As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

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  1. Is there anything in America I cannot completely foul? I love the totality of a destructive presidency. I cannot believe how stupid Americans who can vote are!

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    • Miichelle Obama has a big butt. She’s a big woman. She’s tall. And, she has a big frame.

      I am sick-and-fucking tired of reading slurs against her sexuality.

      This is sickening.

      Those who do so have some serious character defiiciencies.

    • And now for a musical interlude. Someone has gone to the trouble to translate “Baby Got Back” into Latin, and then from the Latin translate it back to English. I must admit, it adds a classy feel to it. Enjoy.

      De clunibus magnis amandis oratio
      Mixaloti equitis

      (By Hercules!)
      Rebecca, ecce! tantae clunes isti sunt!
      (Rebecca, behold! Such large buttocks she has!)

      amica esse videtur istorum hominum rhythmicorum.
      (She appears to be a girlfriend of one of those rhythmic-oration people.)
      sed, ut scis,
      (But, as you know)
      quis homines huiusmodi intellegere potest?
      (Who can understand persons of this sort?)
      colloquuntur equidem cum ista eo tantum, quod scortum perfectum esse videtur.
      (Verily, they converse with her for this reason only, namely, that she appears to be a complete whore.)
      clunes, aio, maiores esse!
      (Her buttocks, I say, are rather large!)
      nec possum credere quam rotondae sint.
      (Nor am I able to believe how round they are.)
      en! quam exstant! nonne piget te earum?
      (Lo! How they stand forth! Do they not disgust you?)
      ecce mulier Aethiops! (Behold the black woman!)

      magnae clunes mihi placent, nec possum de hac re mentiri.
      (Large buttocks are pleasing to me, nor am I able to lie concerning this matter.)
      quis enim, consortes mei, non fateatur,
      (For who, colleagues, would not admit,)
      cum puella incedit minore medio corpore
      (Whenever a girl comes by with a rather small middle part of the body)
      sub quo manifestus globus, inflammare animos
      (Beneath which is an obvious spherical mass, that it inflames the spirits)
      virtute praestare ut velitis, notantes bracas eius
      (So that you want to be conspicuous for manly virtue, noticing her breeches)
      clunibus profunde fartas esse
      (Have been deeply stuffed with buttock?)
      a! captus sum, nec desinere intueri possum.
      (Alas! I am captured, nor am I able to desist from gazing.)
      o dominola mea, volo tecum congredi
      (My dear lady, I want to come together with you)
      pingereque picturam tui.
      (And make a picture of you.)
      familiares mei me monebant
      (My companions were trying to warn me)
      sed clunes istae libidinem in me concitant.
      (But those buttocks of yours arouse lust in me.)
      o! cutis rugosa glabraque!
      (O skin wrinkled and smooth!)
      dixistine te in meum vehiculum intrare velle?
      (Did you say you wish to enter my vehicle?)
      in arbitrio tuo totus veni
      (I am entirely at your disposal)
      quia non es mediocris adsecula.
      (Because you are not an average hanger-on.)
      vidi illam saltantem.
      (I have seen her dancing.)
      obliviscere igitur blanditiarum!
      (Forget, therefore, about blandishments!)
      tantus sudor! tantus umor!
      (Such sweat! Such moisture!)
      vehor quasi in curru quadrigarum!
      (I am borne along as if by a four-horse chariot!)
      taedet me in diurnis legendi
      (I am tired of reading in the gazettes)
      planas clunes gratiores iudicari.
      (That flat buttocks are judged more pleasing.)
      rogate quoslibet Aethiopes: responsum erit
      (Ask any black men you wish: the answer will be)
      se libentius expletiores anteponere.
      (Rather that they prefer fuller ones.)
      o consortes (quid est?) o consortes (quid est?)
      (O colleagues [What is it?] O colleagues [What is it?])
      habent amicae vestrae magnas clunes? (certe habent!)
      (Do your girlfriends have large buttocks? [They certainly have!])
      hortamini igitur ut eas quatiant (ut quatiant!)
      (Encourage them therefore to shake them! [To shake them!])
      ut quatiant! (ut quatiant!)(To shake them! [To shake them!)
      ut quatiant illas clunes sanas!(To shake those healthy buttocks!)
      domina mea exstat a tergo!
      (My mistress stands out behind!)


