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Democrats Seize Moment to Take Down Christie

Are the Democrats worried about facing Chris Christie in the general election?

You bet.

That’s the only logical conclusion that can be drawn from the THREE videos the Democratic Party has released in recent days targeting Christie over the traffic flap. If they wanted him as an opponent, they’d leave him alone and let him win the primaries.

Here’s the latest one.

43 Responses to Democrats Seize Moment to Take Down Christie

  1. I would think they’d want him. There’s so much they could do once he was the nominee, and he’s not liked by the conservatives. Who do they want to run against?

    • I agree. Christie is no loss to the conservatives, and I don’t think he could win the primaries. The only thing good was that he was a lightening rod to the Democrats and now they are going to go after someone else. Reince Priebus has said that there is a load of scandals surrounding HIllary Clinton. Well, it’s time now that they start going after her.

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  2. I think most people see this for what it is. Christie is a leader. He got out in front, accepted responsibility and took action by firing people. Obama, on the other hand, denies knowledge of anything scandalous but then doesn’t do anything about it. Leading and leading from behind.

  3. I agree with MrK’s thoughts on this.
    Blowing up these staffer’s stupidity or misconduct into a full-blown attack on their employer’s worthiness to run for higher office or to be the POTUS exposes the threat MrChristie is to them.
    MrsClinton may not be the strong and popular candidate they hope she will be, and not having a candidate “B” puts the Dems in a pickle of a dilemma; pick off every opposition early or take their chances.

    GovChristie isn’t my favorite on any level, but his presser yesterday was impressive. He did everything right, and MrO could take a few pointers from MrChristie on how not to lose the trust of the people.

    • Holder and the DOJ are already looking into the Christie situation.
      That was quick. We are still waiting for them to look into the IRS situation.

      AH, politics.

      If Christie is innocent it’ll be found out. If he’s guilty the DOJ will destroy him.

      • I’m worried they’ll Palinize him, by throwing so many frivilous investigations and lawsuits at him that he’ll be forced to resign.

        I’ve just glanced over the story and the contrast to how Obama handles his “job” is impressive. Christie, no matter how you all feel about him, is a leader.

        • I don’t agree about him being a good leader or manager. Number one, Christie picked these people to work for him so he should have known them thoroughly. Number two, these people are his foot soldiers, and I doubt if they are rogues– they probably run everything by him. Three, his record in NJ is not good: NJ has the second highest property taxes in the nation even after Christie ran the first time going after the teachers’ union. There is more to my dislike of him than his disloyalty to Romney.

          Of course the Democrats, aka the Clintons, are going after him and I don’t like it. But he opened the door for them.

  4. Watched David Gregory and Ahole Axelrod on Morning Joe this morning spouting off about Christie creating a “culture” that allowed such petty politics to occur in the first place.
    Gregory has turned a once great show Meet the Press into Mimic the Party Line and Axelrod is the lowest of the low of political operatives.
    One worships his mortal god above all else, truth, facts or otherwise and propagandizes it all to the masses, while the other works behind the scenes to carry out untold acts of sealed records releases, political threats, and unethical behavior all in the Alinsky model of “the end always justifies the means”.
    They are proof positive that when a demagogue has the press in his pocket and a nation of apathetic ignorant fools in the voting booth, he can get away with anything.
    IF Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, AP, EPA private emails, DC circuit court packing, Solyndra, one power grab executive decision after another doesn’t rise to the level of a culture promoting “high crimes and misdemeanors” than what does?

  5. Too funny. Little Chuckie Todd was practically foaming at the mouth this a.m. on MJ, while Axelrod was quite generous with his praise of CC’s performance yesterday.
    Some pundits are now referring to BridgeGate as a ‘prank’.

  6. Perhaps they should take up this issue with their Party adjunct – the Main Stream Media – who were the ones who anointed Christie by providing him his ‘frontrunner’ status over a year ago.

    Democrats. Reactionary to the core.

