and let it happen … to All of us ?

  12. Larry the Divorce Attorney

    Me thinks Barry will have more pressing problems than performing his presidential duties in the coming months. I’ve gone ahead and signed up and stated I’m in! I just hope there are not too many other lawyers in front of me.

  13. Let’s see. About that rule by pen and phone. He could just use the auto pen. And I guess he has the Executive Obamaphone — with special kneecapping, knuckle cracking and arm twisting features.

  14. In effect, Obama has announced that he is assuming the legislative responsibilities of the United States Congress. In the name of his insane, destructive, leftist agenda, he plans to legislate whatever he wants into law, or stature or directive. And the MSM is essentially silent, the House leadership is spineless, the Senate leadership is his servant.

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