  2. I brought this over for consideration from another section.
    OT. Remember when Hillary Clinton was running against Barack Obama? Well, seems now it is going to be very difficult to tell who will run — Hillary or Obama in drag. And if elected who will be elected Hillary or Obama in drag. There are a good number of “Obama people” including possibly Jim Messina willing to help with the Clinton SuperPac.

    So, with Barack physically in WDC “because of the children”, and Hillary in the WH and Bill never far from money, cameras, or power looks like instead of getting the standard Clinton twofer we might get a three-fer. Gonna’ get crowded with Huma, ValJar, Reggie and God knows who Bill will find in a closet or ante room.

    Who knows about Mooch — whether she is playing or not. I suspect she will be chief Hollywood and Celeb fund raiser. Now with Oprah and a stop over in CA before she resumes her WH role as the Bearded First Lady. (sorry Jay)

    • 2014 will still be a bellwether for 2016’s mood of the country (or whatever gets those lazy-assed conservatives to the voting booth).

      My concern is that a Clinton capo (Terry McAuliffe) won the Virginia Governor. Another DNC goon (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) has her eye on Marco Rubio’s Senate seat. Texas is becoming a concern about going blue. San Antonio is a Promised Zone, or a hub for GOTV ? The New Dems are a bunch of thugs, I don’t trust any of them to put country before party. Clinton’s keeping her mouth shut, her reward may be a guaranteed Presidency ?

      • Ah, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Grace is from FL so maybe she knows the answer, but DWS has made a definitive turn away from support for Israel, and I can’t for the life of me see how that would play well for her in her district.

        • I am on the Gulf side and nowhere near The Hair. My Rep. is Tom Rooney and he is pretty good.r

          I heard she is thinking of challenging Rubio. As for the Jewish vote — the same sector of the Jewish Americans who support Obama support DWS. Just like Obama’s treatment of Israel is a non issue with his Jewish base, I suspect there is little that DWS can do to cause her base to dimi

      • I have a lot of concerns. The Democrat Party is now the Progressive Party and that is a different animal. And our process is now more than ever immersed with fraud and corruption. If the Progressives gain more power in 2014 and win in 2016 we might just hang it up as a country as we were founded.

        As for Hillary — I don’t get it. But the same people — legal or illegal — who “voted” for Barack Obama will be “persuaded” to “vote” for Hillary. Perhaps a few times.

        The USSR was run by a political party — that can happen here. Doesn’t much matter who the figurehead is.

        • And further if Hillary wins, she will have the Minority Armor against criticism — first African American, then first Woman. And God knows they have created enough minority and fringe groups to keep that going for a long long time.

      • WOW,…you go girl !
        Yes ma’am I agree with everything you said.
        i don’t think that DWS has a chance in Hades to take a seat from Rubio.
        I would like to see Allen West regain a seat in congress.
        Billary doesn’t have a chance in 2016, that is unless the majority of the population goes completely senile.
        If that happens,…no one will care anyhow.

      • I think in the Progressive Party Clinton/Obama campaign formation it was decided that little miss discontent would best be served and kept in good humor by fund raising with the rich, the famous, the hollywood, the dems with bucks. So, Oprah first, then onto to CA.

        Let’s Move, children, food, etc. — old school.

