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149 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || January 12, 2014

  1. How apparent has it become that Obama hates everything about the Military? He slept through Benghazi. He has gone against top military advise for political purposes. He should be impeached. Fire him!

    • He also fired over 9 Senior Commandng Generals from the service. I would hope at least one would come out with his thoughts.
      Why would someone fire the most experienced people? I am sure those people worked at their career for the welfare of this Country.

    • His disdain along with his wife’s is truly stomach turning. She no longer even pretends to care about American’s in general unless
      it’s the glitzy Hollywood types who prior to 2008 wouldn’t give her the time of day. She’s only in it for the perks and a soapbox to
      blither on about made up causes and crusades that fail or are so
      stupid like drinking water you’d think it was a grade school project.

    • So true, Steve. In a word, he is UNFIT to serve – in any capacity. He hates America and it’s citizens. Impeachment is long overdue. Unfortunately, Boehner will never make the first move.

  2. From the Maui News today:

    First-class flying for first lady
    Maui News ‎- 3 hours ago
    A 737-700 jet awaits first lady Michelle Obama on Saturday at Kahului Airport’s Gate 39. Maui District Airports Manager Marvin Moniz confirmed …

    You need to be a subscriber to continue reading, lol. No freebies. Looks like MOOCH will need to leave at the crack of dawn to get back home in time for her pah-tay. Very strange. Obviously, she doesn’t want to leave.

  3. My grandfather was a WWII Vet. He has passed, so has my father.
    I wanted to hear from more Vets about what is going on in our Country.
    I just read an article and listed to two WWII vets speak about the mess our Country is in. This WWII Vet said like it is:

    • I watch the History Channel a lot and when they interview the WW2 Vets it makes you weep they are so dedicated and proud of their service. And boy they love to tell stories and they cry for their friends lost and for some of what they did. To treat them or any Vet with anything but admiration, respect and utter
      humility at their sacrifice is beyond belief especially from the so
      called CIC. His treatment and attitude is despicable. Anyone who
      has a family member or friend we need to hear the stories and never forget the sacrifice they made and are making now. We are
      the ones to support them certainly it won’t come from the top.

      • This is how I feel, Lizzy–and then some people here can’t heap enough disdain on Sen McCain. You may not agree with some of McCain’s positions, but he is a decorated vet and to my mind a war hero. This is a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card forever in the absence of some felonious act.

        • Star, although I’m unhappy with McCain’s performance as our Senator, I deeply respect and appreciate McCain’s military service to our country. I know you like him and also respect your opinion. Just wanted to clarify my position…

  4. The towering former three-star general keeps a wooden box on his desk with the photos of 257 service members who died in Iraq under his command, sorted by date. During quiet moments, usually a couple of times a week, Mark Hertling opens the lid, inscribed with the words “Make it Matter,” flips through the laminated portraits of uniformed troops and reflects on their loss.


    The ritual was never easy. It has become increasingly painful over the past two years, as Hertling and a generation of troops and civilians indelibly shaped by harrowing tours in Iraq have watched the country unravel from afar.

    The Iraq war may have never been declared lost. But the stunning surge in violence over the past year — and the return of al-Qaeda in the western province of Anbar this month — is forcing Americans who invested personally in the war’s success to grapple with haunting questions.


  5. Nothing is going to change in DC unless we change out our members of Congress, elect a president who is an experienced, true patriot, downsize the government, and we get control of the out of control spending.

  6. No more jump pay for soldiers in 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).

    Paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) are known for their World War II jump into Normandy, but about 70 years of parachute operations for the division will remain only in the history books as its last two airborne units have lost their jump status.

    Although the paratroopers of the Pathfinder companies of the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade and the 159th Combat Aviation Brigade will be allowed to keep their maroon berets, the unit’s soldiers will no longer be in paid parachutist positions. Of three standing Pathfinder companies in the Army, the two at Fort Campbell, Ky., were the last of the division’s units on jump status.


  7. The day has arrived, so excited.

    My small business has health insurance through United Healthcare. We opted to go without meds and self insure, using the savings from lower premium. Well, this does not conform with the ACA for 2014.

    Here’s the good part: the letter is dated 12-30-13, arrived 01-08-14, and the change is effective 01-01-2014, Nice.

    According to the letter, our new insurance, when approved by New York State, will be retro to 01-01-14. No disclosure of new rates, plan, or roster of participating docs.

    Take it as it comes….ps, don’t get sick.

    And for the record, I own an insurance agency, so no one is immune from this coming disease.


  8. The company that spilled a pollutant into a vital West Virginia water supply informed state authorities last year that it was storing 10 industrial chemicals on the site, including the contaminant that leaked, according to a document released Saturday.


