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MSNBC Contributor: Hillary Hit List Reporting “Sexist”

Never mind that one of the reporters who broke the story of the Hillary Clinton campaign’s “hit list” of hate traitors, Amie Parnes, is a woman.

Get ready, because this is what’s coming. Not only will Democrats be brandishing the “war on women” against Republicans, but they’ll be trumpeting the war on one particular woman, Hillary Clinton.

You think she’s too aggressive? You’re sexist.

You think she’s too passive? You’re sexist.

You think she screeches? You’re sexist.

You think she looks bedraggled today? You’re sexist.

You think her policies are poorly thought out? You’re sexist.

Even if you’re a woman, you’re sexist.

So stop being sexist, and start being on right side of history. Stop supporting misogynist Republicans and start helping Hillary, okay?

OMG, that kind of sounds sexist. A woman doesn’t need a man’s help.

Get behind Hillary today!

Oh, I can’t win.

94 thoughts on “MSNBC Contributor: Hillary Hit List Reporting “Sexist””

  1. You think she’s too aggressive? You’re sexist.

    You think she looks bedraggled today? You’re sexist.

    I can see both having some validity. A man who is aggressive is rarely named as such But, it’s largely the opposite for women. And, the shorthand for that tag usually is the word “bitch”.

    Judging a woman on her looks? How often is that assessment made of men.

    But, the whole campaign to label people who don’t like her as “sexists” is sexist itself.

    1. Men are judged on their looks as well. Height, age. Don’t fall for this “sexism” bullshit. Obama, we were repeatedly told, was cool and sexy. Every magazine cover had him in the most attractive light as possible. His image was marketing and sold.

        1. His weight is considered an issue because it has health implications. He still got elected governor, and he still (for a while) won a lot of admiration when he stood up to the public unions. When he made a joke about his weight, people laughed with him, not at him.

          When did anyone say a man shouldn’t run for president because the public won’t want to watch him getting older? That’s what Rush Limbaugh has said about Hlllary. He also likes to insinuate that a woman cannot really have legitimate “mainstream” value if she is “unattractive.”

          Rush is confident that his superficial judgments of women are a matter of genuine conservative wisdom. Many of his listeners obviously agree.

      1. There is a huge difference in the degree to which women and men are evaluated by external attributes.

        Comments may be made about men’s looks, but not nearly as habitually as comments about women’s looks. And you’re focusing on positive comments. Men don’t get the reflexive, totalizing, often viciously cruel negative judgments that so often fall on women because of age or looks.

        When men say a woman looks old or ugly, there is often a connotation of evil, as summed up in the term “old hag.” There is no equivalent for old men. If women get facelifts in an effort to escape the “old hag” label, they are ridiculed for that, too.

        Rush Limbaugh proudly asserts the view that a woman’s value is strictly tied to appearance. (Now that he’s got a trophy wife young enough to be his daughter, he’s even more insistent about it.) And it’s not uncommon for men to imply that only a raging leftist feminazi hag would object to cruel jibes about a woman’s physical attributes that she cannot change.

        Old, fat, ugly men can still get a lot of respect for character or personality or achievement, and their appearance becomes irrelevant. A woman’s appearance is never considered irrelevant to her moral worth.

        1. I confess I have used the words geezer and old fool many a time.

          Maybe this is a characteristic only of our American culture because with Golda Meier, Margaret Thatcher, and Angela Merkel their physical appearance must have been deemed irrelevant to their moral worth.

          I am not responsible for what Rush Limbaugh says, but the Republican candidate in 2016, all the Republican candidates in fact, need to be schooled in how to deal with Clinton. We don’t need any Aikins or Mourdocks. Are you reading this, Reince Priebus?

          1. “Geezer” and “fool” do not suggest evil in the way that “hag” does — not to mention “old witch,” sometimes used interchangeably. The tone of contempt that’s often used for “ugly old women” can be quite shocking.

            There’s a massive literature that in some fashion conveys a “beauty and the beast” theme, teaching that it’s morally proper to overlook a man’s external unattractiveness, and equally proper to regard external beauty as an exact indicator of a woman’s moral worth.

        2. “Rush Limbaugh proudly asserts the view that a woman’s value is strictly tied to appearance.”

          That is just not true. I listen to Rush every day and have never heard him equate a woman’s value to her physical features.

          1. Then you haven’t listened to him enough, or carefully enough.

            When Rush first started his talk show, he required women to send him a photo of themselves before he would even take their calls on the air. He never stopped defending this practice.

            He also likes to recite his “Undeniable fact of life # 7: Feminism was invented to give unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.” Rush clearly thinks feminism is bad; by implication, he thinks it’s wrong for “unattractive” women to seek the same “mainstream” value that women are granted on the basis of appearance.

            Just recently, he gleefully read some news item on the theme of how important it is for women to be good-looking, and that segment was chosen for his weekend “best of” hour. That wasn’t the only time he has gleefully read something supporting a superficial judgment of women

            Over the years, there have been many times when I’ve turned him off because his chauvinistic view of women slips out.