    • Thanks for the link, @Sadie.
      I don’t believe their numbers anymore than I believe the HHS’s number on who has “enrolled” or signed up or whatever phrase they use.
      On the face of it, we were told there are 30 million “uninsured” as the target for Obamacare, and now this group is claiming that 32% or 10+million HAVE signed up?
      How could that be when the HHS is claiming that 2+million have “enrolled”.
      IMO, they’re all lying about the sign-ups. The law has fizzled out at about 1.5 million very ill people or those who can be placed on Medicaid.

      • I put those false numbers right up there with the unemployment numbers coming out of the WH administration. Even someone with basic math skills can see the books are cooked.

        • I still feel this should be thrown in the garbage.
          They did not READ it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          They are not a part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          They will not have their insurance kicked up!!!!!!!!!
          They will not have to pay more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          My sons started reading at three.
          So I think TWO year old toddlers could have done the voting job for them. We are paying their salaries!!!!
          I would like everyone who voted for this to resign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Excellent pt–those of us who can do the math, and I am only marginally one of them, can see your pt clearly, SrDem. The bottom line is that we are still in net insurance loser country big time. Sliding back, back.

    • I am still waiting for the Media to be obsessed with Benghazi.
      To all news stations. The men in Benghazi were not HELPED!!!!
      There are many serviceman who do not watch you. There are people such as my self who do not watch you. The reason you have not covered this terrible situation. We need answers. We saw this unravel on TV. We need to find out who was responsible for at least not trying to help them. What ever happen to the newsman who wanted to get to the bottom of the story!!! Is your news staton, being paid off. Are you being threaten by someone? Do they have info on you?

    • Cover Oregon has an even worse record than the federal plan. Last time I looked, Oregon had spent over $300 million and signed up only 44 people. There have been thousands of new sign-ups for Medicaid though. Our governor, a physician named John Kitzhaber, will run for reelection nevertheless, and yesterday four minutes into a planned interview, he walked out when Cover Oregon was brought up.

    • Keep reminding the media it was Obama’s White House that shut down national parks, museums and monuments to hurt as many people as possible. A bridge closure can’t equate to that kind of nasty politics.

      What I don’t get about the Christie Bridgegate is that he was double digits ahead of his opponent, why would they want to punish anybody? NJ is an Obama+ state, I’m sure other Dem mayors didn’t endorse the R either. And shut down a bridge? Just send the guy a horse’s head :D

  3. I just tried to make a comment, and it did not post.
    I just wanted to state that I was thinking of the people in WV.
    I have lived though many hurricanes (and evacuated from many). We always kept water on hand. When I was a child (before bottled water).
    We always filled the bathtub up with water. To have and boil if needed.
    People in WV cannot even boil the water. Everytime we go to the faucet today, be grateful.

    • You’re right, of course. This water issue will not be fixed anytime soon.
      As if the good people of W VA haven’t been hit hard with the closing of coal mines, and the general crummy economy…this is just another woe for them.

    • That’s scary to think about. I heard the chemical is what they treat coal with or something? Wonder how it “leaked” into the water system?

      I’ll stop there, I’m getting too tinfoily now. Thinking they’re using WV as some sort of guinea pig, ok, now I’ll stop……..

      • DVB, I already got “tinfoily” and went there. I didn’t used to be that way, but after that oil rig in the gulf, right when this admin wanted to “fix” the oil industry, and now this coal-related disaster when he regulating them out of business… Gotta wonder… So, if things heat up trying to push Keystone, be afraid, be very afraid. Pipeline disaster ahead.

    • This week isn’t good. MO still in Hawaii, is the WH Birthday bash still a go? I’m guess the people of Israel wouldn’t want them their anyhow. GWB may go, he was pretty good friends with Sharon.

      The O’Breezys are just too darn busy to fuss with people they don’t like.

    • I think I’ll pass if you don’t mind, but I just looked at the front page of the NYT, and there’s an editorial that doesn’t blame Bush for the horrible jobs number. Mind you, it doesn’t blame Obama for the last five years either. It blames ‘poverty’ as in ‘the poor will always be with you’ or in the new expression ‘inequality’. So what has Obama done about poverty in the last five years? Isn’t jobs the answer? I passed on actually reading the editorial also.