    The upshot is that while emergency officials knew about the chemicals, the water company did not. I hope heads roll.

  9. Nefretir(America)i: [approaches Rameses(BHO) as he is praying to an idol(himself), over their dead son(nation). How many more days and nights will you pray? Does he hear you?
    Rameses(BHO): [praying] Dread Lord of Darkness, I have raised my voice to you, yet life has not come to the body of my son(nation). Hear me!
    Nefretiri(America): He cannot hear you. He’s nothing but a piece of stone with the head(brain) of a bird.
    Rameses(BHO): He will hear me. For I am Egypt(America).

    So it is written. So shall it be done.

  10. Iraq is once again at a crisis point. Given the sacrifices the United States, coalition partners and so many Iraqis made to bring the country back from the precipice of 2006, it is more than unsettling to see a third battle of Fallujah unfolding. But rather than point fingers and assign fault for this foreseeable threat, the focus needs to be on how to best move forward.

    Al-Qaeda is taking a coordinated approach to establishing what it calls the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. That organization and another al-Qaeda franchise, Jabhat al-Nusra, are recognized by the al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. The al-Qaeda offensive operations in Syria and Iraq are related — and they’re winning. Their success in Iraq or Syria — even if success is “merely” seizing control of Anbar province in western Iraq, parts of central and northern Iraq and parts of Syria — is not in U.S. national security interests.


    • The TV news needs to show every family in similar circumstances. What people don’t see, does not worry them.
      Than any family who agrees needs to have their picture plastered on all the wall of a Congressman who voted for this,
      UNREAD MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      P.S. I want the news stations to show every picture.
      I do not want to hear the excuse that they do not have enough time to do this. I turn on the news all the time to have silly news plastered on my screen. If I want to be entertained I have many channels with entertainment.

      • The media are in business. They cover what the majority of viewers want. When I was in journalism school, we were taught to write for an audience of people with an eighth-grade education.

        • From the1968 DNC convention: ” The whole world is watching” to what I’ve read today, they’re not! Somewhere on the net was an article about TV viewership and how it’s radically dropped over the last 35 years. The young ones (18-29) have no idea who Brian Williams is. I guess they’re getting their news from Comedy Central.

          Lee, if you want them to read, it’ll have to be a ‘tweet’ I don’t think their attention span is any longer than 140 characters.

        • Sometimes I get aggravated because a newscasters will over explain things and felt I that was not needed.
          I had no idea that was taught in journalism school.
          My dear Grandfather always said to read.. Everytime we saw him he would say, How are you? How is school? and What book are you reading?
          I should have guess this myself. I have to search for news,

          • Part of me would like to see the return of the partisan press, the way media operated during the time of the Revolution and into the early years of the 19th Century. At least then you knew that the news was biased!

  11. The administration is putting forth through the NYT that the Iran nuclear deal (between Iran and ‘six world powers’) is to take effect on January 20. It seems to be trying to preempt the bill on new sanctions on Iran, and I wonder if all 16 Democrats who were going to vote for it will stay the course or peel away under pressure. Maybe Obama and Harry Reid will try to make the Republicans out to be obstructionists once again although at my last reading of the polls, the public overwhelmingly supports new sanctions.

  12. Juan Williams always misreads the split in the Republican Party and the “Tea Party” — or if you prefer the establishment and the conservatives.

    Re. Chris Christie — tea party doesn’t like him, won’t defend him, problems for 2014. Williams, in his race to get into the Progressive’s love boat, never seems to remember that if someone has done something wrong, we will not defend it. But we will always point out the differences in coverage, and truth telling when it comes to the MSM imbalance of reporting, lack of veracity, etc.

    And I am so tired of –what’s the mind set in Christie’s office that allows this — without is the mind set of Obama’s — Bob Woodward wants the tick tock on Christie and yet not on Obama. And to Rove’s credit — he points this out loud and clear.

    When Bob Woodward wants a tick tock on F&F, IRS, Benghazi then he will move an inch above where he is now on this. Washed out political hack who refuses to demand of the MSM what he and Bernstein demanded in investigating the Nixon WH.

  13. And another thing! Can you believe that Karl Rove said that the Christie scandal is going to give him ‘street cred’ with the Tea Party? He’s trying to kill two birds with one stone in order to install Jeb Bush as the candidate.

  14. Dear Mr. Koffler – I appreciate the fact that no one wants to write a seven day a week column. But it would be tremendously helpful if you would assign a couple or three topics per weekend that address current topics – “What do you think is the state of the Obama marriage?” “Is Bill Gates book honest?” That kind of direction along with an Open Thread for other things.

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