          2. Maybe you just take everything he says too seriously. Maybe my skin is a little thicker, having been raised with five brothers. I never took offense to his criticism of what he calls the NAGs (National Organization of Gals), because I know he wasn’t implying ALL women are feminazis. Besides, radical feminists truly do hate ALL men. As far as women sending in their photos before they could talk to him, that was a joke. Rush is an entertainer as well as a conservative pundit. As he has said many times, he illustrates absurdity by being absurd.

    2. I agree with you Mandy, there can sometimes be an element of sexism, and a different standard for women.

      The problem is that these kind of criticisms – and others as well – become off limits, and they are in fact thrown at men. I mean, in just the last couple of days, Christie has been accused of being an aggressive jerk – a bully – and his looks are constantly the subject of attention. Rahm Emanuel’s calling card was that he was a jerk. My point is that the left is going to use this to button up any criticism.

      1. O’Reilly compared Christie to Truman plain spoken. I think there’s
        a bit of a difference Truman was just a blunt speaker didn’t go to
        college and Missouri is very different from New Jersey.

    3. I don’t give a damn about the gender.
      The ideology and the integrity is what’s important.
      John Boehner is refusing to appoint a select committee with subpoena power to investigate the Benghazi affair.
      Why ?
      To quote Hillary, “What difference does it make.”
      Oh I think that it will make a lot of difference.
      Boehner is up for re-election in November, Hillary runs the chance of never getting her campaign off the ground.
      Obama will be exposed as the incompetent CIC he really is.

      I am sick of the machinations that the left uses to control this Country.
      Right now, Harry Reid is refusing to bring a vote to the floor that would strengthen sanctions against Iran that even the democrats in the senate feel is necessary.
      Obama has threatened to veto any bill that would do so.

      Three men,…Obama, Reid, and Boehner are in control.
      It’s time to fix that.

      1. Voila, there you are! Did you know that the Tea Party in Boehner’s district is making a thorough search for the best primary challenger to him? That’s another contest I will be donating to.

  2. The democrat communist party used the racist card to elect and still use the racist card as a weapon when any questions are asked about Dictator Obama assuming unconstitutional dictatorial powers and his non-stop breaking of a myriad of laws. Remember the “it’s about time we had an “African American” president.” mantra during the 2008 campaign? By the way how’s that working out for you America and what exactly is an african american anyway? Now of course with the Butcher of Benghazi, Hillary “Just what in hell has she accomplished that qualifies her to be president” Clinton pursuing the presidency, the victim based sexist card and of course the endlessly repeated chant ” It’s time we had a woman for president” will be deployed endlessly by the democrat communist party and their propaganda media lap dogs. One crucial fact that the media is studiously avoiding is the age of the prospective presidential candidate. She will be 69 years old if elected and this will be a factor during the primaries by other potential candidates.

        1. That’s what we were told. :D Were we ever told why she fell? A mini-seizure I recall? Theresa Kerry had a similar episode recently.

          Ladies of a certain age do have certain challenges, like the ability to stand up when you’re hammered /sarc.

          1. So without evidence you are saying she was drunk? I gather you are not north of 65 yourself–it’s really weird, you can just fall over when you did not feel like it. Quite disconcerting, actually.

          2. I have been hospitalized due to being dehydrated twice
            both times I passed out cold in the Drs office and I’m
            almost 63. It’s really screws you up I’m wondering if
            all the time spent flying could have caused DVT and it
            was an accident waiting to happen? Her age and yes
            I will say it weight could cause it and it’s not a good thing can repeat. Although she’s got the best medical
            care and they will cover for her like FDR and JFK.

          3. Lizzy and I both know things start to wobble over say, 55. If you are not living proof of this–yet–maybe you won’t be, but as I tell my readers, nobody healthens to death.

    1. Exactly. A cheaper version of three card Monte – it’s two cards. But don’t doubt for a moment that the ‘third’ isn’t up their sleeve.

    2. My thought exactly..racist to sexist….they forgot egotist…the one in the WH today…maybe the Republicans can come up with a good one…let’s hope so…!

  3. There’s a great solution to the sexist meme we all know the left and their yellow journalists will use. Nominate Sarah Palin to run against Billary. What an epic battle that would be – the Alinskyite versus the Conservative.

    1. If the GOP runs a rich white guy, they have no chance. At least pull from their very deep bench of Lady Governors, Susanna Martinez ? Nikki Haley?

      Other than Hillary and Uncle Joe, who’s on the Dem bench ?

      1. I don’t care about the gender,…it’s the ideology and the integrity I feel is important.
        I said essentially the same thing to Mandy above but was slammed into the moderation locker.

  4. Pity the poor guy who tries to lay a hand on Hillary. The firewall is in place. One way to throw her off course? A Republican woman candidate.