    • When you look at his education Princeton, Harvard and he’s an
      experienced debater it’s a shame I rather enjoyed his filibuster.
      Especially the Green a Eggs And a Ham:-)

      • At the very end of his speech he gives a warning to Americans of all political persuasions.

        “A president who is not bound by the law is no longer a president; and if you love liberty that should concern you greatly.”

        • It reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from A Man for All Seasons. St. Thomas More tells someone, his son-in-law I think, that he still believes in the law even though he is going to the block. He says that if you do away with the law, there is nothing that stands between you and the devil.

        • I enjoyed the Green Eggs and Ham also and it was so touching because you could tell he was reading this to his children by the softness of his voice and the ending where he told them to go to bed now. So touching to see a man who loves his children in this day and age.

    • I appreciate the clip. It is scary, listening to someone talk about a great deal of the mess at one time. There are still so many people intelligent people, that are so busy, and really don’t know all the details. When I try to discuss just a few things at a time, they look overwelmed.
      P.S. Note that other people are not busy, I find the time to learn what is happening.

  4. A couple of good pieces of news. If the Congress votes in new sanctions against Iran as it appears they’re going to do, they will also have enough votes for an override of a presidential veto. I doubt in that case that Obama will veto the bill to avoid egg on the face.

    The other is that a judge in Wisconsin has quashed subpoenas to conservative groups who supported Governor Walker because they show no probable cause. So if the Clintons and the Democrats planned to take Walker down next through the media as they did with Christie, they will not find it as easy.

      • I saw this in an article in the WSJ called “Wisconsin Political Speech Victory”. As far as I can tell the subpoenas were from Milwaukee County Democratic D.A. John Chisholm, but I imagine that the unions, including the teacher’s union, were behind the move.

        • From last November:

          The Wall Street Journal reports that there are two subpoenas from special prosecutor Francis Schmitz requiring the release of “all memoranda, email . . . correspondence, and communications” both inside the subpoena targets and also between the subpoena targets and roughly 30 conservative groups. SNIP

          One subpoena also wants to ferret out who the donors to the conservative groups are, stating its demand for “all records of income received, including fundraising information and the identity of persons contributing to the corporation.”


        • here in WI, the MAJOR Democratic pockets are Dane County (Madison) and Milwaukee County South along the shore line to the IL border. And yes the unions here are looking for any opening to jump in and put Gov Walker through the ringer. Look for more of the left to try and stir up more issues against him. He’s not afraid of them though.

    • I am pleased but surprised at how well that sanctions vote appears to be going.

      As for Walker, this is good news. They came at him hard, many times, and he is still standing. They are not going to find any sand to turn into mud on him, I don’t think. Did you read his book — Unintimidated I think is the title.

      I saw him interviewed about it once. Something that stood out to me — is that not only is he not intimidated but neither is his family — and if you recall protesters went to his house I think (going from faulty memory here) while his son was there alone. The reason I mention this, is because it seems that when the Proggies and their slime unions and thugs go after candidates alot of times they back down because of their families.

      Possibly this was a factor with John Roberts. But it won’t work with Walker, and it sure didn’t work with Palin.

  5. The Al Qaeda terrorist—Osama Bin Laden’s bodyguard—determined to be “too dangerous to be released” from Guantanamo just a few years ago will be freed from the military prison because President Obama’s new parole board found he no longer poses a “significant threat to the United States.”

    The shocking about-face comes on the heels of mainstream news reports disclosing that a former Guantanamo detainee, Sufian bin Qumu, participated in the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Libya. Bin Qumu was released from the prison at the U.S. naval base in Cuba despite having historic ties to the Al Qaeda network and training at bin Laden’s Torkham camp, according to information obtained from his Gitmo file.


