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The Obama Morning News || January 13, 20145

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    1. There was a headline (First Class Flying for First Lady) in the Maui News on Sunday that said MOOCH would depart Maui on Saturday – the 18th, No more details unless you are a subscriber, which I am not.

      1. Yes, I saw your link and thought about it. Maui news didn’t even come up in my search this morning. Wonder if it was scrubbed?

        Figuring SOME other media source picked it up, nothing found?


        1. Denise, I just went back and searched the Maui News title “First Class Flying for First Lady”. This is the first time I have seen a complete paragraph….which I grabbed before the paywall went up, lol. There is a photo of the aircraft sitting on the tarmac in Maui. Not clear as to when she is actually leaving.

          A 737-700 jet awaits first lady Michelle Obama on Saturday at Kahului Airport’s Gate 39. Maui District Airports Manager Marvin Moniz confirmed the aircraft, with its flight crew and Secret Service agents, were for Obama, who has been visiting media mogul Oprah Winfrey in Upcountry for a few days as an extended vacation and a 50th birthday celebration. When Obama arrived Jan. 5, Upcountry residents reported seeing a caravan of Maui police cars and tinted-window, black sport utility vehicles in the vicinity of Winfrey’s estate. A portion of Thompson Road was closed and guarded by police and Secret Service agents. Moniz said he didn’t know how long the jet for the first lady and her entourage would be on Maui.

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  1. I hope Biden’s comments don’t include how proud he and the boy king and Lurch are of the Iran deal and how grateful they are to old man Harry for refusing to bring sanctions legislation to the floor.

    But it is Uncle Joe so he probably won’t be able to stop himself from crowing about what a big effin deal this is.

  2. Ya’ know, a husband who wouldn’t keep it in his pants would be No. 1 on my enemy list, but I would have kicked him to the curb a long, long time ago.

    1. Fascinating stuff, wasn’t it? I loved the bit about Claire McCaskill: Bill Clinton was a great President, but i wouldn’t want him anywhere near my daughter.

        1. The point of the story was to show how step by step McCaskill cooked her goose with the Clintons. Actually, Bill Clinton was supposed to have taken it better than Hillary. He may actually enjoy his reputation as a rakish serial philanderer.

  3. Boy howdy ol’ Eric the Red is johnny on the spot to investigate Crispy Creme Christie. Subpoenas are already on their way to the portly progressive. Too bad this corrupt regime doesn’t have the time to prosecute the criminals in its employ who ran guns to narcoterrorists in Fast and Furious; investigate who gave the stand down orders to rescuers in the Benghazi terrorist attack; prosecute the IRS officials who violated the constitutional rights of American citizens; etc. etc. etc. Guess we know what the priorities are for this regime, and it doesn’t involve justice for the American people.

    1. Crispy Creme Christie! I love it! and I think the people love him no matter what the dems try to do. Hillary Clinton must be awfully worried about Christie, So sad all the elections these days are fixed and I hope that Hillary Clinton gets fixed! rather than becoming another NOVELTY PRESIDENT! We have all been through enough with this new democrat socialist/communist/nazi party.

  4. Christie Schools Obama on handling crisis:
    Christie’s 100 min. presser may well turn out to be Obama’s Waterloo, as well as that of his evil twin, Shrillary…IF.. Christie is telling the truth. The old adage ‘Honesty is the Best Policy” will haunt both Hillary and Obama for the rest of time.
    Today on MJ, Steve Rattner and Mark Halperin praised Christie’s 100 minute presser to the hilt for doing what Obama is incapable of doing – answering questions. “Ludicrous” is what Steve Rattner called Obama’s pressers.
    Obama and Hillary need to get rid of Christie ASAP ! Neither one of them can withstand the heat IF Christie is telling the truth. I’m not a big fan of Christie, but he will run rough-shod over both of them for the next 3 years. Christie will write Obama’s obituary ….and Hillary is D,O,A, if she dares to run against Christie.
    Lesson learned: Honesty IS the best policy. .

        1. Two other mayors are questioning whether “events” they experienced were retribution…one asked for $100M for her area after Sandy and got $300K. Kind of a differential.

  5. Those two articles on Hillary’s enemies list are verrrrrrrrrrry interrrrrrresting (Politico, The Hill), guys. If you think we are approaching stasi-land now, just wait for the Clintons to come back. Someone said that he wouldn’t want to call her Nixon in a pants suit, but she is. The material is excerpted from a new book, but I’m surprised that two Democratic blogs are repeating it. No one will dare to step forward and challenge Billary this time.

    1. I’m looking forward to reading them later in the day.

      Can’t figure out why they are being highlighted now. Unless they are trying to air laundry. Perhaps there might be something even dirtier down the road.

      The Praetorian Guard critical of any leading Progressive is suspect. Always.

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