As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || January 10, 2013

Christie stems bleeding, for now . . . Politico
Right: Diva gets his just desserts . . . National Journal
Christie apologizes his way
. . . New York Times
Rising support for Iran sanctions . . . The Hill
WH: Sanction backers want war . . . Huffington Post
U.S. talks with Karzai set to fail
. . . Washington Post
Israel: Kerry’s the only peace talk optimist . . . Fox News
Outlook dims for jobless benefits . . . Politico
Immigration bill face long odds . . . Examiner
FBI finally serious on IRS probe . . . Washington Times
DOJ injects race into school discipline. . . Daily Caller

14 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 10, 2013

  1. Looks like Michelle’s going to be hitting the Dem ATM machines on the West Coast (L.A. and S.F.) end of the month. About 10 days after her scheduled WH birthday bash.

    Now we just need to find out when she’s coming home from Maui, so we can fly her back out to California. Poor thing, such an exhausting schedule.

  2. DOJ to implement race-based punishment. These people are insane.
    I am so exhausted keeping up with this administration. They don’t stop!
    First of all many teachers are not allowed to correct and or punish as it is. Even if the class is different colors, or all the same. If their is no disicpline and no fear, nothing will change.
    I would like to know how Holder was punished as he was growing up.
    Did his parents and teachers let him get away with everything he did wrong. What are the teachers suppose to do? They can keep a log keeping track of how many did wrong. If the number is not the same. The kid does not get corrected.

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