    “Detainee is a committed jihadist who received theological training from, and was recruited by, radical Yemeni shaykhs who continue to recruit Yemeni youth to participate in hostilities against US and coalition forces. Detainee’s assessed commitment to jihadis supported by his discussions with another JTF-GTMO detainee on methods to conduct suicide during detention.”


  6. I cannot object too strongly to Obama’s ambivalence toward the loss of military lives in Afghanistan and his negligence of the mission in the service of politics. Nor will I ever understand 4 dead Americans left behind undefended in Benghazi. I find him to be morally ill equipped to be CiC.

    That said, here is a fair and interesting assessment of Robert Gates by Walter Mead. Some of you might want to take a look. Or not.

  7. Belittling the appearance of anyone makes the commenter be little.
    Critiquing comments and behaviors of others can be enlightening and provide useful feedback…and critiques do not have to be mean and demeaning.
    Use of the f word – well, people with small vocabularies tend to curse. Mandy has an extensive vocabulary and her comments are often very enlightening. I, too, wish she would drop the f word.

    • I highly disagree with the opinion that “people with small vocabularies tend to curse.” In my experience, highly educated and eloquent professionals are sometimes the most frequent users of words that some consider “bad”.

      The brilliant Dr. Krauthammer, who probably has the most impressive and expansive vocabulary on all of cable news television (or really, just about anywhere), has a column about that in his new book. Dana Perino has said that it’s her favorite essay of Krauthammer’s, as have many others, including my mother who’s currently enjoying his book:

      • Dr. K is very successful in conveying his thoughts and opinions and most often, I agree with his intelligent analysis.
        I will never agree that curse words are an indicator of brilliance or an expansive vocabulary or even an adequate education. The article you cited was dated 2004…do you suppose Dr. K may have changed his opinion during the past 10 years of the increased use of coarse language in realty TV and explicit music videos?
        Curse words are coarse and vulgar and not a necessary means of effective self expression. Anyone can curse. Words to sway public opinion certainly require much more than use of the f word. Cursing requires no self discipline or thought. Effective communication requires both.
        And, yes, of course, this is certainly IMO…which is solicited and encouraged in these open threads.

        • And of course, our liberal citizens tend to express themselves very graphically when confronted. Surely, we are better at engaging in contentious conversations than through the use of vile, insulting language.

        • I will never agree that curse words are an indicator of brilliance or an expansive vocabulary or even an adequate education.

          Not being argumentative, but I just want to point out that I in no way made that assertion in my previous comment. I merely disagreed with the statement that “people with small vocabularies tend to curse.” Perhaps they do, but I wouldn’t say that all or most people who curse have limited vocabularies. As I said, that’s just based on my experience and observation. Not all people who curse do so because they have limited vocabularies, (e.g. Krauthammer and Dick Cheney).

          The article you cited was dated 2004…do you suppose Dr. K may have changed his opinion during the past 10 years of the increased use of coarse language in realty TV and explicit music videos?

          Actually, not only is this 2004 column in his new book, Dr. Krauthammer mentioned this particular essay during his presentation last November at the George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum in Dallas, Texas. He said that he loved that column and had wanted to start the book with it, but the publisher nixed it. A few weeks ago, I was able to catch his presentation on C-Span’s Book TV, and found the entire discussion very interesting and entertaining. It can be viewed on online in case anyone is interested:

      • Certainly those words find a home when you hit your finger with a hammer, or in a screenplay, or in a mystery or thriller. But as an adverb to mean “very”? As in “effing sick of”?

  8. Saw on the front page of the ComPost this morning that CGI is out at, and Accenture is slated to take over.

    Accenture? That company that was headquartered in Bermuda until it got accused of tax evasion? That Accenture?

    The same company that got spun off from Arthur Andersen? You know–the firm that was supposed to be keeping Enron on the straight and narrow, and instead helped them cook the books?

    That Accenture?

    So we’re putting a company that dodges its taxes, and which itself was spun off from the same racket that aided and abetted Enron, in charge of

    Wow, nothing could possibly go wrong with that.