    For the record, Obama’s ‘Lily Ledbetter Lie’:

    In his desperate focus on female voters, President Obama not only cites an imaginary GOP “War on Women” but trumpets his own epic achievements-including the “Lilly Ledbetter Law” which supposedly guaranteed that women receive equal pay for equal work. The problem with this narrative is that this guarantee actually became law with President Kennedy’s Equal Pay Act in 1963.
    The Ledbetter Law merely expands the time to file lawsuits, helping attorneys more than women workers. Experts agree that remaining disparities with men have more to do with female priorities than outright discrimination-for instance, women are more likely to take breaks for child-rearing, and less likely to relocate for career advancement.

    Meanwhile, female salaries and job opportunities have fallen even more sharply than men’s under Barack Obama’s miserably misguided economic policies-hardly a record of feminist achievement.

    1. They have totally warped the Ledbetter thing–I was furious at the time. Before Obama was elected, I interviewed a woman for story–she was an advocate for better treatment for rape survivors, a cause I support incidentally, and said Obama promised to finally give women their due, she was so excited, he would fix things. I wonder how she feels today. I remember sort of murmuring to her that maybe he was not all he seemed and that one should be careful of being too enamored of politicians–she was having none of it. Is the admin even backing anti-rape initiatives in the military?

          1. And I am sure you see that overall the “culture” is still leaning toward blaming the woman, overquestioning her, stalling her career, and using this as an argument for no women in combat–the ever-popular sexual tension argument. It never got a WH “cut it out” like don’t ask, don’t tell did–and even if it had, I doubt things would change that much.

  5. Please, not one more candidate that is above criticism on this and that.
    When a person enters the stage as a candidate he/she will have to expect anything, I also think that men are judged on their looks and behaviour as well as women. . I still remember the debate on Dukakis earlobes. You never know what will be positive or negative. I mean, I am sure that many find Christies body volume quite endearing, some might even find Hillarys tired complexion friendly and soothing. Good looks may be provocative to some. The very handsome Mitt Romney was ridiculed for example. If looks are off limits to talk about then cartoonists will be unemployed. Sexism must not be the new racism.

          1. Keith could fix it if he wanted to.
            Given the responses to his posts, the frustrating delays, the comments in moderation, and the interminable connecting speeds are enough to make one just say,…I can’t take it anymore.
            The only thing that brings me back to this site is the intelligent input that is provided by the people that are patient enough to put up with the glitches this site is infested with.
            Patience is a virtue, so is determination.

  6. There is a reason why the left is steering us to debate and argue over the 2016 presidential nominees more than two years before the election. It is a distraction from the 2014 mid-terms. If the Republicans don’t at least keep control of the House of Representatives, it’s game over for America. Congress will be nothing more than a rubber stamp for every totalitarian edict of the fraud in the White House.

    1. Spot on. It’s not only about retaining control but also about making the Congress appear less important than the President in spite of the fact that they are to be equal branches of government.

  7. I’m going to be an upbeat contrarian today. I don’t think sexism is going to work for Hillary this time. We just have too many life threatening issues on the table for a distraction like sexism to overcome. People are getting tired of the racist card now. They’re starting to see through it.

    She’ll get her base: the fifty per cent of the Democrats who call themselves liberals and are in fact socialists, the disgruntled single women who think she cares about them other than for their votes. She’ll still pull the tears as she did with Obama when things aren’t going her way, but after a while that starts to become like the boy who cried wolf. But because of her age and questionable health status, she won’t be able to run a grinding campaign. (She already wants to avoid Democratic primary season and be crowned.) if she delegates to Bill too much, that won’t go over well. And did I mention all her baggage? Benghazi will not go away.

    1. Forgot one thing: I agree with Grace that Hillary always loosens her dogs too soon. By the time 2016 rolls around there will be a fatigue factor with Hillary.

  8. Oh good, another hat to wear.

    Gun-toting maniac
    Tea Bagger
    Hostage taker
    Global Warming Denier

    I’m going to have to get a bigger closet to store all these hats.

  9. Maybe it’s just me….but yesterday I caught a glimpse of Billary in a fashionable, tailored suit with yet another new hairstyle, For a splt second she looked like Margaret Thatcher! Same hair color and style as Thatcher! I think she’s up to something….not that it will work, lol.

    1. I can’t look at her outside without seeing the wicked inside.
      At this point what difference does it make? Might as well be tattooed on her forehead.

  10. Rufusrastasjohnsonbrown

    Hillory might not only look bedraggled ,she might just be as old as the dirt she likes to throw around .Is that sexist ?

  11. Counter to tell leftists supporting Hillary:
    If you don’t support Sarah Palin, you’re sexist.

    You think she’s too aggressive? You’re sexist.

    You think she’s too passive? You’re sexist.

    You think she screeches? You’re sexist.

    You think she looks bedraggled today? You’re sexist.

    You think her policies are poorly thought out? You’re sexist.

    Even if you’re a woman, you’re sexist.

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