  7. The Dems are going to milk this for all it’s worth. Especially with the dismal jobs numbers just released yet they drop the unemployment rate to 6.7%. Must be Obama’s magic math again.

  8. The Democrats are looklng foolish here.
    Obama has Benghazi, IRS, James Rosen, Obamacare failure on his plate and no one has been fired.
    WSJ compares Christie’s problem to Jay-walking.

  9. Ahhhh.. so we can now add the word “prank” along side the Dem use of “phony scandals” and “misspoke”.

    With a list a mile long of what the WH and the administrations has laid before us in scandals, StayPuff’s actions has shown leadership and media skills sorely lacking in the current WH and the Executive Branch.

    Although I am not a fan of Christie, he showed that even the closest advisors / friends can be fired (and rather promptly).

    BTW, nice to see Holder/DOJ is right on top of this, meanwhile the FBI is now settling in to look into the IRS scandal. 1.5 yrs later. Priorities, priorities.

  10. Crispy Creme Christie sowed the wind with state-run media, and now he’s reaping the whirlwind. He may not know anything about the GW bridge closure, but he surrounded himself with people who have no respect or consideration for the citizens of New Jersey. The citizens are the ones who paid the price for their political games, not the mayor who refused to back Christie. Regardless, the actions of his childhood friend and top aide doesn’t reflect well on Christie’s integrity or his leadership skills. Add that to his throwing the 2012 election to Preezy, his appointment of Islamist judges, his embrace of Obamacare and gun control, and his love of big fat bloated government, and this man should never, ever sit at the helm of this great country.

        • She always does send out the dogs too early. She started campaigning way too early in 2008, people got tired of her looked for the shiny new penny and settled on Obama. I also think she has failed with the NYT’s whitewash of Benghazi. If anything, it may have stirred up waning public interest.

          You and I disagree on whether she has fatally wounded Biden and Christie, but only time will tell. My own view is that the Republicans should not waste any tears, time, or money in defending Christie.

          • She is so far from a shiny new penny–all the weird hairstyles, the protruding cheeks, the crazy trilling laugh, the pantsuits, the cankles–and of course, the dead diplomats and CIA operatives, beer-drinking junkets, etc. What does it matter anyway? It could add up.

  11. This will go on for awhile — the Christie thing. Especially being investigated and prosecuted. And I am no Christie fan although I think he damaged Obama and team including Hillary more than he did himself when he stood up and took responsibility and acted on it.

    I can’t put my finger on it, but if they go after Christie like the pack of dogs the media and the Dems are it might be unwise. A cornered Christie with not much to lose could dangerous. Nothing about Chris Christie says good loser.

  12. not only Christie, Keith, although that’s part of it. they’re also doing it to deflect from other stories.

    for instance, are we talking about Robert Gates’ bodice-ripper anymore? about how Hillary plays politics, and Obama was before the surge before he was against it before he was for it or vice versa, and what a moron the vice president is? it was just getting interesting!

    are we talking about the fact that CMS (of Obamacare fame) was just fired, $600 million after deliverying a cr*ppy site that doesn’t even have a fully built-out back-end? kind of puts the lie to the idea that the website fixes are going swimmingly, eh?

    are we talking about how 59 senators agreed to vote for more sanctions on Iran, 16 of them Democrats, who bucked Obama in a really rather spectacular way? this is big. but no.

    it’s all Christie, all the time.

    however, it’s hard to care. for me, Christie lost his appeal somewhere between the bromance with Barack and the palling around with some shady representatives of “Islamic charities.”

    • I’m losing my mind. it’s CGI, not CMS, that’s the Michelle-related company who got fired. CMS is another shadowy organization that has something to do with the whole mess.

  13. This has to be one of the DIRTIEST campaign tricks the Demonrats have ever done to anyone who they thought would beat them and Christie was a good candidate. Wow, talk about being scared of losing. Christie will come out smelling like a rose and whoever started this terrible ordeal will be sorry and will lose everything they have built for themselves cause I read the emails online and it seems all the ones who had their fingers in it are DEMOCRATS.

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