In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 15, 2013

9:45 am || Departs White House
11:10 am || Arrives Raleigh, North Carolina
11:35 pm || Tours Vacon, Inc.; Durham, North Carolina
1:05 pm || Delivers remarks; North Carolina State University, Raleigh
2:05 pm || Departs Raleigh
3:15 pm || Arrives White House
5:30 pm || Meets with Senate Democratic Caucus

All times Eastern

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    1. Well the divorce rumors are starting again Enquirer and a couple
      others. She’s supposedly sleeping in a separate bedroom at the
      WH or dear we didn’t see this coming did we?:/)))

      1. I thought they had separate bedrooms because he was too stinky and snorey? Anyhow, no matter where they sleep, I guess he won’t be tucking her into bed anymore.

        “We have a ritual where he tucks me in, because I’m usually in bed before anybody,” the First Lady spilled. “He’ll come and turn the lights out and give me a kiss, and we’ll talk. He’s like, Ready to be tucked? I’m like, Yes I am.'”

    1. Thanks for the link, Susan. Levin is spot on, although I’m not so sure the coup is that quiet, i.e. the unconstitutional bestowal of amnesty for millions of Dreamers two years ago.
      Obama’s announcement to the Cabinet today is a declaration of war! A war on the People of this country.
      We need to hear from Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and whoever else has the guts to stand up to this criminal quisling. ASAP! The sllence is deafening.

      IMO, Obama is a yellow-belled coward at heart. He has tested the waters several times in the last 5 years. I suspect even he is taken aback by his ability to subvert the Constitution with little, or no, recrimination from Congress.

      If Congress should declare a national state of emergency in order to ferret out the words of a sitting president who has basically announced to the world that he is above the law and the Powers bestowed upon him, I am convinced he would fold like a cheap suit.

      We are sailing in uncharted waters. But the time to take Obama to the woodshed is long overdue. We are under attack!

        1. They’re spineless cowards who care more about keeping their cushy, high-paying jobs than protecting the country from the enemy within.
          It may take an act of civil disobedience – against all of them.

      1. I was away from the computer yesterday. Fox spent 30 seconds on this issue with O and his pen and Executive order.
        I appreciate the link. Congress needs to now tell him to take his pen and @*# it. If they do not they need to be queston by every citizen today!!!

    1. Duh. Must not his “Submit” too soon.

      I cannot find a list of the executives here in the US for Vacon.

      I can’t find it on Open Secrets, and I still am on my son’s computer, so I cannot find if there is any connection to this company or any other Finnish company involved in greenism.

  1. BHO’s presidency is the absolute proof that people generally get the government they deserve and supports Plato’s observation that people’s failure to be involved in government will find them ruled by their inferiors.

    1. Though the years everyone paid attention to the news. Some everyday, some every other day etc.
      However the problem is that people are not use to SO Many things happening so often. With this administration, it seems you cannot turn yourself away from the news for any short period of time.
      I was in meeting all day yesterday, fell asleep early and wake up to this pen and executive order issue.
      As far as the morning news the stations have to cut out all the entertainment and stick to the news. Some people only have time to watch it early in the morning.

  2. I don’t see anywhere in his schedule for emotional ceremony of Moochelle! For that matter, I don’t see time blocked out for choreography and intense rehearsal for such a welcome home ceremony.

    Which one is occupying Blair House until 2017???

  3. I think the reason we have difficulty with this coup thing is that it is a coup or revolution from within and America has never seen that. And also, our association with coup or revolution is generally active. This is a coup within the existing socio-political construct and government structure.

    It see it as an ideological coup — a coup of the Progressive Party with the goal of one real party rule — alongside an existing but neutered second party.

    During a coup or revolution one of the most important acts is to seize the communications media and Progressives have certainly done that.

    This was announced as a fundamental transformation of America. The moving force is the Progressive Party, the figurehead is Barack Obama. A change in Presidents from Obama to Clinton is no change.

    Of course, we will have to change El Presidente to La Presidenta. And the newly amnestied will have no problem with that and feminazis will insist upon it.

    1. For the last several years I feel like I am the media. What I mean by that is I take the time to dig for information, that is not being discussed or discussed enough on TV. I fill my friends and famly in bits and pieces. One thing I regret is all the news I have scribbled on a sheet of paper I did not keep. Maybe I will start today promise a spot to though all the notes in, than hide or bury it.

  4. Watch out Vacon Inc…. Obama is the grim reaper. He comes your business for a photo op on how the commie dog loves socially responsible free enterprise, then you go bankrupt.

        1. Vacon manufactures an electric motor part and provides a good photo op for Obama to tie in with his speech later when he announces the companies selected for his manufacturing institutes, created with $200 million from the taxpayers.

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