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Quote of the Day || January 13, 2014

“We are investigating whether Gov. Christie caused traffic on the George Washington Bridge. We are also in possession of evidence he is allowing gambling to occur in Atlantic City.”

– Attorney General Eric Holder

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

13 Responses to Quote of the Day || January 13, 2014

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  1. I have also launched a high-inentsity investigation to determine whether I have a rectal sphincter. I have deployed dextral and sinistral grasping implements at the termini of my humero-ulna radial extremities, as well as high resolution luminary instruments. I can assure Americans the Department of Justice will get to the bottom of this! Did I just make a gaffe?

    • I am as well, the only difference is the news stations spent seconds or just a little more on bits of Benghazi. This is compared to over 30 mins. or more on Christie issue.

    • What bothers me about this whole thing is that the Port Authority is run by both NJ and NY. It’s unbelievable to me that someone could just say “Shut down lanes” for no reason. Either there is more going on here than we know yet, or the PA is totally being mismanaged. But of course, that won’t be the story, it will only ever focus on Christie because he’s a Republican.

  2. They got the nerve, everyday they break the law, years will pass until we know or maybe we will never know how guilty of law-breaking and murder Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Obama are!