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WH Tries to Calm Fears Global Warming Might Not Happen

Global warming alarmists, don’t be alarmed! The recent two-day return of the ice age in the United States – and that 3-degrees-out football game you watched on TV – are nothing to be frightened of. In fact, they’re the result of global warming.

Many of you are already aware that global warming also causes global cooling. It’s why global warming was rebranded as climate change.

Global warming also causes hurricanes, tornadoes, nightmares, and stinky feet.

Here’s President Obama’s Science and Technology Advisor, Dr. John Holdren, coming to the rescue just when you thought MAYBE THERE’S NO GLOBAL WARMING.

24 thoughts on “WH Tries to Calm Fears Global Warming Might Not Happen”

  1. There IS Global Warming!
    There IS.
    How do I know?
    As of right this second, President Obama is spending his precious time with the HEAT.

    How can there be no global warming without the Heat?

    Ohhhhh, it’s a basketball team.
    Ohhhhh, he’s spending the more time with the Heat than his individual cabinet members?
    Well, never mind.

  2. OH GREAT !! Not only will we be SUFFERING with MANY THINGS

    DOOM , GLOOM and AGONY on me !!!

    I suppose I can handle the Stinky Feet OK lol!!!

  3. Mssr. Jacque Kerry Heinz seems to be causing a little global warming himself. Today, while visiting Vatican officials, he said that Obama would be meeting with the Pope…soon. The WH responded by saying there is no date as yet. Memo to Jacque: No one ‘visits’ the Pope; they are given an audience.

    On another front, the Israeli Foreign Minister called Mssr. Kerry ‘messianic’ and ‘obsessed’ with trying to work a peace deal . He also said Kerry needs to be given the Oslo Peace prize so that he can leave them (Israel) in peace, lol. The WH is furiious, needless to say, demanding that Netanyahu apologize for his FM.

    Obama is desperate for a deal…any deal. Even a secret ‘side deal’ with Iran will suffice. G-d help us all.

    1. OH,on the contrary…………ovomit THINKS IT’S GOING TO HAVE A MEETING, it doesn’t know there’s a difference between that and an audience, it thinks it and the she wolf can jump on airforce- zero, and saunter right on in on demand.

  4. OT the all important topic of Global Warming which will bring scorch and ruin to our great planet unless we ACT and ACT and ACT now. Send check to or OFA — we will get them one way or the other.

    That said the following, I think, is funny. My caveat I do believe that people who live in the US and benefit from taxes and government should be able to read English. And I mean no disrespect to legal Hispanic Americans everywhere.

    But this is funny commentary on the Obamacare Hispanic website. And I needed a laugh.

  5. Don’t forget this satanic freak also believes in forced abortion, and advocates for the introduction of sterilants into our drinking water and food staples. His solution to the fraud that is global warming? Getting rid of all human life, except for masterminds like himself of course.

  6. Goldilocks selected the best soup that she could find.
    One was too hot, one was too cold, one was just right.
    I believe that the Lord created the universe, and that He selected this planet as the best one to create His people in His image.
    In our time.
    That does not mean that our Lord has only created one.
    That does not mean that the Lord has not created more throughout the universe.
    Eternity is something that we cannot comprehend.
    Who knows,…who really knows what God’s plan has been or will be ?

    The universe has been described as a sphere with no edges and no center.
    Our own Milky Way is 100,000 light years across.
    The Milky Way is just one of billions of galaxies.

  7. Is it global warming that is setting my hair on fire when I hear this nonsense? Spare me.

    Scotso, humor noted on the HEAT. One step ahead of the crowd..

  8. The Greeks and the Romans called it “The Gods are pissed at us”. Never in my life did I ever think that so many would be fooled by so few into destroying their own lives for the sake of a billionaire’s cult. The day George Soros and Al Gore succumb to their mortality will be one of the best days this planet has seen in decades.

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