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Feds Probe Whether Christie Misused Sandy Funds

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is investigating whether New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie misused federal Hurricane Sandy relief funds by creating ads that featured him and his family as he campaigned for reelection.

The probe of the possible political use of the funds was in response to questions raised by Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.), according to CNN:

Pallone wrote that he was concerned about the bidding process for the firm awarded the marketing plan; the winning firm is charging the state about $2 million more than the next lowest bidder. The winning $4.7 million bid featured Christie and his family in the advertisements while the losing $2.5 million proposal did not feature the Christies.

Even at least one Republican questioned the ads. According to the Daily News, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky during a November 2013 Senate hearing called the ads “offensive.” He said:

Some of these ads, people running for office put their mug all over these ads while they’re in the middle of a political campaign. In New Jersey, $25 million was spent on ads that included somebody running for political office.

I’m thinking there might be a conflict of interest there. That’s a real problem. And that’s why, when people are trying to do good and trying to use the taxpayer’s money wisely, they’re offended to see our money spent on political ads. That’s just offensive.

Christie, of course, is already under fire for a payback scheme that clogged up the George Washington Bridge. He says his aides are at fault. The feds are probing that one too.

47 thoughts on “Feds Probe Whether Christie Misused Sandy Funds”

    1. As I said repeatedly during the Blagojevich trials, he wasn’t talking to himself on the phone. There was someone else on the other end. Yet he was singled out as operating as a lone wolf. Will they try to do the same with Christie?

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  1. I really do believe in a person being held innocent until proven guilty, and I liked Rubio’s comment on a talking heads program yesterday when he refused to make a judgment on Christie until he’s seen all the evidence. But who knows how extensive NSA spying has gone on. They refuse to answer whether they are spying on Congress so why not governors also. Many people have told me never to answer any questions from a law official without having a lawyer present because even what you think is an innocent statement could be manipulated against you. What I’m trying to say is that even if Christie is innocent, his words, say on a telephone, could be twisted into a different meaning that intended. The government could be investigating him without him ‘having a lawyer present’. Rather ironic as he was one of the nation’s top and most successful US attorneys himself.

    Okay, okay, I know the other side would accuse me of wearing a tinfoil hat, and i don’t even like the guy.

    1. I’d bet a month’s pay that as soon as this story was news, the NSA was all over his records. If there is guilt to be found anywhere, it will accidentally “leak” out via unnamed sources.

      1. Christie is no wallflower wonder if the hug felt round the world
        triggered the NSA and they’ve been watching ever since if I were as devious and lawless as this bunch I would. Also paranoid.

        1. The FBI reports to Holder’s DOJ. And with the FBI’s new mission I would be surprised if they found him to be some kind of domestic threat.

    2. The Obama Administration is filled with graduates from Chicago’s finest school of political thuggery and corruption. Obama, and by extension the Progressive Party for whom he works, has all the resources of the NSA, the DOJ, the IRS at his personal disposal to be used against the Party’s political enemies and dissenters. And then there are the MSM Mercenaries.

      Christie allied poorly. But if he goes down, it won’t be alone.

      1. “Christie allied poorly. But if he goes down, it won’t be alone.”

        So true. The blowhard can take a bunch of crooks down with him. Not only the weasels in this corrupt regime, but the RINOs who are treating him like a pariah as well.

  2. Talk about poetic justice. The so called “conservative” who trashed Republicans in the house for not immediately passing ALL of the bloated Sandy bill rather than appropriating it to the areas in immediate need and eliminating the tens of billions of pork may very well be brought down by mis-spending of that pork.
    Oink, oink Christie.
    I care less who you hug and who you don’t but when you acted like a typical liberal “gimme the money and gimme it NOW” you showed your true colors. Blue as progressive blue can be.

  3. This is funny.

    Christie embraces Obama right after Sandy, with the intent of procuring funds to help his state. Then he uses some of the $ to launch his stronger than the storm ads, that featured himself, which of course is self promoting.

    There was no utterance of impropriety since then, until now.

    With the infusion of Bridgegate allegations and the distinct possibility that Christie may challenge Hillary, the Dems and the WH find just the right timing to attack Christie.

    This is what happens when you deal with the devil….the price will be paid, one day.


    1. I am no fan of Christie but I see nothing funny about a seriously scandal ridden federal government brazenly going after a Governor whose crime, if found guilty, pales in comparison to the rampant corruption and illegality of this Administration. Moreover, the MSM mercenaries are street dogs or worse. And the stadium is filled with rabid progressives eager for the final spectacle of a pubic beheading.

      1. I certainly agree with you on the behavior of the progressives and the media BUT I can never forgive Christie for bashing against rather than working with the House to get money for Sandy but not steal billions from future generations to pay for pork all over the country.
        That one act alone told be he’d be just another Democrat lite Republican in the White House if he were to actually win. And at $17 trillion and counting, the future just can’t afford to not have us stand ups and say NO to all of them.

      2. MT for re-redistribution

        Christie is corrupt, that’s all. I see no difference between playing political traffic games and NSA spying: Both are evidence of an out-of-touch government which is so far out of their bounds that all bets are off. This country is broken, and I don’t know if it can be fixed.

    1. I knew you would find the link. Good go! I’ll take a guess here and say it’s the very same CGI of obamacare fame, too. If I recall, Bloomberg before he left office, remarked that there was no mechanism in place to track the spending of Sandy funds in response to the complaints he was getting from local officials.

      $50 billion dollar slush fund! Another disgrace that will go unreported or under-reported.

      1. Under the circumstances, both Obama AND Christie need to be investigated and ordered to testify in public hearings. Oh, don’t forget the Mooch! This is a criminal enterprise.. Over half a billion squandered on Obamacare website, and now Hurricane Sandy. The money trail must be extensive…

  4. Why are Feds so quick in investigating Republicans, whereas it takes 10 months to even appoint somebody to investigate IRS breaking laws and selection of Obama cronies to build website for Obamacare – and that was also no bid no maximum contract?

    1. Terrifying is an understatement, Darkangel. Proof positive the unelected bureaucracy is the 4th branch of government. Not only do those rules and regulations have the force law, the bureaucrats have their own police force and judicial system to enforce them.

          1. Agreed. If the GOP has any sense, they can use this as an attack ad: excerpt Hill’s 3AM ad, show the carnage at Benghazi, show the flag-draped caskets of the employees she left hanging out to dry, and then cut to her yelling “What difference does it make?!”

            Game. Over.

          2. I dunno. Shrillary has gotten away with it up till now, with no-one making her take responsibility for her role in the Benghazi debacle. She fell, bumped her head and couldn’t recall anything, poor dear.

  5. And yet, Heinrich Holder and his jackbooted thugs ignore ATF’s Fast and Furious scandal and the White House using the IRS to target political opponents.

    That’s Change You Can Believe In!

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