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Michelle to Return from Hawaii by Wednesday

Alas, it’s over.

After 24 days on vacation in Hawaii, including ten without her husband and children, First Lady Michelle Obama will return to Washington by Wednesday.

Michelle, who has been holed up at Oprah Winfrey’s fabulous spread on Maui since President Obama and their daughters departed Hawaii January 4, has an event – a White House screening of an educational movie – scheduled for Wednesday at 4 pm. That means she’ll leave Hawaii Tuesday night at the latest.

The first lady’s decision to extend her vacation will probably cost taxpayers in excess of $200,000, including the cost of a special flight aboard an Air Force jet.

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    1. I was thinking about her shabby chic party could be a ruse maybe
      Kobe bites on a stick you can put some pretty costly nibbles on a
      stick and perhaps a Grey a Goose fountain?

    1. There was a brief article that several did one flower farm especially was peeved due to barricades. Can’t remember where
      I read it but you know Michelle always leaves a trail of misery.

  1. One has to wonder if after having ten days of vacation without her husband and children, Mrs Obama will be pregnant when she returns to the White House.

  2. 9 hours and 45 minutes from D.C. to Hawaii. Do the math.
    Round trip = 19.5 hours
    19.5 x $179,750 per hour = $3,505,125 ( 3.5 MILLION)

    That is just for her plane!! That does not include the extra cost for security and transport of security personnel and the logistics surrounding them.

    1. Michael, when traveling alone she is not allowed to use AF1. AF2 or a smaller size aircraft from the WH fleet would be used to get her around. However AF2 is also used by the VEEP, so if it’s in use by him she gets bumped down.

    2. Her 737 (AF2) has been sitting on the Maui tarmac for 8 days. I think the cost is somewhere around $80/K per flight hr. Nevertheless, her conspicuous consumption is unprecedented and we should DEMAND an accounting from the GAO or CBO.

      MO is a sneak to begin with. She admitted in an interview that she ‘sneaks’ out of the WH much more often than everyone realizes!?! She almost got away without anyone finding out about the Maui trip. The Maui News reported it and it was yanked off the internet, but not before many of us saw it.

      This woman should not be allowed to have an embargo on all of her activities, including photo embargoes. And she needs to be put on an allowance! Her Blackness does not make her special.

  3. One wonders whether POTUS Daily Briefing will be moved back to the crack of dawn, 9:45 AM, after the Queen returns to crack her whip.

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    1. Their “marriage” has been a sham from Day 1, arranged by the “Reverend” Wright to cover Barry’s penchant for his own sex. It seems apparent from their awkward kisses and the way they act together in public that there’s no love lost between them.

  6. The 4 of them plus some went to Hawaii. Air Force One brought them there. Three of them came back on Air Force One.
    She is now coming back Air Force One.
    What plane did Biden get.
    Let’s tally: The trip Biden took was needed.
    The Hawaii trip was not!
    With Biden airplane trip there and back.
    What is the grand total of Air Expence, Security, Hair dresser, food, and all the other things?

  7. Oh come on now, certainly the first lady was doing her duty and staying at Oprah’s place so she could inform her all about inequality, and how any one person could not be deserving of so much when others have so little.

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