    Like the song says, “This town is just a fake, a place where you can’t tell the devil from your brother.”

    I didn’t know Mike Oldfield had visited Washington, DC.

      • Accenture is a little weird. Historically, they tend to bet the favorite in presidential years, and then back the party in power in the mid-terms. They’re huge on the lobbying front: something north of 2 million bucks on K Street just in 2013.

        Oddly, the exception to that “favorite/party in power” pattern is…2014, what’s elapsed of it. Though that may change.

        You know about, right? There’s more information there than I can digest on short notice.

        Which might be because I put too much Sriracha sauce in my sloppy joe mix tonight…but that’s another story.

        • I have it and another one whose name I can’t recall on my Favorites on my computer, but my machine’s in the shop so I’m using my son’s Satellite which won’t work with my AOL account.

          Dinner was thick pork chops slow cooked with a tablespoon of paprika, a tablespoon of garlic powder, a tablespoon of poultry seasoning, a teaspoon of basil, a teaspoon of oregano, two cloves of minced garlic, a 1/2 cup of oil and a cup of chicken stock. It was accompanied by basmati rice and steamed asparagus.

        • Accenture resulted from the Arthur Andersen split. Luckily they escaped anything to do with AA and Enron. That said, back in the day Arthur Andersen and KPMG ran neck and neck. And recently Snowden did a stint with KPMG I think.

          • I am reminded of a proverb chiefly concerned with the proximity of a Malus domestica to its gravity-affected fruit.

            If you see what I’m getting at.

  9. AZ voted to censure McCain. I hope some of the other states follow suit. I’m tired of these RINOs. From the Arizona Independent News:

    A mandatory meeting was held today by the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC). Precinct Committee men/women voted on a Resolution to Censure Senator John McCain. The vote was overwhelming with 1,150 voting yes and 352 voting no.

    The Maricopa County GOP’s resolution cited McCain’s criticism of the Party’s stand on the debt ceiling, gun rights, judicial nominees, as well as his defense of the Democrat’s position on amnesty and Obamacare.

    McCain has been widely unpopular across Arizona, but over the years he has established a political machine known to crush any opposition.

    Maricopa County is the most populous area in the state with Phoenix at its center. It has been the stronghold for the GOP.

  10. While my other comment is stuck in moderation I’ll try again. Our Maricopa County, AZ, GOP voted today to censure John McCain. It was 1100+ votes yes to 351 votes no. It cited his defense of Obamacare and amnesty, as well as his criticism of the GOP on debt ceiling, judicial nominees, etc.

    I hope this sends a message to the other RINO’s.

  11. Obama and Holder investigating Christie OVERNIGHT AND IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!! While it will take never and forever to find out about where Obama was the night of Benghazi, but we know where he was, sleeping so as to get ready for Vegas THE DAY THE 4 AMERICANS DIED, HE WENT TO A PARTY!!!

  12. I can’t believe what is going in with our American Presidency. Obama and Holder investigating Christie 24 hours after the Bridge story broke. But we will never have a truthful investigation into Benghazi and that happened a long time ago. We still don’t know where he was the night of Benghazi, but we really do know he was sleeping and getting ready for VEGAS AND A PARTY!!!

    • Oops my comment came out twice, ’cause I didn’t think the first one took, sorry to be repetitious, sometimes I get a message that my comment didn’t take when it did.

  13. As far as that Daily Mail article about Michelle linked near the beginning of these comments, I just checked BHO’s schedule for this week and it indicates that MO will be in DC:

    On Thursday, the President and First Lady will host an event at the White House on expanding college opportunity.

    So, either the DM article is incorrect about her birthday party being at Oprah’s Maui house next weekend or the WH schedule is incorrect/inaccurate/hasn’t yet been updated. Hmm, as far as accuracy and honesty, I’d have to put my money on the DM over this WH. Sad, but true.

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